How to Register a Utility Trailer Without Title- A to Z Guide

Have you newly purchased a Utility Trailer or made it at your home? Your first duty is to get insurance and register your vehicle from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)Office. To register your trailer, you need a title. Do you not have the title for the trailer? Now, are you thinking that How to Register A Utility Trailer Without Title?

If you purchase an old trailer that does no title or buys a new trailer, you will not get any title. Your first step is to collect a title because it proves you are the owner of that trailer.

For titling, may be different states has different rules, yet few things are the same. Such as there are two steps you have to follow to register a trailer that does not has a title.

How to Register A Utility Trailer Without Title

Step: 1

There are two ways to collect a title for two different situations.

1st Procedure

If you purchase an old utility trailer without title then,

  • Go to the tag office, show the serial no of the container to the concerned person.
  • Try to find the former owner of the trailer.
  • After collecting the information, make a bill of sale and
  • Make contact with the previous owner and take the signature of the person on the bill of sale.
  • Finally, go back to the tag office and transfer the trailer to your name.

(Cautious ː Never purchase an old trailer if the former owner cannot provide you the title. Because this very tough to register a trailer without a title)

2nd Procedure

If you buy a new trailer from a manufacturer or dealership, you will get only a bill of sale. You have to collect a title.

  1. If you buy the trailer from the dealership, they may provide you an application for title or
  2. From online, you can fill up a title application form.

 Step: 2

Paper Needed to Register A Trailer

1. Proof of Ownership
when you are applying to register your trailer, you have to need a few papers to prove that the vehicle is yours such as

  • A Bill of Sale
    A form that is the proof of ownership of your vehicle is called A bill of sale.

This paper stipulates some information such as from where did you buy the trailer, how old the vehicle is, VIN (vehicle identification number) also specifies the price paid to the seller. Both buyer and seller signed the form.

Some states required a notarized copy of a bill of sale. So you must check your local area’s requirements.

  • A previous title
    If you are buying an old trailer, then you should collect the last title. A title mentions the name of the owner.
  • A Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin 
    MSO is the same as a title issued to a dealer by original manufacturers.

2. Sign by the previous ownerː If you purchase an old trailer, must take signature on the title needed during registration time.

3. Collect VIN Certificate: when you purchase your vehicle from other states, some location needs a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) checked to prove the ownership.

Go to your state VIN center to check the trailer. After confirming, the center provides you a form. Go to the DMV office with this document within 30 days.

Note ː if you can’t verify to your local center, go to the DMV office for inspection.

4. Safety Checkingː Few states recommend safety checking to confirm that your trailer is safe or not on the road. They will provide you a safety sticker if you pass the inspection. Otherwise……

  • They will suggest what you have to change to get the safety sticker.
  • To get this sticker, you have to prove your ownership—for example, a bill of sale or title.
  • If you do not register your trailer within 30 days after safety checking, maybe you have to do it again or may have to pay a late fee.

For Homemade Trailer

If you are registering a homemade trailer, you have to include

  • all product receipts you used to make it.
  • Most of the state’s requirement is a title after a specific weight of the trailer.
  • Maybe you must be needed a VIN for any state.

Checked Unpaid Issues

Few state concerns about some other topics such as –

  • Property Tax
    If you are purchasing an old trailer, then before purchasing, must check the property tax properly given or not? Clear all dues before going to registration.
  • Insurance
    Some state’s requirement is insurance for your vehicle for registration. In that case, you have to insurance your trailer at first.
  • Parking Ticket
     Also has to clear all dues parking ticket before going to DMV for trailer registration.

Complete Registration Form

After collecting all papers, fill up the online registration form. Provide all information correctly and print the copy. If there is any problem with filling up the online form, go to the DMV office directly and collect the hard copy of the form.

After completing the registration form, you are very close to the registration process of a trailer. Before going to DMV, you can recheck your documents with your friends who have an idea about How to Register A Utility Trailer Without Title so that you can avoid any error.

Finally, Pay Registration and Title Fee

Go to the DMV office along with all the documents which you collect already. Of course, take an identification card (it may be your driving license or passport copy) to identify you. After checking all the papers, they will be asking for payment.

Wrap Up

At the conclusion, you must be thinking since a trailer cannot run by itself yet why you have to register it! Cause without registration, you will not be permitted to run your trailer on a public road. Before registration, take an overall idea How to Register A Utility Trailer Without Title.

Besides this, the registration procedure for a homemade or commercial trailer is different from a different state. So you should contact your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office.