How to Replace Trailer Floor- Know Now before Its Too late

Do you know your floor of the horse trailer can not last? That means you will have to replace them when it is gone bad. This is an important task that you may have to replace the floor so that your animals do not come crashing.

And if you don’t know How To Replace Trailer Floor, Especially Horse Trailer and looking for it, then you are at the right place.

How To Replace Trailer Floor

Step 1: Prepare The Trailer

First, you have to examine the metals in which the wood is attached to for rusts.

If you find the trailer floors are rusted, it becomes more difficult for you to remove nails used to lock the woods down.

You have to turn them around when you remove the nails. Because this is important, if these rusts are not dealt with, it would become difficult to replace the floors.

And an important part you may have to check is the steel where the woods meet. You have to check for any sign of rust carefully. If you find any sign of rust, you have to clean them. Let’s take a look at how you can clean them. You have to make use of these tools while you are removing rust from the metal.

  • Descaler
  • Airbrush
  • Airflow tube
  • Headphones or ear cover
  • Light mask or nose mask
  • A fan that would be placed near you.

How To Use These Tools

Usually, there are two types of descalers. You have to use the biggest one which comes with twelve nails. These descalers are like little hammers that you will use to break down the rust scales. When you are going to begin cleaning, you connect the airflow tube to the descaler.

This could make a lot of noise, and it can damage your heating system. Ensure that a fan is placed near you. This will help push the rusted air out, or you can also use masks to make sure that you don’t have to breathe in this air.

What To Do When The Metal Has Deteriorated

Well, you only use these tools when the rust is not worst. If the rust is worst, then you may have to replace the metals. If the rust on the metal is so bad, then you can weld new pieces into them. You have to clean all scraps properly while doing this.

Step: 1

It would be best if you looked for How To Replace Trailer Floor, especially a durable horse trailer metal. There is advice that you contact a good company or expert because if the metals are not strong enough to hold the woods, your animals will come crashing, and some might die because of injury

Step 2: Choosing The Flooring Materials

While replacing the floor, you have to choose the right flooring materials. So while choosing material, take a look at the points mentioned at the beginning of this article.

You use pressure-treated lumber woods because these woods decrease the heat transfer, level of vibration, and noise. They can be durable and last you for a long time. And most importantly, it is cheaper than other flooring options. For this flooring material, you have to take care of it properly.

Step 3: Painting The Trailer

After properly preparing the trailer and doing away the rusts, you have to paint the metal before placing the woods you have select. You have to paint the trailer with rustproof paints. This will help you to prevent or reduce the rate at which the metal rusts. It is very important and must not be overlooked for any reason.

After finishing the paint with rustproof, you have to leave to dry, then you can paint with regular colors as you want. Choosing the paints, choose one that does not cause heat or one that could make the animals uncomfortable.

Step 4: Placing and Watering The Wood

Before fixing the floorboards to the trailer, shim them together.

Endeavor keeps spaces between the boards. for doing this correctly, you could make use of door shims or paint stir sticks.

After the shims have been appropriately placed on the floorboards, you have to wet the floorboards and leave them for about 24 hours. And ensure that they swell and conform.

When these woods begin to dry after you have watered them, the shims will come out easily. Once the shims come out, your trailer is ready to use. You could decide to paint the floorboards as you want. When you decide to replace your floor of the horse trailer, you are maybe thinking, How to Replace Trailer Floor: especially Horse Trailer, there are certain factors that you might have to consider. They are

Durability; make sure that the material to be used is durable. That means the product you are going to use should be strong enough to stand the test of time.

Transfer of heat; when it’s summer, the inside of your trailer could turn into an oven. So make sure that the flooring product you choose does not contribute to this.

Vibration and noise transfer; noises can make your animals crazy while vibration can cause fatigue. While choosing your flooring material, you should be select soundproof material.

Lastly, the cost of the flooring material is another factor to think about. And when you are buying stuff, you also have to focus on price and features that you can afford.


When you are so careful about your animals, then you need to replace the trailer floor. While doing this, you must ensure that you know How To Replace Trailer Floor, Especially Horse Trailer.It is very important to change your trailer. And you must be careful while doing this.

Because if you are allergic to dust or paint smells, you have to take precautions before doing this.