Best Mulching Blade For Toro 22 Recycler- [Top 6 Picks In Budget]

Mulching blades are such a relief to have when you are someone who does not like the painful process of cleaning grass clipping. Usually, the cuts are super fine. And this makes the clipping almost get vanish. With a very finely sturdy as well as durable edge, the blade basically serves with precession and so, lawn owners love it.

If you are having a hard time finding the best mulching blade for toro 22 recycler, don’t worry that’s a common thing to happen. As the industry now has some very promising options to try and getting confused within their differing and useful features is quite obvious.

But today, we will try to sort that dilemma for you. As we are finally able to gather 6 picks through careful consideration that are total value for money. Keep on Reading…

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Hurry? Top Picks: MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Blade

  • Limited 30 days of warranty for a reliable replacement
  • Light and sleek body to use with no struggle
  • Great design to fit in the most recyclers by rotating clockwise

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Best Mulching Blade For Toro 22 Recycler

Product’s Name Key Benefit Price
MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Blade Sharp Enough To Cut Lawns Details On Amazon
Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade Last A Good While Details On Amazon
Toro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Mulching Blade Set Stay Sharp Even After Months Details On Amazon
Toro 4PK 22″ Atomic Blade Cuts Grasses And Lawns Evenly Details On Amazon
8TEN 22 Inches LawnRAZOR Medium Produce No Rust And Noise Details On Amazon
SureFit Extreme Blade Fine For Large Grasses Details On Amazon

Here are the complete reviews for the six recommendations we are willing to make for today’s piece of writing. You’ll be able to find out exactly why they belong to this top 6 list, hopefully…

1. MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Blade- Best Bang For The Buck

Specifications Of MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Blade

Fits Deck Size 22 Inches
Center Hole Size 0.43 Inches
Blade Type Mulching
Center Hole Design Round

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Apart from others, the MaxPower is one of the finest brands that offer a logical range of lawn mower blades Toro with quality parts. This blade is also very reasonable with a few fine features.

But wait, that is not all. This blade comes with 22 inches of cutting deck size that allows you to get level trimming when using the mower. It as well allows you to get rid of damages due to dull blade edge cutting.

Not only that this blade is functional but also useful for giving a good trim with no clog or stuck snags. It as well allows you to never face the struggle of discovering leaves or grasses trapped on the blades.

In addition to that, this blade comes with 7/16 inches of a center hole that allows you to reach the right fitment of your Tore 22 recycler mower. It as well allows you to set up inside your mower with no hitches.

This blade also comes with a great in look curved surface that makes sure better-cutting edge to handle grass or lawns. It as well allows you to get a better trimming facility that needs one cut rather than several times of mowing.

With the tri-cut tips, this blade allows you to get fine trimmed in long or medium lawns. It is also 21-23/32 inches in length along with 2-1/4 inches in width to ensure fine shaping. This blade as well helps to give a different type of lift when trimming.

The Bottom Line:

To sum it up, the MaxPower blade is one of the finest picks for commercial or larger yards. It is also higher in quality and assures better trimming with no clump or bog down issues.


  • This blade is excellent for mulch grass down at ease.
  • For the price range, it is hard to beat.
  • This blade is balanced and clear.
  • It has an amazing cutting edge to sand down easily.
  • This mulching blade takes 5 minutes to replace.


  • Sadly, it vibrates when running at max speed.

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2. Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade- Most Excellent Pick For Perfect Cut

Specifications Of Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade

Center Hole Size 7/16 Inches
Blade Length 21 To 11/16 Inches
Blade Type Mulching
Suitable For Toro 22-Inch Recycler

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If you are one of those who are looking for a fantastic sharp blade, then it is your best bet. The Oregon Gator blade is a solid piece of art that makes sure to give ideal cuts or trims of your land.

This blade is designed to meet the exact OEM specification so that you get optimum performance. It as well allows you to get better cutting depth and function when using a lawnmower. This thing also ensures better working stability.

