How to Raise Lawn Sprinkler Heads- Do It Like a Pro

Are you worried about the sprinkler sinking to the ground of your lawn?  Do you not understand how to overcome this problem?  Then stay tuned with this article.  When we get restless in the scorching heat of summer, these underground sprinklers help a lot.

These sprinklers sometimes buried under the ground. They never break again. These why sometimes it has to be replaced with a new one to increase its head. Many people do not know how to raise the head of this sprinkler.

This article will help them to overcome the problem. Here we will tell you how to raise lawn sprinkler heads.  Stay tuned to the article if you want to know more about this.

How To Raise Lawn Sprinkler Heads- Some Simple Methods

Nowadays, sprinklers are so modern that there is no problem in controlling them.  The water first comes to the water trunk.  Then it is divided into different parts.  If you want, you can buy a sprinkler at a lower price. In that case, the sprinkler will not turn on the automatic system.  It needs to be switched on at certain times and switched off at certain times.

What Is A Sprinkler, And What Does It Do?

The sprinkler is an underground system.  By which water is given in scorching weather to keep the lawn thoroughly.  This place about 12 inches below the ground from the pipe.  This sprinkler place in a particular area in the middle of the yard.  This sprinkler is with a moderate water lawn.  When a certain amount of water gives, the sprinkler shuts off alone.

Sprinkler’s Care

Everything needs care—one thing you bought and left year after year. Then after a while, the sprinkler will no longer be active.  After placing the sprinkler, a lot of grass around it gets stuck with dirt.  You should clean it after a few days. With regular care, it will serve you for many years.


  1. Shovel
  2. Hand roller

1. Remove The Grass Around The Sprinkler

First, we will need some materials to do this work. For this, we will collect a shovel and hand roller. Then you have to observe well around the sprinkler. First of all, you have to identify the sprinkler. Then its condition has to be measured.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you find that your sprinkler has gone too far down the field, preventing your sprinkler from leaking water, you must repair it.

2. Height Of Sprinkler

Identify how much height you need to increase your sprinkler. Now you have to remove the soil around your sprinkler.  For this, first, I will mark the four sides of the sprinkler like a circle.  Then I will put pressure on the ground with a shovel. After applying pressure by shovel to the whole round soil, the soil should be loosened a little more by hand.

The work needs to dig roughly six to seven inches. The land should live with the help of a shovel with sod and place next to the hole. I will lift the soil pressure carefully because the soil has to be re-established after the work complete.

3. Installing Swing Pipe In The Sprinkler

Once the sod removes at this stage, discard the soil around the sprinkler.  Then I will try to open the sprinkler by turning it.  The sprinkler should well look after.  Inside the sprinkler is a pipe known as a swing pipe.  If this pipe can extend, then I will extend it. We will try to use the old pipe.

Because it takes a lot of trouble to set up a new pipe, in that case, if the old tube can use then the work will much less. But for those pipes that are small, the heads of which can no longer extend, we will set a new tube. For this, we will first take a new swing pipe.

Then we will measure it and make whatever is needed to increase the head of the sprinkler.I will cut off the excess. Then I will insert the swing pipe into the sprinkler and attach it with a screw. Now it can be seen by checking a little whether the whole work is right.

4. Replace The Sod

When the sprinkler’s head extends, the sod needs to be re-positioned.  For this, first, the sprinkler is well attached to the soil, then some loose dirt should be spread on all four sides.  Then the sod left on the team should carefully elevate with the help of a shovel and placed evenly on all four sprinklers.

If the sod not leveled, it will not set with the soil. Which bad to see.  The round hole of the sod must place in the middle of the sprinkler.  Then the soils of the sod should be pressed with the feet.

5. Sprinkler’s Side Grass Cleaning

By adopting the above method, we will be able to raise the head from the sprinkler that has entered the field. But this is not always possible. Don’t worry so much if we are a little more aware.  I can easily avoid this problem. The use of sprinklers is usually more in summer.  But its use is less in winter.

So this time, it is filled with grass and dirt around it. As a result, the head of the sprinkler is bent in the ground as compared to the flat place.  The easiest way this is to clean around the sprinkler every few days.  Then this problem will be much less.

Final Part

From the above discussion, we learned how to bring the sprinkler head out of the ground.  With the help of sprinklers in hot weather, the grass can save from dying.Inside the scorching heat, it revives dead grasses.

You can buy sprinkler as much as you can. A sprinkler has a long service life.  So once you buy one, you don’t have to worry about your home lawn for a long time.  Many people use sprinklers but are not aware of how to raise the sprinkler to the ground.

If also facing this problem, this article will come in handy for you.  Here we have explained in an effortless way how to raise lawn sprinkler heads.