Thinking of How to Keep Mower Moving on Trailer?- Best Solution

You might want to load your mower on a trailer but don’t have much idea on how to keep mower moving on trailer. Well, it’s not a matter. Just smile and go through this article.

Your mower might have been providing you a good service. So you have to take care of it too. If you don’t take care of it according to the right rules, you may not get good service in the future. Loading your mower means to keep it in rest for a period of time.

Carrying lawnmower in a trailer is not a difficult task, just a few precautions. But you have to work with it and spend some time. Keep in mind two things – the main purpose of your work is to store the equipment according to your storage facilities and to ensure their safety after warehousing.

You will benefit if you move forward with these two issues.

How to Keep Mower Moving on Trailer And Prepare Prior to It

You need to prepare your mower very well before moving. Because you will keep the mower for a certain period of time. Because the mower has to be idle for a while and without the touch of your hand. At this time, it is likely to come in contact with dust and dirt or any damage may occur.

To avoid this unexpected situation, you must ensure the protection of your mower and its equipment. How to keep mower moving on trailer may not be a big issue for you. So, get ready to start your work following the below steps:

Prepare Mower for Moving:

  1. Drain all liquids from the lawnmower: Completely drain the mower gas tank and oil tank before starting work and store them in a container. You know that gas and oil are always identified as hazardous substances. So it would not be right to run a mower with all these dangerous things.
  2. Thoroughly clean your lawnmower: The second task of preparing the moving mower is to clean it. The mower may have dirty or cut grass inside. These can ruin your work environment. So clean up first, then, start working with a cheerful mind.
  3. Remove all attachments and blades: It is safe to remove the blades before transporting the riding mower. If you have any confusion about this work, you can take the help of a skilled person. Wear thick gloves as a precaution and open the blades carefully. Wrap them in a large piece of paper.
  4. Disconnect the spark plug: Finally, disconnect the spark plug from the mower. Accidentally mower can take a start which will disrupt your work and even make it risky. Break the push handle and attach the tape or string to it.


  1. Remove all detachable parts of your riding mower with care. Wrap all the detached equipment with bubble wrap.
  2. A mower that contains a variety of tools like – sharp items, friable or sensitive to touch. Pack them differently item wise and put them into a box.
  3. Load Now, you have to load the mower on the trailer through the ramp. You can do this by rolling or pushing it.
  4. Place the mower in the right position on the trailer bed. Check if the wheels roll or not. Tie the mower and its wheel using rope or straps.
  5. After you have completed the above actions, cover the mower with a moving blanket to protect it any stain, dust, or damages.

Mower Moving Steps

1. Buy the right kind of loading ramp: The only thing you need to do when buying a loading ramp is to buy a slightly curved ramp. This is because most of the lawn mowers with cutting desks do not have ground clearance.

You need a curved ramp because it will help you to clear the lip truck’s tailgate while riding the mower. It can be reversed due to carelessness, so keep it in mind. No lawn equipment or moving vehicles are required.

2. Secure the ramps to the trailer: Take off the loading ramps and place them properly on the tile. Fasten the ramp well with straps. Keep notice on the binding if it is safe and there is no risk of accident during loading.

3. Load riding lawn mower: The reliable way to load the riding mower is to drive from behind, it is quite safe. This will reduce the load on the ramp which will prevent the mower from overturning. Or, as you feel comfortable managing, you can drive at the front of the mower over the ramp to climb onto the trailer.

This loading work requires less gear. Do not stop or restart while walking on the ramp. If there is a special need to stop the mower, drive backward, return to the starting position and start again.

4. Secure the mower to the trailer bed: Once the riding mower is loaded into the trailer, set the brake for its parking. Untie the straps from the ramp and remove it from the trail. Using tiding straps tie down the riding mower to the trailer very tightly.

Pause occasionally during lifting and carefully observe the straps for safety, if loose then tie more tightly.

The Final Thought

Hopefully, you have found a solution on how to keep mower moving on trailer.

There is no substitute for working on the right plan to protect your mower and prolong it. So you should guide yourself according to the moving methods. It is important to keep safety in mind in every job, be it mower or yours.

It is not easy to disjoint mower apart. Still, you can do this alone if you are confident, otherwise, take the help of your friends.

Another important tip for you to take is choosing a ramp. You could be in danger by using a lawnmower ramp. Put the trouble aside; buy metal ramps such as aluminum. You can also turn a conversion ramp kit into a 2×12 size ramp that will be useful to you.