Amazingly, the blade comes with thru-hardened to a 50 Rockwell C-scale rigidity that allows you to get better safety and usage. It as well allows you to use this blade on the mower for a longer period of time with no struggle.

Want to know the coolest part? This blade comes with 21 inches of walk-behind and 22 inches of atomic blade. It as well allows you to get fine trimming to feel with no hitches of grass uneven or rough cuts.

On the face of it, this blade also comes with a great layout that allows air to move around the gaps for clipping well. It as well allows you to cut into small parts with no issue of jagged or patchy trimming.

And, this blade comes with a mulching style that allows you to get rid of the volume issue. It as well makes sure you never face the struggle of leaf clean-up after using on mower. This blade also allows easy cutting with no damages.

The Bottom Line:

By and large, this mulching blade is a fine option for those of you who want easy to install and shake-free works. It is also great for cutting weeds using the edges to avoid laying lawns.


  • It is a good option for Toro 20333 mowers.
  • This mulching blade is easy to install and uninstall.
  • It has tough and solid body construction.
  • This mulching blade is reliable and high in quality.
  • It helps cutting grasses at ease.


  • Unluckily, this mulching blade is heavy in weight.

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3. Toro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Mulching Blade Set- Best For Routine Usage

Specifications Of Toro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Mulching Blade Set

Blade Thickness 0.149 Inches
Blade Width 2 1/4 Inches
Central Hole Size 7/16 Inches
Good For Toro 22″ recyclers with steel decks

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For landowners who are desperately looking for Toro lawn mower blades, it is a wonderful choice. This blade set as well allows you to get better handling on a daily basis no matter how long you use it.

Made for Toro 22″ recyclers with steel decks, this blade set is light in weight and sleek to use on different terrains with no struggle. It as well makes sure you use it on rough to normal grounds with the easy maneuver.

On top of that, this blade set comes with 21 3/4 inches of length that allows you to use it for achieving beautiful and level cutting of your garden grasses. It as well makes sure you never face bumpy trimming no matter how you utilize it.

Thanks to its great rust-free design, the blade set allows easy usage on most weather with no issue. It as well allows you to use this blade on wet grasses or light raining areas without causing a mess.

And, this mulching blade grants great performance by trimming down lawns and weeds like a master. It as well makes sure you are taking care of medium to residential lawns with no struggle. This blade set is also fluent to take down thick grasses with no need for sanding.

Besides, it comes with 0.149 inches of great thickness that allows you to simply sizing and shaping the yard for better cleaning. This mulching blade as well ensures giving fine poise and control over mowing when using with.

The Bottom Line:

On the whole, this blade is an ideal pick for those of you who want OEM parts and a well-balanced option. It is also fine for giving you a good heavy-duty feel when using on the mower.


  • This blade comes with higher mulching efficiency.
  • It is light in weight to work on any terrain.
  • This blade is simple to set up and replace.
  • It has great quality and sharpness to cut weeds well.
  • This blade is compatible with most mowers.


  • A few buyers find it good for short-term usage.

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4. Toro 4PK 22″ Atomic Blade- Most Excellent Choice For Most Grounds

Specifications Of Toro 4K 22″ Atomic Blade

Blade Type Atomic Blade
Just Fits Deck Size 22 Inches
Blade Width 2 1/4 Inches
Good For Toro 22 Recycler

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The Toro 4K 22″ blade is right now one of the high-demanding options in the market. It as well comes with 4 pieces in one single pack to match for use in most lands such as wet, dry, and rough grounds.

Due to its great performance and design, this blade set works fantastic. It as well makes sure you are getting an effective and solid cutting skill by using the blade on your Toro 22 recycler lawnmower.

Built out of high-end materials, this blade set allows you to use it for a longer period of time. It as well ensures long life and durability so that you can easily cut grasses, lawns, and weeds with no struggle.

