How to Cut Grass Around Sprinkler Heads 8 Ways for Perfect Look

In the article, we provide some techniques on how to cut grass around sprinkler heads. Because a beautifully green lawn is a symbol of pride. It is a pleasant place to relax or play.

But maintaining a green lawn requires some special care. It would help if you watered, fertilizer your yard regularly.

During watering, you notice that grass is slowly creeping over your sprinkler heads. It inhibits your sprinkler from applying water evenly. Due to this, somewhere dry spots and somewhere flooding in your lawn.

So, you cut grass as soon as to get sprinkler working like a new one.

How To Cut Grass Around Sprinkler Heads

You observe that grass grows tall around your sprinkler heads. It can obstruct not only the flow of water but also block pop-up heads from rising.

It causes an inefficient, water-wasting system. For this reason, your lawn looks dry, brown patches or soggy all around.
Wondering how to cut grass around sprinkler heads, then follow below:

Using Sprinkler Head Trimmer

Put the sprinkler head trimmer over a sprinkler head and move it in a circular motion. You must apply downward pressure to cut through the grass. Now you can bring up the sprinkler head trimmer and remove the cut grass.

Using Concrete Guard

When you mow the lawn, you put the head to avoid the danger of breakage. So it is necessary to clean every time you mow.

The fruitful way to protect your sprinkler heads is cut a hole around it. Then keep a concrete guard over it. It protects your sprinkler heads.

Using Spade

You keep your spade in a vertical position 1 inch away from the outer edge of the sprinkler head. Step on the shovel, and sink it 1-2 inches into the ground to cut through the root system of the grass. Then, you repeat the first two steps around the entire perimeter of the sprinkler head. Use your hand for removing the grass.

Using Sprinkler Donuts

Sprinkler guards or donuts can protect your sprinkler head. Put the sprinkler donuts around the sprinkler and settle them into the pressure created by the grass removal.

By Digging

You can dig up the grass including the roots around your sprinkler heads.

By Trimming

When the grass is dry, you can trim it. First, use sprinkler head trimmer to remove a 1-inch ring of sod. Then move trimmer’s handle clockwise 360 degrees.

Set aside the removed circle of turf. Use a trowel’s spade vertically into the ground to cut through the sod. Repeat the process around the circle.

Break down the loose soil in the trench. Then you cut the grass blades higher than the mowing height of the lawn. You repeat the trimming process when you mow the lawn.

By Plastic Mulch

Garden trowel helps to dig up the turf 2 inches around the sprinkler head and remove all the grass. To reach the surrounding ground level, you can replace the turf with topsoil. You may insert the garden trowel 3″ deep in the ground around the removed grass.

Then you make a complete circle around the sprinkler head. It helps to hold the plastic mulch in place. According to your measurement, you can cut a circle in the sheet of plastic mulch. Then, again cut a hole in the centre of the circle of plastic mulch.

Lose the sprinkler head’s cap a half turn to tuck the mulch underneath it. Then, you thread the mulch around the sprinkler head and tuck the centre under the cap. For securing the mulch, tighten the lid. With the help of a plastic knife, tuck the outside of the circle of plastic mulch in the trench.

It covers the ground 2 inches out from the sprinkler head. Thus, Plastic mulch helps to prevent grass growing around and underneath sprinkler heads.

Using Herbicide

Use plastic bags to cover the sprinkler heads. To prevent contact with the herbicide, secure them with rubber bands. Use scissors to cut a hole in a garbage bag the same size as the area of grass you want to kill.

Take 1-gallon water; one tablespoon concentrated crop oil and one tablespoon herbicide that has 18℅ sethoxydim as the active ingredient and mix. Then, take the mixture in a plastic spray bottle and shake well. Keep the garbage bag on the ground over the sprinkler head so only the area you want to remove the grass.

Then, you can spray on the lawn around the sprinkler heads until saturated, shaking the spray bottle vigorously between sprays. It takes two to three weeks for the grass to die.


  • You should check all your sprinkler heads yearly. Because grass will grow back over them. If it is necessary to remove grass to operate efficiently.
  • Always purchase optimum 7-inch sprinkler head sod cutters, if they are available in your area. Otherwise, you can buy smaller guards. Smaller sod cutters can not surround larger pop-up sprinkler heads.
  • Regularly trim the grass around the sprinkler heads. It helps ensure the lawn doesn’t grow over them.


  • You must always wear gloves to prevent tearing on your hands.
  • Do not use a line trimmer around the sprinkler head. It can rotate the head and lose the nozzle.
  • When using sethoxydim, follow the label instructions as concentrations may vary among manufacturer’s


You can keep your irrigation system in good working condition. But looking for a way to cut the grass around the sprinkler heads. Then follow the above process. Here, we guide you on how to cut grass around sprinkler heads.

We believe it is beneficial to maintain your lawn quickly and make it more beautiful. Then why delay, apply the above method.