How to Sharpen Mulching Blades- An Ultimate Guide to Sharp

I hope you are fond of different kinds of sports. Have you ever noticed that the grasses of the field are neither very small nor very long? It is because the grasses are cutting with different kinds of blades.

If you don’t like sports, then you must have gone some lawns to spend your vacations. There you also see that the garden is very much descending with some beautiful plants. Those plants are also cutting with some mower blades. By reading this article you can know how to sharpen mulching blades.

How To Sharpen Mulching Blades? All Information About It

Before that, you should know what is mulching blades, how kinds of it, the things you need to sharpen your mulching blades, and the process. We will tell you all detail, scroll down.

How Many Kinds Of Blades Are Used To Cut The Grasses?

Most of the lawn owners or sports academy use four types of blades to cut their lawns grasses. They are

  • Cylinder or reel blades
  • Deck blades
  • Mulching blades and
  • Lifting blades

What Is The Mulching Blades?

The mulching blade is environment friendly, and 3 in 1 blade. With a mulching blade, you can do three types of work. For this reason, people call it a 3 in 1 blade. That three works are

  • Discharge or bag the clippings of grasses
  • Chop the grasses into small pieces and
  •  You can make air pressure to blow away the grass pieces with a mulching blade.

What Are The Features Of Mulching Blades?

  • People make mulching blades with stainless steel or metal.
  •  It is more carve than any other blades.
  • It is well designed for lawnmower sports academy users.
  • Its thickness is quite better to cut the grass on the sporting grounds.

What Are The Things You Need To Sharpen Your Mulching Blades?

Before sharpening your mulching blade, you have to manage some components to sharp the blade correctly. Some mentionable Grinder machine components are

  •  2 inches wide and 10 inches long file
  • 4 ½ size wrench
  • Rust rubbing paper
  • One pair of hand gloves
  • A piece of old cloth
  • Grinder machine (optional)
  •  Eye protecting glasses (optional)

How To Sharpen Mulching Blades?

After using the blade often, you have to sharpen your mulching blades to work efficiently and quickly. If you sharp your mulching blade twice in a season, it will be better to use it. Here is the process of sharpening your mulching blade.

Step 1: Disconnect The Plugging And Power Sources

First, wear the hand gloves to protect your hands from dust. To avoid any accidental incident, you should disconnect the plugging of the mower lawn. It helps you to work without any fear of accidents. You also feel free to work with it.

Step 2: Turn Aside From The Mower Lawn

To reach the mulching blade, you have to turn aside the mower lawn. Because the mulching blade is set up under the mower lawn when trying to turn the machine, be alert so that you don’t damage your mower lawn.

Step 3: Put A Sign In The Blade

When you reinstall the blade, you have to set it as it is now. If you want to avoid confusion, it will be better to give any sign to remember the blade’s settings. Because if you set it to reverse, it doesn’t work rather than it will hamper your mower lawn.

Step 4: Loosen The Block And Open The Blade

With a suitable wrench, make a little lose the block and open the blade from the mower lawn. When you turn your wrench, turn it reverse clockwise. Please don’t do it so quickly; take time and do it smoothly so that the block will lose from itself.

Step 5: Clean The Surroundings Of The Blade

Since you use it many times to be untidy, it is the best chance to make it clean. Try to remove all the grass clippings with an old cloth and remove all the rust with rust rubbing paper. It increases your mower lawn lifetime and performance.

Step 6: Attach The Blade To Sharpen

Now, attach The blade with something to sharpen it with a file. When you start sharpening your mulching blade try to stroke at a 45-degree angle. You can also follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the cases, the manufacturers instruct that you should stroke it at a 40-45 degree angle.

If you don’t follow this instruction, then you may occur the hamper of your mulching blade. Try to make equal stroke both of the edge of the blade.

Step 7: Hang The Blade With A Balance Hook

This step is very crucial before replacing the blade. After finishing your blade sharpening hang the blade with a balance hook. If you see that the blade is hanging equally, then you are perfect for sharpening the mulching blade.

But if you see that one side of the blade is more substantial than the other side, you have to give more strokes to the lighter side. Continue it until the edge is going to balance for both sides.

Step 8: Replace The Blade To The Mower Lawn

It is the last part of your task. In which process you open the mulching blade from the mower lawn, replace it according to the same process. Be careful when you replace the blade; otherwise, you may cut finger with the sharp blade.

Step 9: Take Personal Protection

If you are not a professional to use a grinder machine, you must take some personal protection to avoid injury. For Example, you should wear eye protection glasses on your eye and gloves on your hand because the grinder machine creates many sparks when grinding something.

Step 10: Sharpen The Blade

You should take the blade in your hand and move it against the grinder’s wheel. Continuously run the edge and observe is the blade will get butter sharp or not. If the blade is going to be heated, then wet it in the water to become cold. Otherwise, the blade will break.

You do not need much time if you know how to sharpen mulching blades. But if you think there is any problem you should go to the mechanic to solve the problem. You also have to change your mulching blade after using it many times. Moreover, a dull mulching blade can damage your mower lawn permanently.

We hope, that you have a clear idea about, how to sharpen mulching blades for your lawn, and keep is perfect every time.