We are in love with this blade set that allows you to get 3 efficient teeth in a vertical shape. It as well allows you to get fine cuts and trims to get rid of uneven grasses. This blade also ensures giving good cutting efficiency.

And, there is more. This blade set is designed to use in wet grasses or lands at ease. It as well allows you to trim or clip the lawns that are bigger in a level ground. This blade also ensures no hitches of rust or corrosion.

It as well comes with mulching types of blades that will clip out grasses in a decent sizing. This blade is also very easy to sharpen if the surface turns deadly to bring back to its original form.

The Bottom Line:

In brief, this blade is a skilled mulching tool that has great features with sharp edges to handle weeds. It is also an optimal option to try out a top-notch blade for most kinds of lawnmowers.


  • It is safe and dependable to cut lawns evenly.
  • This blade is trouble-free to use.
  • It comes with 4 blades in one package.
  • This blade is easy to smoothen or sand down.
  • It comes with 3 holes to attach on most mowers.


  • The price of this blade is expensive.

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5. 8TEN 22 Inches LawnRAZOR Medium-Lift Blade Set- Best Pick For Weed Controls

Specifications Of 8TEN 22 Inches LawnRAZOR Medium-Lift Blade Set

Blade Holes 3
Fits Deck Size 22 inches
Central Hole Size 3/8 Inches
Length 22 3/16 Inches

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The 8TEN 22 Inches blade is one of the easiest and smartest options for weed controls. It as well allows you to get an all-in-one situation usable blade to work in shaping and sizing wild plants.

And, we are not through yet. This blade as well comes with a medium-lift type surface that allows you to get easy lifting and suction when trimming. It also allows you to get fine trimming with great performance.

This blade as well comes with very clean and sharp edges that allow you to trim or clip down the grasses like butter. In fact, it allows you to get better support when decided to clip out the medium or standard lands.

No doubt about it, this blade works greatly on Toro 22 inches recyclers with steel decks. It is also great for giving better control and maneuver to grant higher cutting efficiency. This thing as well ensures ease of usage on most surfaces.

These are just a few. This blade also comes with 21 5/8 inches of length to help with better edges along with good airflow. It as well comes with 3/8 inches of center hole to mount in your lawnmower based on the size.

And, this blade is ideal for use in most weather with no struggle of rust or corrosion. It as well allows you to trim in the wet grasses, lands filled with dust, and other surfaces. This blade also ensures 0.150 inches of great thickness.

The Bottom Line:

In most cases, this blade is a great choice if you want a strong and handful option for trimming lands. It is also a fine option for using on medium or standard mower to use at ease.


  • This blade is balanced, easy, and sharp.
  • It is good for any weather use.
  • This blade is good for most lawnmowers.
  • It is high in quality and durable.
  • This blade is a great option for long-standing storage.


  • Not a good blade for rough surface use.

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6. SureFit Extreme Blade- Best Pick For Long-Term Usage

Specifications Of SureFit Extreme Blade

Blade Standard OEM Quality
Blade Hole 3
Blade Type Mulching
Suitable For Toro 22″ Decks Recycler

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The SureFit is a well-made blade that ensures great durability and support to last a good while. It as well allows use in outdoor or commercial use on bigger lands to beautify your garden better.

And, this blade has OEM fitting parts that include high in quality surfaces that can be used in any surface. It as well allows you to use it for getting optimal working on the ground and fit at the same time.

But that’s the part of the story. This blade is versatile that works great on 22″ recycler lawnmowers, 20332, 20333, 20334, and 20337 models. Also, it is great to fit in 20339, 20340, 20353, and 20355 lawnmowers.

And, we are not stopping there. This blade also has a great layout that allows easy installation on your lawnmower. It only takes you to follow the direction given on the manufacturer details to fit rightly. And, you don’t need other help when installing this blade.

Besides, this blade comes with 3 teeth on both sides to give a better circulation of air stream when clipping your lawns. It as well allows your land to get better trimming in safe yet sharp cuts.

