How to Fix a Cut Landscape Wire- 3 Best Solutions

Here in this guide how to fix a cut landscape wire, we have prepared some simple steps on you can fix those cut landscape wire on your own. There is a lot of wire and pipes beneath our yard, which are likely to get damaged. We do take many precautions.

But we can’t avoid accidents. So accidents do occur. And those accidents result in cutting the wires. And sometimes, some of us have to call an electrician to fix those cut wires, which is a waste of money and time. Fixing a cut wire is just a simple thing that anyone can do. So, instead of wasting your money and time, fix the cut on your own.

In this article, we tried to cover as much as possible about fixing a cut landscape wire. So don’t worry about fixing those wires. Just follow our guide, and you will be good to go.

How to Fix a Cut Landscape Wire By Locating the Broken Wire Underground

to fix the wiring. First, you need to find the wire. Here in How to fix a cut landscape wire we have some simple steps for you, which will help find the broken wire easily.

Step: 1

first, clearly mark the ground above the wires you suspect. Inspect the area visually. Maybe the area has been dug up by an animal. So look for areas that are likely to be haunted by animals. Or take a look if there has been some disturbance. For example, someone digging for a fence and the wire got cut accidentally by the shovel or a tool.

Step: 2

With the help of a transmitter, give it a test to see if the problem is actually in the wire or if it is in the transmitter. Test your transmitter by switching it off and detach any outside wiring running to it.

If you have any unused wire, then cut the wire between four and six feet in length and then attach it to each end of the transmitter to form a loop.

And then check if the machine is indicating a full connection with any breaks inline or not. Testing out the transmitter will you a clear idea if the transmitter is working or not. After testing the transmitter disconnect your wire

Step: 3

if the transmitter shows that it’s still working, or if you cannot find any visual damage or sections where the wire has dug up, then take the help of a wire break locator.

Try to find the area with a wire break locator. There will be a manufacturer’s instruction on how to hook up your brand of wire break locator.

Follow that manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to keep the wire break locator on the most sensitive setting. Now, walk along the marked area that you suspected. Follow the sound of the device. If there is a live wire, then there will be a low ham.

And when it comes across the broken section, the humming stops. That’s when you know you are over the break.

How to Fix a Cut Landscape Wire With or Without Electrical Tape

If you want to fix the cut of your landscape wire, then it’s much more comfortable and safer to do it without the electrical tape. But it’s also easy to do with electrical tape. Electrical tape is a tape that is pressure sensitive. Electrical tape is used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity.

Here is How to fix a cut landscape wire, we have prepared two ways. Let’s see how to fix the wires using these two ways

How to Fix a Cut Wire Without Electric Tape

Step: 1

Turn off the switch of the electric wire from the electrical outlet.

Step: 2

Dig up the cut wire from the ground carefully. Don’t dig too harshly or too much that might damage the other wires in that area.

Step: 3

make sure to find the location of the cut wire. Start digging the area between the one light that illuminates and the one light that’s not working. The wire is cut in between them. Make sure to uncover the whole wire from the ground. The wire should be a few inches under the ground

Step: 4

take a wire cutter and a wire stripper. Now, cut down the damaged area out of the wire. With the wire cutter, cut down ½ inch of the cut wire.

Step: 5

take out the cap from the waterproof wire out. Grab the ends of the wire well with a wire stripper. And twist the terms of the wire together. Now, take the cap off the wire nut and insert the end of the wires through the lid of the wire nut. There is a small hole on the wire nut. And that’s how you will be able to push the ends of the wire through.

Step: 6

Now, grab the ends of the wire and insert them through the sealant to secure both wires. Twist the wire nut clockwise and then close the cap and push it until it locks.

Step: 7

Now place the wire back into where it was and cover it with soil. Turn the switch on of the wire from the electrical outlet.

Things you Will Need

  • Wire stripper
  • Regular tape
  • Wire

How to Fix a Cut Landscape Wire With an Electrical Tape

Step: 1

Turn off the switch of the electric wire from the electrical outlet. Now carefully grab the covered portion of the wire. Since this is a hazardous cause, this could cause you death, so Do not touch the exposed part of the wire no matter what.

Step: 2

locate all the exposed areas of the wire. If the wire was bitten by pets, then there is a good chance of exposed portions.

Step: 3

now wrap all the exposed area of the wire, with the electrical tape. And wrap until the wires are safely covered.


Fixing wire is not a difficult thing to do. And there is a zero chance of getting hurt by it if you do fix the wire carefully.

Here is how to fix a cut landscape wire we have included two ways in how to fix a cut landscape wire. We also covered how you can find the location of the broken wire. Both two ways are easy to do and won’t give you stress at all about how you can fix it. We tried to help you as far as possible. We hope our article was helpful to you.