How to Get Bermuda Grass Out of Zoysia- Easy Tactics

Want to eradicate Bermuda grass from your lawn and looking for a solution. We are here to help you with how to get Bermuda grass out of zoysia.

Bermuda is a much more aggressive and fast-growing grass than slow-growing zoysia. Zoysia is a genus of creeping grasses. It can tolerate wide variations in temperature, sunlight, and water.

Houseowner uses zoysia grass in their lawn in temperate climates. To get rid of Bermuda grass from your lawn is quite tricky. The small seed remains for years even after eradication, its shoot, and rhizomes spread both above and below ground respectively. So check below for the solution:

How To Get Bermuda Grass Out Of Zoysia

Zoysia and Bermuda grass both are typical lawn warm-season perennial grasses and grow actively during the summer. In winter, they go dormant and lose their color.

Apart from the two kinds of grass can be difficult. Want to know how to get Bermuda grass out of zoysia. So, first, you need to compare them side-by-side. Then it easy to kill Bermuda grass.

  • First, examine the grass color.
  • Look the hair of both on the surface of the grass.
  • Measure the grass blades for determining the average width of both kinds of grass.
  • Examine where the leaf blade of both kinds of grass emerges.
  • Check the overall texture of the lawn.

When zoysia is attacked by bermudagrass, it can be challenging to eradicate. Simple maintenance practices and the use of herbicides can help to manage the bermudagrass infestation. After you compare them side by side, you can try the following way:

Step: 1

A vigorous zoysia lawn is the best way against bermudagrass or any other harmful species.

Step: 2

You can water the zoysia lawn profoundly but infrequently and create stress on the bermudagrass. Because it prefers more frequent watering. You may be water once every five days in warm or very dry weather and water every eight days or longer in rainy and cold conditions.

Step: 3

Regular thinning of the Bermuda plants help to get a handle on the infestation without chemical intervention.

Step: 4

Fusilade ll labeled by Zeneca is a very effective postemergence herbicide for control of Bermuda grass in zoysia. A non-ionic surfactant should use with this product always.

The label says that It should be applied in your lawn around June 1 and repeat about every 28 to 30 days. But it does not mean that how many application is needed. Depending on the situation, per acre needs 2 to 5 fluid ounces.

Researcher says that, by applying this, Bermuda grass reduces from 35% down to 7% and increases of Zoysia from 65% to 85%

Step: 5

Apply Round-Up carefully to the Bermuda runners. You can repeat this a couple of months when you lay zoysia seed down. You can see the results that the dead Bermuda runners among the Zoysia.

Step: 6

Ornamac removes Bermuda grass from zoysia. It kills quite several grassy weeds.

Step: 7

Amazoy help to choke out wild grasses, including Bermuda. It keeps these grasses away from newly planted zoysia.

Step: 8

You can spray a non-selective, post-emergent herbicide on actively growing bermudagrass plants. It kills the portions of the plant when it comes into contact with. You choose a herbicide product containing the active ingredient diquat, pelargonic acid, or glufosinate. You should spray the Bermuda plants directly over their crown and leaves with a liquid preventing splashing and overspray onto your zoysia. You must follow the label directions and repeat as needed throughout the growing season to kill the bermudagrass.


You can mow your zoysia lawn within the range of its ideal blade length. It would help if you mowed with the catcher in place to prevent the clippings from building up as thatch. The catcher will collect any Bermuda stolen pieces and seed heads, preventing them from being re-distributed over the lawn where they will germinate and grow.


  • For the sake of your lawn’s health, it’s best to start with the least destructive solution.
  • Mowing help to slow down the spread of Bermuda grass and keep the seed head from forming.
  • If you can not control Bermuda grass on your own, call a lawn care specialist to come out and size up the problem.
  • The best time to use herbicides to control Bermuda grass is during the spring and summer months, when the leaves are readily soaking up the most nutrients.
  • It is a good idea to wear gloves and a strap on a facemask or respirator to protect your airways when applying herbicide.


  •  After removing Bermuda grass from your lawn, spores from nearby patches can easily re-seed the cleared section. It means that it is essential to keep clearing areas overtime before the grass is eliminated.
  • Always remember that using herbicides will make it difficult for future plantings. So, it is best to wait at least two months before planting anything in treated soil.
  • Keep in mind that do not apply any chemical that is harmful to zoysia.


To kill one perennial grass from another perennial herb is quite tricky. Bermuda grass is so severe and persistent. You can get all of your inquiries about to destroy this grass in this article. So follow the above way to eradicate Bermuda from the zoysia lawn. We think you find a proper solution about how to get Bermuda grass out of zoysia in this.