How to Use Scotts Diseases Ex: Guide to Cure & Prevent Fungicides

Just bought the Scotts Disease Ex but don’t know how to use Scotts Disease Ex Fungicide for fast and effective results? Let’s Check out the process.

The result of any herbicide and pesticide depends a lot on how it is used. And so, it is crucial to know the right way of usage to get the best results.

Today, we will talk about the Scotts Disease Ex and its appliance method for an effective outcome. So, don’t miss out on any essential steps. Go through the entire guide discussed here step by step.

How to Use Scotts Diseases Ex Lawn Fungicide?

You need to know the procedure of using Scotts Disease Ex. That means there is an issue of the dangerous lawn fungus. And so you should not be late in taking steps to prevent your lawn.

Moreover, Scotts Disease Ex not only the solution to lawn fungus, but it can beat up your pain by effectively working on the yellow patch, brown patch, stripe rust, pink patch, red thread, Necrotic Ring Spot, Pythium, Powdery Mildew, Southern & Typhula Blight, and many more lawn diseases.

However, you can’t just randomly apply the Scotts Disease Ex all over the lawn and relax to see the results. It will take at least from 24 hours to a maximum of a week or two. But you must apply it the right way.

Now, explore the steps to apply Scotts Disease Ex. The best part of this Disease Ex is that you can use it as a preventative and curative as well. It means when you feel there might have a fungus attack on your lawn, you can apply Scotts Disease Ex to prevent it from catching your grass.

Also, when you see signs of attacking or attacked by fungus, or even any brown patch on the roots, this is applicable.

So, let’s see how to apply Scotts Disease Ex and see your lawn curing fast.

Step-1: Measure Your Lawn

Firstly, you have to measure your lawn and get the required portion of Scotts according to that. Now, you might have a question- how to measure. You have to measure this based on how much square foot of lawn you need to apply.

You can apply this fungicide on a large 10,000 sq ft. of lawn, a medium 3 to 5 sq ft., or even a small 2,000 sq ft lawn. If you’re not sure about your lawn’s actual size, use the My Lawn App by Scotts available for android and iOS devices.

Using this app, you can not only get the exact size of your lawn but a suggestive guide on how many fungicides you need.

Step-2: Prepare the Spreader Machine

After you got the exact measurement of how much of the Scotts Disease you need, prepare your spreader. You can’t use the same amount of this fungicide for both prevention and cure purposes.

Have a look at the table below. You will have an idea of the whole.

Spreader Type

Preventative Rate

Curative Rate

Per 1,000 sq ft Dial Setting Per 1,000 sq ft Dial Setting
Broadcast/ Rotary Spreader 21 lbs 2 ¼ 41 lbs 3 ¾
Drop spreader 21 lbs 4 41 lbs 5 ½
Wizz spreader 21 lbs 3 ¼ 41 lbs 4
Elite Spreader 21 lbs 3 ¼ 441 lbs 4

The table defines the amount of fungicide per 1000 sq ft you need and the machine dial setting you have to set before applying on the grass.

Step-3: Start Applying on the Lawn

When you are done setting the spreader with the right amount of fungicide, it’s time to apply it on the grass. Now, wait a minute. How are you going to apply then? You can spread them in 2 phases. Firstly, turn the edge guard on and use on all around the outside border.

Secondly, turn the edge guard off and start applying inside. Here, you can walk with the spreader in rows following 2 ways to entirely cover all the yard.

  1. If you are using the rotary or the broadcast spreader, then it should be around 5’ from the wheel track while going from one row to another. Well, a broadcast spreader spreads, covering quite a more significant portion.
  2. However, if you are using the drop spreader, walk the spreader by making rows from where the previous row ends. As with a drop spreader, it does not spread around much.

Continue spreading in rows and fill in the entire lawn yard applying the Scotts Disease Ex fungicide.

Step-4: Swipe the Products from Hard Surface

It’s obvious that the surface edging of the yard will have some visit of the products. Swipe them back into the lawn after you complete filling all the way inside the lawn.

And that is pretty easy to apply.

Few Lines about Scotts Disease Ex

Scotts Disease Ex effectively starts working within 24 hours after applying. If you use it in a systemic way, the product effect can control the disease for up to 4 weeks.

Moreover, this amazingly working lawn fungicide can control 26 types of different diseases, including common lawn diseases. A bag of Scotts Disease Ex can cover up to 5,000 sq ft area of lawn. So, use wisely according to your lawn size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Often Can You Apply Scotts Disease Ex?

Ans: This is the vital question most people get in mind while applying Scotts Disease Ex. Scotts recommends reapplying the product at an interval of 14 to 28 days. So, no more worries with the question of how often to apply Scotts Disease Ex.

If there is a prolonged disease condition, then this interval time of reapplying can be shorter, and applying rate can be a bit larger. Scotts strictly prohibited using more than 37 lbs of product per 1,000 sq ft in a year.

Ques: When Can You Apply Scotts Disease Ex?

Ans: It’s simple right after you get the disease symptoms on your grasses, apply this. However, in Spring, you should be ready to apply as after rain, there can be a chance of getting a fungus attack.

However, if you wish can apply the product as prevention to fungus attack too. But no worries if you can’t be able to make that much time to observe your grass. You can apply right after you see symptoms.

Ques: Can You Apply Scotts Disease Ex with Fertilizer?

Ans: It would not be good for the lawn to use Disease Ex and fertilizer at the same time. You can wait at least 2 days after applying the Scotts and then can apply fertilizer.

Ques: Can I Water the Lawn after Applying Scotts Disease Ex?

Ans: No. you should not use water after applying Scotts Disease Ex because the water can wash away the stuff from the grass. So, wait at least for 2 days to let the fungicide start working.


Hopefully, now you know how to use Scotts Disease Ex fungicide on a lawn. Scotts Disease Ex starts working within 24 hours after applying.

If you can properly follow the guide, you can quickly get rid of your lawn disease problem. However, these things need time and a proper way of application, of course. So, apply following the right way and make your lawn greenish and brisk again.