What’s more? This blade also takes care of grasses or lawns problems such as water loss, discoloration, pulled-up grasses, etc. It as well allows you to get better smooth cuts on to give a level of trimming.

The Bottom Line:

In short, this mulching blade is an amazing pick for its great design and shape to use comfortably. It is also high in performance and easy to use on most lands with no hitches.


  • It is quite easy to mount on mowers.
  • This blade has OEM standards to ensure quality parts.
  • It comes with a great curve on the edges.
  • This blade is great for fitting most decks.
  • It works fine to cut most types of grasses.


  • We find the price not logical.

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How To Pick The Best Mulching Blade For Toro 22 Recycler?

Before you go on a store, it is better to check out all the factors to pick the right mulching blade. Based on your land size, it is better to pick one that suits your Toro 22 recycler. So, take a look at some of the helpful aspects that will lead you to the best in both worlds.

Blade Length

One of the most essential factors you want to think about is the blade length. Since you’ll use the mulching blade for cutting lawns, it should have a long length. But, avoid going with a very lengthy blade if you don’t want an improper fitment.

In the same way, the shorter mulching blade will result in slower cutting ability when trying to use your Toro 22 recycler.

Weight Of Blade

Mulching blades tend to have both heavy and light loads. Based on the weight of your blade, it will work differently. Light in weight blade will help to move or handle Toro 22 recycler well. But the bulky blade is hard to control. So, try to select one based on your need.


Would you like to invest on a short-term usable mulching blade for your recycler? Definitely not. The mulching blade should have good durability to stand a good while. Most brands promise that mulching blades will last a long time.

But not all items work as being told. Makes sure your picked one is made out of strong material such as steel, aluminum, or metal. Since these materials are proven durable, so check that before going with one.


When in the store, try to check whether your selected mulching blade is versatile or not. A versatile mulching blade will work the best to give a clean cut when using on Toro 22 recycler. This way you can get a blade that would cut most types of lawns at ease.

Deck Size

The mulching blade should have a good deck size. Basically, most Toro 22 recyclers will fit rightly if the mulching blade has a deck size that is between 15 to 31 inches. The right-sized deck will help cutting grass.

How to Replace a Mulching Blade- Guide To Do It Quickly

Do you find your mulching blade rusty or ragged looking which badly needs replacement? Changing a mulching blade from your Toro 22 recycler will be fine if you follow the right ways. If you want to replace mulching blades with no errors, then start scrolling down.

Flip The Machine Up

The first thing you got to do is to turn over the Toro 22 recyclers. Makes sure you are doing safely by not damaging any part.

Loose Down The Socket

Now, put on your safety glove and grab the blade. Then, use a wrench to unscrew down the socket or bolt from the center. Makes sure you have turned the wrench in a clockwise position to remove the socket easily. After that, use your hand to remove the bolt out of the recycler.

Remove The Old Blade

Next, you want to take the old blade out of the Toro 22 recycler. Makes sure you have cleaned the surface before going to the following steps.

Attach New Blade

Then, grab your new mulching blade that is suitable for Toro 22 recycler. After that, place the cover in its previous form.

Secure The Socket

Use your hand to tighten out the socket. After that, grab the wrench to insert the socket back on the hole rightly in a good fit. And, you are done.

How To Take Care Of A Toro 22 Recycler Mulching Blade?

Lawn mower blades for Toro 22 recyclers do need good maintenance to add age and durability. It surely requires a good cleaning on a daily basis to ensure fine longevity. Read down below to know how exactly you can take care of a mulching blade.

Lessen Risk Of Damage

When installing or removing, try to angle the mulching blade backward rather than sideways to get rid of oil spills. Also, place the blade in a tight fit to get rid of falling.

Clean The Blades

On a weekly basis, try to spray the blade and housing using a decent cleaning solution. This way you can help blades to add age. It also allows removing grasses or other weeds residue to never clog.

