How to Clean Ethanol Residue From Carb- Simple Ways

When a lawnmower stops to start or accelerate properly, then its carburetor may be responsible for this. As they have small engines, it will not be difficult for owners to clean carbs. Here we come up with solutions for readers. These problems mainly appear because of treating fuels that contain ethanol. Try out our steps on how to clean ethanol residue from carb.

It is alcohol that attracts moisture and leads to corrosion inside carburetors. Residual depuration is essential to give them a kick start. Our recommendation is to have a correct service manual and a rebuild kit on hand to tackle this machine. Knowing how to clean a gummed-up carburetor helps to keep the motor running smoothly.

How To Clean Ethanol Residue From Carb- Required Process

In order to run a mower efficiently, people should keep cleaning its engine carburetor after a certain period of time. To perform this task, they need a proper guideline about how to clean ethanol residue from carb. Here we come with aid for audiences.
When fuel is left inside a small engine for a long time, it evaporates and leaves behind a gummy varnish which causes a clog. This thing makes a barrier for engines to burn their fuel appropriately. Owners need to drain old fuels and clean carburetors for their own advantages. So let’s take a glance over the entire process of carb cleaning.

Essential Belongings

  • Plenty of clean and lint-free rags
  • Some carburetor cleaner
  • Glass glazed-ceramic or metal container
  • Eye protector
  • Chemically stable gloves

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  • Blow solvent through thin ducts

Needful Tools

  • Wrenches or socket set
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire brush

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Cleaning Procedure

People may find it tough to clean a carburetor, but it’s not. Please check out the whole process to do all tasks easily by yourself.

Step: 1

First, remove spark plugs to save engines from catching fire. Otherwise, this process can be dangerous for you. Then change the position of a fuel valve to turn it off.

Step: 2

Now drain fuels and remove screws that attach the carburetor bowl to its bottom. You should pour all remaining fuels into a pot or container to evaluate the current oil condition. Generally, if there is old gasoline in your engine, then varnish will stick all over the bowl bottom.

Step: 3

After finding a sticky residue on the carburetor bowl, spray inside with a cleaner and wipe it off. Try to clean and dry if all materials are in liquids.

Step: 4

The central jet passage is a place where fuel keeps flowing from a carburetor to combustion chambers. In this stage, one should perform a careful inspection of it. Now remove the air filter with a flathead screwdriver. Put this piece in a safe place as it is very tiny and easy to lose.

Step: 5

If there is a block in the jet passage, people can spray a carburetor cleaner into it. Use a  wire brush through this path to clear out any particles or gummed fuels. You should be careful not to make passages any more substantial than their original size. To pass gasoline thoroughly, consider constructing a clean and shiny round hole.

Step: 6

It’s time to remove all materials that can come loose and clog up a jet again. Spray a carburetor cleaner to dispel all remaining carb components.

Step: 7

An idle jet always needs to serve on top of a carburetor. Now unscrew some idle jets from the upper sides and clean them up. To ensure all openings are clear, pass a wire brush through these.

Step: 8

In this step, reassemble the main jet by placing it into a carburetor stem with a screwdriver. Try to keep it orderly and not overtighten.

Step: 9

You must check the gasket that seals a carburetor bowl to its body. Make sure this is in position and not torn or wrapped. Then, tighten all screws and washers that hold the bowl to a carb body.

Step: 10

Lastly, one should make sure that there is no fuel around a carb bowl. Before starting the engine, put a fuel valve back on and replace a spark plug.


One should know all precautions about ethanol before performing tasks. So, have a look at them.

  • Ethanol causes environmental pollution more than any other gas.
  • It dissolves plastic and creates deposits that clog filters or passes. Ethanol also can leave residues on fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel-pressure regulators, carburetor jets, intake tracts, valves, and valve guides.
  • These deposits created by ethanol can lead to poor engine performance, power loss, overheating, fuel-vapor lock, etc.
  • This gas increases engine idle speeds, which causes improper clutch engagement.
  • Also, it is responsible for premature deterioration of fuel lines, gaskets, carburetors, and other engine components.
  • Most of the time, it causes engine burns and corrosions.


Read related preventions below to ensure a harmless performance.

  • The best way to prevent ethanol damage is the usage of proper fuel in mower engines.
  • Always check recommendations from manufacturers for lawnmowers and follow all guidelines strictly.
  • Use additives in your machine to prevent ethanol-related problems.
  • Add an additive to the fuel system and pay close attention to it to inspect reactions.
  • This little addition will help you to avoid costly damage to vehicle engines and fuel delivery systems.

Wrap UP

If you discover your lawnmower runs just for a few minutes, then there must be a carb problem. In this situation, people may think of tearing down or rebuilding. It’s not a correct solution, while one can run his mower smoothly by cleaning a carburetor and a fuel system. So here we come to your door with an article on how to clean ethanol residue from carb.

We hope these above steps will help out to restore your mower from harm. Also, favoring others with the cleaning process will be effortless for a person.