How to Cut Capstones in a Circle- Easy DIY for Perfect patio

Do you want to build a circular patio and retaining wall in a circle? But you think cutting retaining wall in a circle is hard for you, I suppose you might be wrong. If you don’t know How to CutCapstones in a Circle, this article is for you. Naturally, it is simple, like landscape construction gets.

Capstones mean a stone fixed on top of something, basically a wall. There may be circles, angles, and curves capstones. By cutting capstones in a circle, you can make brick, pavers, circular wall, fire pit, and so on.

Don’t worry! In this article, I will show you How to Cut Capstones in a Circle. Once you know the method for cutting the capstones, it seems to pretty. When you finish the work, you will be satisfied with having an attractive patio and wall.

7 Easy Steps How to Cut Capstones in a Circle

Now, I will share How to Cut Capstones in a Circle: 7 easy and secured method. Before that, you have to know what materials you need to cut capstones.

For cutting capstones you need a circular saw, (the saw may be better Diamond masonry blade) sticky glue, pencils, etc

The process of cutting stone caps will be easy if you choose to do a circular line. For cutting patio and wall, move stone until you find a circular design. A circle border, you will need to make a few cuts along the way.

Here I will share a quick look at the process. At first, set the proper caps in a place. It would help if you cut the capstones. Then, it would be best if you also marked the underside of the stone cap in a circle. For cutting the caps, use a saw. After that, set the cap into place to confirm a good fit. Again, follow the same process. Follow my rules, and it will save you a bunch of time.

Step 1: Set the Adjacent Caps

At first, set every stone onto the wall. The technique is quite a space in each block. Why will you do this, you may be surprised? By doing this, you can cut the same stone on both sides. Otherwise, you have to cut every single block. Mainly the goal is to cut every other stone.

Step 2: Set the Stone to Cut on Top

In the second step, you have to set the stone cap. Then, you will cut on the top of those caps that you laid out. Make sure it is hanging on the left, right, front, and back.

You can follow along the length of your stone border. But it may not work like your plan. Besides, it may take more time. It is for you that you should cut these blocks at a time.

Step 3: Mark the Underside of the Stone Cap

In the third step, you will need a pencil or of marking device. You are going to make the marks from the underside of the block that is sitting on the top.

To make this work a natural way, you should break it down into four steps. Then, mark the front and back on the right and left sides from the underside. Generally, it would be best if you made a mark where the overhanging cap fronts the other cap. Then, do this work on the front and backside of your block.

Now shift your block and tap it over. You have to use a straight side for connecting the front and back lines. At last, you should cut solid lines as you know where to cut the stone.

Step 4: Use a Saw for Cutting Your Blocks

After finishing all the steps, now we are ready to make the cuts. At first, you should cut the stone caps with a circular saw. Then, you have to be aware to protect your eyes because the dusty and pieces of stones can fly up and injure you.

Cut the caps where you mark with your pencil—then sprinkling a breach at the blade when you will cut down on the dust. For that reason, you need to bring a helper into your DIY project.

Step 5: Dry Set the Stone Cap into Place

By this time, you cut stones in a circle. Then set this stone into the right place.

Moreover, if you like a style that has a little wear, the main scarcity becomes charming. I believe that my project is best for making it. If you are satisfied with your first cutting, so, we are ready for the next step.

Step 6: Repeat the same process

By slow and steady, you can reach the goal. You should do this one block at a time so that you have an excellent, tight fit. You have to cut every other. Keep a slight overhang to add interest to the tiered parts.

Step 7: Gum the blocks into place

After cutting everything and dry-fitted it, you are ready for doing the last step. In this step, you have to gum the blocks into place. This idea is good if you want the wall to stay looking beautiful.

In the final step, you should take the time for cutting capstones. Take six months, to glue capstones. Then you have to use sticky. After six months, finally, you will adhesive the capstones into place. At the last time, you will find your desirable thing.

Moreover, this project is not hard work than cutting the stones with a saw. When you cut stone with a saw, you want two people as well as it gets very dirty. Overall I think it is fairy neat as you can make circular cuts and turn them into a patio and retaining wall.

After all, this is not a difficult task. If you want to know How to Cut Capstones in a Circle, you should follow the steps of cutting capstones. After reading this article, you may know the rules of cutting capstones for building patio and wall.

Buy trying the steps that are mentioned above, you can cut capstones easy and secured way. Try your best and build a patio and wall by cutting capstones in a circle.