What Size Bush Hog For 20hp Tractor You Need? Ultimate Buying Guide

Which bush hog for 20 Hp tractor should you get? Do you know how to get the right size of bush hog according to your tractor size? Here, you will get the entire gist.

Bush hog, also known as brush hog, is a type of rotary mower used to mow bush. The blade of this type of mower is not as sharp as standard mower blades. Also, not all sizes of bush hog are capable of driven by all powered tractors. Therefore, it needs to choose wisely after some significant considerations.

What size bush hog for 20 HP tractor you need? Based on the tractor PTO power and the rule of thumb, 4 ft bush hog mower for a 20 HP tractor is ideal. What about the other facts? Let’s beat up the puzzle today.

What Size of Bush Hog for a 20Hp Tractor?

Are you planning to buy a bush hog to mow the brush or shrubs driven by the back of the tractor? Then, don’t just get a random bush hog. Before you buy, you have to make sure the blade diameter, the tractor power, and the PTO (Power Take-Off) power to confirm the cutting compatibility of the tractor with maximum output.

There are different types of bush hog cutters you find. Some are categorized as the medium-duty cutter, medium heavy-duty, and some are for heavy-duty cutting. These rotary cutters are also known as flail mowers.Let’s find out how to get the right size.

Consider the Horse Power

So, what requirements you need to get the proper bush hog for a 20 Hp tractor? The rule of thumb says that 5Hp is needed per foot of mower or cutter whenconsidering the PTO HP.

According to this, for a 20 HP tractor, you need 4 feet of bush hog or brush hog, whatever you say. A 5 feet width bush hog can also give a fine cut also. Here, you must ensure the PTO power you are calculating, not the tractor engine power.

IN this way, you need a 5 ft bush hog for 25 HP power tractor, 6 ft for 30 HP, 8 ft for 40 HP tractor, and so on.

Suppose you have a Cub Cadet tractor sold as 20 HP, but you find out the PTO power of the tractor is 15 HP. In that case, the tractor mightnot be able to pull a bush hog compatible with 20 HP tractor. Here, you have to get one compatible with 15 HP power driving, not 20 HP.

If you get too small, you might ruin the tractor parts, and if you get a way too big one, you have to ride very slow that can be time-killing, no doubt.

Well, the bigger size can also bring disaster and serious accidents sometimes. Therefore, getting the right size of a bush hog is crucial.

However, if you need can clear out your confusion on what will be beneficial from skid steer or tractor for bush hogging especially.

How to Measure the Blade Diameter for the Right Size of Bush Hog?

While choosing a bush hog for 20 Hp tractor, you should check the blade diameter for the perfect cutting. You might not want to leave the leftover roots remained even after having a deep cut with the bush hog. So, check the blade diameter along with the PTO power compatible size.

How to be sure of the right size of blade diameter for cutting your lawn bush? Let’s disclose the trick today. You will cut the bushes off your lawn, right? Take a measuring tape andmeasure the root diameter of the biggest shrub of your lawn.

It’s pretty simple. Most of the bush hogs are rateddepending on their blade cutting ability. If your brush measures 2’’ diameter, you probably need the blade diameter with at least 2’’ or more.

Oh! Must look for a wider cutter than the tractor tire width. The rotary cutter you are dragging with the tractor needs to be cut well. If the cutter is smaller than the tractor tread, it may cause you more trouble as you will need to cut the tracks twice for one complete cut.

So, think well before getting one.

Rechecking the 3 Basic Facts

Now, let’s recheck the 3 fundamental factors to look on a bush hog to buy for a tractor.

First is the tractor’s PTO Horsepower that should be confirmed. If you are not sure of the PTO power, then go to TractorData.  There you can find out information about all the tractor models.

Just insert your tractor brand and model. You will get the list of what it is capable of. From there, find the PTO power of the tractor, not the main engine power. And make sure with how much power your tractor can drive the bush hog.

As we calculated for a 20 HP tractor, 4 feet bush hog can do the job. It would not be necessary to get 5 feet,rather it may slow down the tractor.

The second thing is the blade diameter to cut the most out of a singlestrip. Check the blade diameter along with the brush hog cutter size.

The last but not the least thing is the brush hog size should be wider than the tire size of the tractor.

So, these 3 points are the major factors that you must check before you pick a brush hog rotary cutter to pull with your tractor.

You can go for theRhinoAG bush hog as a heavy-duty cutter, Farmer Helper flail bush hog, and Titan flail mower. These are quite well branded with maximum working efficiency.


A brush hog has blades spinning parallel to the ground and attached radially to a central axis. This is driven by the PTO power of the tractor behind.

When you pick a bush hog for 20 HP tractor, it depends on what you willcutand how fast cut you need. In this complete guide, we have discussed the facts that meet your needs and attributes to fit a 20 HP tractor.

Hopefully,you can now pick the right flail mower for a 20 HP tractor or higher power and get help with making your lawn even and tiptop.