How to Clean Gutters on a 3-Storey House 5 Safe & Efficiently Ways

Are you the owner of a beautiful house? Do you want to keep your home neat and clean? Not only the yard or inside but also the gutter of the house!

If you have a 3-story building, its gutter is not much easy to clean. Sometimes it may be the least favorite to you. Don’t worry. I am here to tell you How To Clean Gutters On a 3-Storey House.

Dead leaves and other ruins are cooping your gutter. As a result, your beautiful house will fall in damages.

This happens twice, one is when leaves fall from trees, and another is in the early spring, and you have to clean your gutter in this twice every year.

If your house is in with lots of trees and lots of cleaning of your gutter may be a boring, dirty, dangerous, and challenging job, but it is essential to prevent water damage to your roof and walls.

If the maintenance of the cleaning of your gutter is not sufficiently, the gutter eventually clogs and overflows. Leaves fall on the roof then you have to clean your gutter even more frequently.

In this article, I will suggest you some safer ways on how to clean gutters on a 3-storey house.

How To Clean Gutters On a 3-Storey House

Ensure Your Safety On How To Clean Gutters On a 3-Storey House

Before starting, you have to make sure that you have a pair of waterproof plastic gloves which protect your hands from the rough surface of the gutter or sharp ruins, and put on work clothes because the gutter cleaning can be dirty work, work clothes keep safe you from dirt, wear eye-protective object, a mask which will protect your eyes and lungs, respectively.

After confirming the names of your safety issues, you need to make sure that the dirt stuck in the gutter is dry or wet. If it is dry, then the method of cleaning your gutter will be different, and if the dirt of the gutter is wet, then the method of cleaning will be different, the equipment will also be different.

Here are some methods to clean gutters. At first, you have to make sure how much the gutter is blocked. Then you can follow the ways which are described below.

Method 1: Using Ladder, Rope, And Bucket

Since you are an owner of a 3-storied house, you have to know how to clean gutters on a 3-storey house, and while cleaning the gutters, you need to be very careful.

Set the position of the ladder from where you are planning to clean the gutter. Lean the ladder against the wall like a nail. Make sure that the ladder is at the correct angle.

Test the stability of the ladder before climbing. If it vibrates then reposition the ladder until it comes to the stable position.

The ladder will dangerously sink if the ground is muddy or soft. In this case, set the same size wooden scrap under the ladder, and reposition it if needed.

A 3-story house is too high, so never try to get close to the top of the ladder. This is the only reason people fall from the ladder when they go to clean the gutter.

Don’t use a short ladder while cleaning the gutter. You have to select the ladder which is suitable for you to clean your gutter.

To dispose of the debris, hang the bucket to your ladder. You can bend the hook to the opposite side around the handle of the bucket. Hang the bucket tightly from the top with the rope.

Now you can use your hand to remove the debris from the gutter. Take out the debris little by little and place these into the bucket.

No need to take extra risk to clean the debris, only remove these from the comfortable areas as far as your hands can reach.

After cleaning the debris, you can store these to use as organic fertilizer without throwing them away.

Method 2: Using Leaf Blower

To clean the dead leaves from the gutters, you can use a leaf blower. The long nozzle of the leaf blower will pull out the dirt from where your hand cannot reach.
By using the leaf blower, you can clean only dry leaves and twigs. It cannot pull out wet dirt and decomposed organic substances. To clean decomposed substances, you can use water-wise after using the leaf blower.

Method 3: By Following Water-Wise System

Water-wise cleaning can be an effective way on how to clean gutters on a 3-story house, especially when the debris is decayed heavily.

Fasten a garden hose to a pole, or a branch attaches the nozzle, then turn on the hose and raise the nozzle to the gutter. Now flush the entire gutter to clean the debris.
Here, you have to note that the unevenly or weakly flowing downspouts. They may have blockages.

If you doubt blockages, you can clean these blockages with a long stick or power washer.

Method 4: Using a Power Washer

If you suspect that debris has accumulated inside your gutter, it is the best way to use a power washer to clean gutters on a 3-storey house.

Blast the debris with the fine nozzle of a power washer. There is no substitute for a power washer to clean the debris by pressing hard to the bottom.

Hold the nozzle of the power washer down into the gutter hole and let the water flow vigorously until water flows freely through it.

Method 5: Assistance Of Skilled Worker

Unfortunately, sometimes not all blockages of the gutter can be handled independently of a 3-storey house. When the debris makes a hard blockage, skilled workers need help. They have all the necessary equipment and sound knowledge about various technologies to clean the accumulated debris of the gutter.

It will not be difficult for such a specialist to quickly diagnose a blockage, identify the causes of its occurrence, and remove it accordingly. A typical host would take more than an hour. They would do in a matter of minutes.

Now you have gathered a sound knowledge on how to clean gutters on a 3-storey house. But cleaning the gutter twice a year is a lot of trouble. Many times people fall down while cleaning the gutter, and accidents occur. So, it is also dangerous. In that case, you can have the job of cleaning the gutter done by a professional. However, it will increase your costs. If you install a leaf guard brand gutter, you will never have to think about your gutter. Its unique patented design prevents even a small amount of dirt from getting stuck. You can ensure that your home is safe. And you can say goodbye to gutter cleaning forever.