How to Clean Brush from Woods Sidestepping Mess

Hey! Do you use high quality and expensive brushes like me? And wondering how to clean brush from woods?

A month ago, I frittered away some of my expensive brushes. These were my very favorite too. From then on, I struggled to figure out how to take care of my expensive and favorite brushes.

Once I used alcohol, turpentine, or mineral spirits to clean brush from woods without following any rules. As a result, I lost many of my favorite brushes.

So, if you make a plan to use your brushes again tomorrow, don’t be foolish like me.

In this article, I will tell you how to clean brush from woods that I have followed.

To clean a fresh stain is much easier than hardened stain, and hardened stain may take your time.

I have followed some steps on how to clean brush from woods.

Follow The Following Steps If You Want To Know How To Clean Brush From Woods

How To Clean Brush From Woods

Step 1: Initial Preparation

As much as you can graze off the brush into a jar, bring out the brush from the jar and run the bristles back and forth across a wooden board. After that, rub the brush bristle on a rag.

Step 2: Dip The Brush In The Solution

Take a bowl. If the stain is oil-based, make an appropriate solvent with mineral spirits or turpentine.

If the stain is water-based, then pour the bowl with soapy water.

Put in the brush, and move it back and forth for one or two minutes.

Now turn the brush upside down so that solvent reaches the bristles at the very near of the handle, then stir the brush again and shake it more.

Step 3: Clean a Second Time

Now pick off the brush from the solvent. If your solution is mineral spirits or turpentine, you can keep it into another container to reuse.

Again pure the bowl with the same and new solvent and get ready to clean the brush again.Shake and move the brush frequently to clean it properly in the bowl. Comb by a new wire brush into your brush to get all pigments out.

Step 4: Final Touching

Now your brush is very clean, but still, you have some work to do.

Dry the brush with a fresh rag, wrap the bristles with a paper bag and let it sit on the workbench overnight.In the morning, hang your favorite brush on a hook.

Steps For Hardened Stain

The hardened stain would take little time to clean. If you are adamant about how to clean brush from woods, you will be succeeded in cleaning it.

Step 1: Selection Of Solvent

Take a jar and pour it with a strong solvent. For oil-based hardened stain, you have to use lacquer thinner, but if the stain is oil-water-based, you need a commercial brush cleaner to clean your brush properly.

Put the brush into the jar. Here I remind you that use a piece of wire to hold the brush so that the bristle cannot reach the bottom. Leave the brush to sit in the solvent overnight.

Step 2: Soften The Brush

Comb your brush with a wire brush to get off dirty substances from the bristle, and in this way, bristles will be soft. Collision the wire brush near to the brush handle where the bristles are more dense.

Step 3: Take The Solvent a Second Time

In this step again, pour the jar with mineral spirits, and warm soapy water. It will depend on the type of stain. Soak the brush into the solvent that your brush deserves then comb the brush with the wire brush.

Step 4: Dry Your Brush

Now you need to dry your brush. To dry the brush using a soft rag.

Mix some detergent powder into the brush bristles and comb with the wire brush. Use hot water while combing, then shake the brush to drain the water and wipe the brush with a thin clean, dry cloth.

Now wrap the brush with a paper bag and let the brush sit on the workbench overnight. Hang it to a hook in the morning.

What You Have To Do With Dirty Of Solvent?

Now you are a master of how to clean brush from woods. I have another tip for you, and the tip is to reuse the solvent, which will save you money.

Never throughout the solvent into the drain because it may damage the Sewerage system.

Pour the dirty solvent in a container, and set it where the water part can evaporate.

When evaporates, pour dirty thinner into a jar or a bottle. Settle the sediment. When it is settled, decant the explicit solvent to reuse it.


Now you know how to clean brush from the woods, but you still have to follow some cautions.

  1. First, I will tell you that you must use your brush again because a good brush is much more expensive. Repeated use will be taken care of your brush, and it will stay good.
  2. Keep all the brushes in the packet you received with the brush at the time of buying.
  3. Don’t leave the brushes unclean after painting.
  4. Never let brushes stand in a solvent container, as this will cause the bristles to bend and distort the shape of the brush.
  5. While cleaning brush, do not place the bristles of the brush hardly under the solvent jar, as this will cause the granules of paint to accumulate inside the bristles and destroy the brush.
  6. You can dedicate your brush to both water-based or solvent-based paints. Synthetic brushes can be cleaned in both applications if you do this, your brush doesn’t last or clean up thoroughly.


By following the steps described above, I have cleaned the brush from woods, and this is the safe way how to clean brush from woods. Once, I wasted several of my expensive and favorite brushes without following the correct method. So! Please don’t be foolish like me. Be careful and take care to clean it from the woods.