How to Mount a Sprayer on a Lawn Mower For The Full Coverage

When you own a large lawn, spraying seems to be a challenging task. It’s kind of an impossible task to carry a sprayer backpack on the back every time. Well, no more that tiring task because none other than a lawnmower can be the best assistant here. But how to mount a sprayer on a lawn mower machine?

If you don’t know, then it’s okay. Today we will talk about all the mounting ideas of the sprayer on a lawn mower machine.  You need to track some simple steps, and your mower is ready to spray.

So, without wasting any more words, let’s dive into the detailing fast.

How to Mount a Sprayer On a Lawn Mower

Following our guide, you can mount the sprayer of the mower machine easily and safely, no matter you wish to mount it on the front or the rear of your mower. If you wish to know how to mount a sprayer on zero turn mower, this process will be effective.

Well, at first, let’s see what you will need to mount a sprayer on a lawn mower.

  • Any lawn mower sprayer kit
  • Wooden/metal rack
  • Specific sized hitch/ bracket
  • Nuts & bolts
  • And of course, the sprayer tank

There are different types of sprayer available in the markets- the backpack sprayer, the sprayer tank, etc. when you think of mounting the sprayer on the lawnmower and utilizing your mower to spray while riding, the spray tank is the best to have.

Oh, if you still have not gotten the sprayer, check this 10 gallon capacity of Northstar ATV sprayer that many find worth dealing with. It’s also available in 25-gallon capacity so you can choose as you need.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Can generate 100 PSI pump
  • Longer performance life
  • Deluxe spray gun for comfortable spraying

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Let’s see the steps to mount the sprayer.

Step-01: Get a metal or a wooden rack of 10:6 ratio size at least to secure a 26-gallon sprayer to mount it on the back or on the front as you wish to have. You can also get a sprayer rack for zero-turn mower in stores like the Bigtoolrack for riding mowers and tractors.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Can load up to 75 lbs weight
  • Enough room to carry other lawn care essentials
  • Gives you hands to safe riding
  • Makes lawn care more fun

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Step-02: Now, set the rack to the mower. You can use any brackets to support from beneath to secure it more firmly. Use nuts to mount the rack with the mower. Tighten all the bolts and nuts and make the spray tank holder stiff enough.

Step-03: Place the sprayer tank on the rack that you just installed. Use any heavy-duty straps to secure the spray tank in place. If you need, you can check this Heavy Duty Cinch Straps that secures tight and stiff enough.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Comes with a durable & reusable hook & loop
  • High-quality stainless buckle that secures tight
  • Neoprene sleeves add more security
  • Water-resistant

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Step-04: And the sprayer is mounted. It’s so easy if you have all the tools and necessary sprayer attachment for ride on mower. Now, have a test ride with your sprayer and see how it relieves you from the back pain, causing you to carry the backpack sprayer or pull it.

If you need can use any boom sprayer or the wand sprayer. Boom sprayer will let you ride the mower with two hands, whereas the wand hose will help you to spray on parallel.

However, both are handy and can be done mounting with the lawn mower.

Things to Consider Before Using Sprayer on Lawn Mower: Safety Guide with Tips

Before you go for spraying with the lawn mower, make sure to keep some vital things in mind.

  • Using the sprayers, you can spray herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers. Must read the manual guide of the sprayer that how much it can support and what type of stuff is sprayable.
  • Secure the sprayer tank firmly so that it does not shake or drops off the mower.
  • Don’t spray when there is heavy wind, especially when you’re using the spray wand.
  • Must use google, gloves, long sleeves, and close boots to secure yourself from the chemicals.
  • Always spray at an angle while spraying on the trees on high. Be aware, don’t spray on vertically above you; make sure the spray does not fall on you.
  • When you are using the wand spray, do you know you can set the nozzle in different positions to spray in different ways? Yes, just loosen the nozzle a little bit; it will spray like streaming. And while it is in a fully tightening position, it will spray like the mist.
  • While spraying, keep your pets and babies away from the lawn.
  • Double-check the mounting rack size also so that it fits the spray tank perfectly. You can mount the sprayer according to your lawn mower size.
  • When you are using the boom sprayer, ride the mower carefully so that it does not hit any other thing.
  • After you finish spraying with the lawn mower, it is better to keep the sprayer tank out of the mower and store it in a secured place to avoid any accident.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide will help you have a clear idea of how to mount a sprayer on a lawn mower. We have shown the very basic steps for you to understand clearly.

Just follow this systematic guideline, and don’t miss the tips and safety guides added at last for your ease.

Use your lawn mowing machine for other lawn maintenance services except mowing. By mounting a sprayer, you can make your lawn care jobs easier and enjoyable.