Sand Down Frequently

Another way you can help mulching blades last long by sanding frequently. Yet, sand down the blade smoothly with no pressure to avoid ruining the surface.

What Are Main Types Of Mower Blades

Blades for a Toro lawn mower are typically divided in 4 types such as low lift, high lift, mulching, and medium-lift. These types make blades look and work differently. Let’s look deeper into the blade types:

Low Lift Blades

For residential or home gardening, the low lift blades are ideal. This type of blade is good for making no noise while cutting the lawns or weeds out from your garden. It ensures good sharpness on the edges to cut evenly.

This type of blade has the lowest lift to ensure better cutting on the sides only. And, the low lift blades are great for serving in smaller yards, low roomy gardens, or killing the wild plant. In fact, this type of blade is easy to handle and use on a small period of time.

High Lift Blades

Are you dealing with lengthy or quick-growing grasses which need to be mow? If so, the high lift blades are the most excellent choice. This type of blade works greatly to kill lawns that are too thick or long.

The high lift blade doesn’t need to raise more than one time. Also, this type of blade is very easy to clean and trim with no struggle of clogging or stuck. It as well allows you to trim out garden lawns at level cuts.

This type of blade is strong and bigger compare to low lift and medium-lift. However, the high lift blade needs a good time and effort to use. For that reason, many people use it for commercial use.

Medium Lift Blades

This type of blade is good if you use it on standard or mid-size lawnmowers. The medium-lift blade is mostly used for horizontal rotation to cut lawns faster and evenly.

As a matter of fact, it is bigger than low lift and smaller compare to high lift blades. This type of blade is good for giving better suction and airflow so that air can pass through easily. It is also easy to clean and trim with clear cuts.

Mulching Blades

This type of blade is a great option for lands that hold debris, lawns, and weeds. Most lawn mowers come with a mulching blade to take care of lawns. It is as well famous for its unique 3 in 1 blade setups.

The mulching blade has curvier edges at the bottom sides. It as well allows cutting the grasses, lawns, and weeds into level cuts to give a natural trim. This type of blade has low suction but amazing to clip straightly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is A Mulching Blade?

The mulching blades are a sharp tool which usually used in cutting or trimming grasses. They are also a safer way to take care of your garden lawn and weeds by clipping evenly. A mulching blade in fact helps to trim garden grasses in multiple cutting surfaces.

What are the differences between mulching and regular blades?

If you putting the mulching and regular blades in one table, there will be many aspects that make them diverse. Yet, both of them hold good cutting strength but work in a very different way.
The mulching blades have 3 in 1 sharp edge with a more curled style surface that allows more cutting stability. They are good for cutting lawns with the ends.
On the flip sides, regular blades are designed in a 2 in 1 or high lift style to cut focusing on one zone. They also hold a good curve to cut deeply. But the regular blades are problematic due to clogging issues.

What is the best mulching blade in the market?

There are many mulching blades that count as the best in the market. Out of all, the MaxPower 331376XB, Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1, and Toro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 mulching blades are the finest. These mulching blades are rich in quality that comes at a rational rice range.


Mowing your lawns will be easy and healthy if you go with the right mulching blade. It needs to be solid and durable to handle most types of grasses.

The simple way to get good-looking garden lawns is by selecting high-quality blades. Matching with the latest trends, most brands offer different types of best mulching blade for Toro 22 recycler.

And, it will be easy to find the right mulching blade if you do a good hour of research then go to the store. For your convenience, we have given a helpful buying guide with 7 mulching blade recommendations after doing a long period of study.

Our given mulching blades are built solid and perfect for long time usage. These blades are great for cutting lawns, grasses, and several types of weeds at ease.

Try to pick a sharp and long-term usable mulching blade that ensures quality. We hope this guide helped you to opt for one easily and hope you’ll try our mentioned products. Good Luck!