How to Dispose of Old Herbicide Easy & Quick Way

Pesticides need to be disposed of as soon as possible. This may cause hazards to children as well as adults. Pesticide helps you in a particular way, but old pesticides have to be disposed of. Also, pesticide container brings no less harm. Never use the same carrier for other household chores. 

One of the safest ideas is buying pesticide in a small can and use all of it. No remaining part will bother you. Go through this article and, you will know how to dispose of old herbicide. 

Tips Of How To Dispose Of Old Herbicide

An herbicide is a chemical, which helps to kill weeds and unwanted plants in your lawn. If you brought too much herbicide, never store it in your house. You must think of getting rid of this. 

Step 1: Ask your neighbor or relative or other house members if they need any. If they deny taking, you have to think of the next level. 

Step 2: Keep your herbicide in its original container. If you keep it in some other carrier, there must be any chemical reaction. 

Step 3: Every brand of herbicide container has some instruction manual. Go through the instruction manual carefully. Now, you can dispose of it yourself. 

Step 4: Before disposal of herbicide, don’t forget to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, boots, gloves, masks, glasses. 

Step 5: Take care of the container as well 

Step 6: If you feel helpless, call a local pesticide company. They will help you out. 

There is some law in the case of waste disposal. Everyone must know how to dispose of old herbicide.

Herbicide Container 

  • Make sure the container is empty. 
  • Wash it thoroughly with water according to the instruction manual. Fill it up with 30% water, swirl appropriately for at least two times or, more. 
  • Don’t pour that water onto your lawn or your bathroom. It will contaminate the environment. Better pour the water onto a tank. 
  • If you lack such kind of tank, don’t rinse your container. 
  • Contact the recycle center. Put your empty container in a recycle bin. The recycling center’s pickup will carry it for you. Use a regular plastic recycle bin. 
  • If you don’t know any recycling center or don’t reside by such an institution, throw your container away in a local dump or trash. 
  • Never think of reusing the herbicide container. 

Transportation Of Herbicide 

If you have to carry your herbicide away for disposal or recycling, keep these things in mind. 

  • Keep the herbicide in your original container. 
  • Put the cap tightly. 
  • Now place the container in a plastic drum or bag. 
  • Set the bag in your pickup in such a way that it doesn’t spill or move. 
  • If it’s put in an open vehicle, tie it with a rope. 
  • Don’t use a passenger pickup or truck.
  • Don’t mix it with food or crops. 
  • Drive direct to the waste disposal company. 

Keep Things In Mind Before Buying Pesticides 

  • Try an alternate way of herbicide. Use herbicide only when other non-chemical methods have failed. 
  • Research on the website about products. Know which product will meet your demand. Also, check the price. 
  • Choose the least toxic product. 
  • Contact your known gardener or professional person and inquire about herbicide. 
  • Buy a specific amount you will need for a year or six months. Better buy a small can. You can always shop if you need more. 
  • Always use a ready product so that you don’t have to mix it. 


  • Always apply a mask, gloves, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, boots, and protection glasses before any kind of herbicide disposal. These chemicals are very harmful. If it comes in contact with your mouth, nose, or body part, it can burn or have an anaphylactic reaction. Immediately rinse that body part. 
  • Always use the exact amount of herbicide, which is provided in the instruction manual. Don’t even add water into it, if it’s not written in the manual. 
  • Keep your pesticide in its container. Never change the carrier; it may merely melt. 
  • Keep your herbicide away from any food or crops or grocery item. Otherwise, your meals will turn into poison. 
  • Keep it away from a child or toddler. They will drink it out of curiosity and have severe damage to their internal organs. Keep the container on the shelf, or a storeroom. Make sure that the room is locked. 
  • Never dump herbicide liquid in any ponds, drains, rivers, farms, or any open area. It will kill fish, small animals, planktons, and contaminate the environment. 
  • Never use empty pesticide containers. 
  • Never put your herbicide in the same container with another herbicide or chemical. There may be some leftover of that chemical. They will mix up and produce a severe chemical reaction. Even this can produce poisonous gas as well as an explosion. 
  • Never use herbicide during rainfall or storm. It may spread in a wide area, which is very harmful. 

Why Must I Dispose Of Herbicide? 

Pesticide, herbicide, and insecticide are designed to be toxic; because their actual function is to kill insects, weeds, fungi, unwanted plants, grass, etc. Usually, they protect your plants when used correctly. But if you use in an incorrect amount, plants are injured. 

If you try to keep your herbicide for a prolonged period, it will harm the environment. It’s hazardous for human health. Also, it kills animals and plants. This phenomenon leads to air, water, and soil pollution. If you dump it into a drain or river, it remains there for a prolonged period and not wasted easily.

That’s why you much dispose of your old herbicide. You should know how to dispose of old herbicide.

An herbicide is not a thing to store. Just use the amount you need. Then give it to someone or just dispose of it. Any waste disposal company will help you out. Be very cautious about its usage. If you don’t, you have to pay for it. Those who have lawn or fond of gardening must know how to dispose of old herbicide.