How to Measure a Lawnmower Belt- Know before You Replace

Are you worried about a lawnmower belt measurement? Then there is no reason to worry.we all use lawnmowers. But sometimes the belt of the mower needs to be changed. But It is not easy for everyone. How to measure a lawnmower belt is not as difficult as everyone thinks.Many people do not understand how to measure the belt of a lawnmower accurately. Today, I am telling you how to measure the mower belt and replace it quickly. So, let us get a check. A Lawnmower is a machine of cutting the grass from the field or land. It is not easy to replace the belt of the mower.

Replaced the belt of the mower is look like a replacement of the tire of a car. The lawnmower mounted on a magnetic disc. Some mowers have different types of drives. Here, we can see how to measure a lawnmower belt step by step.

How to Measure a Lawnmower Belt

As we say, Measuring a lawnmower belt is an easy task. To do this task efficiently, you have to follow some easy tricks and steps. These tricks and steps are given below:

step 1: Measure the belt based on the distance to the spindle pulley

How to measure a lawn-mower belt is depending upon you. Due to multiple uses of a lawn-mower, defects often occur inside the disc. Due to this the belt of the device needs to be changed.

First, take a screwdriver to open the inside deck of the invention.You will able to see the deck rod and belts inside the mower. You can take the help of the design of an old lawn mower if you want. It will make your work easier.

Now, look at the spindle pulleys inside the mower. Some instruments have three or more, and some devices have four or more. Most of the large decks have more spindle pulleys. Each spindle pulley connected. It is a matter of time before a mower belt is moving from one lift to another.

Now measure one spindle pulley from one spindle pulley through a measuring tape. For example, from spindle pulley 1 to spindle pulley 2, spindle pulley 3 to spindle pulley 4.

Measure one by one until the last lift. Now, add all the measurements together. The result is the exact size of your lawnmower belt.

The important things we need

Before measured the lawn-mower belt, you need some require tools or things. These are:

  • screwdriver or wrench;
  • Tape measure;
  • pen;
  • paper;

Mower belts need to be changed every year. Suppose you see any defective belt or any recurring issues with missing after that.

The fault is often due to pressure on the spindle pulley or belt guards or bearings.

And know the details well. It mentions the exact size of the instrument belt.

Step 2: Measuring new belts based on old belts

The strap mounted on a rotating deck in the lawnmower. With the help of this rubber belt, it is possible to cut the grass together with the lawnmower wheel.

So if the old belt is slightly damaged, you can easily measure the new belt to the size of the old belt.

Now put the new belt in the size of the old belt.

Take the old belt’s size and cut the stain on the new belt’s head with chalk.

Of course, measure the length and width correctly. You can also use the Taylor gauge if you want.

Step 3: Verify the section of the V belt to avoid mechanical faults

As an alternative to getting the exact size of the belt of any lawn mower, you can twist the small diameter rope with the belt of the machine.

Then measure the length and width of that rope. However, in most cases, the extension of the belt is not always correct.

Because every device has a mechanical fault.

To get the right result, you must check which section of your device according to the V-belt.

Below is a list of V-belts according to some parts. How to measure a lawnmower belt based on some important matters.

The V-belt section is one of them. These given below:

Kevlar and classic V belt sections

  • 3L section- 3 or 8 -inch width × 7to 3-inch Depth.
  • A/4L section -1or 2-inch width ×5 or 16-inch Depth.
  • B/5L section -5 or 8-inch width × 13 or 32- inch Depth.
  • C section- 7 or 8- inch width × 17 or 32 -inch Depth.
  • D section- 1 to 1 or 4- inch width × 3 or 4-inch Depth.
  • E section- 1to 1 or 2-inch width × 29 or 32-inch Depth.
  • A × cogged section- 1 or 2 -inch width × 5 or 6 -inch Depth.
  • B × cogged section- 5 or 8-inch width × 13 or 32 -inch Depth.
  • C × cogged section- 7 or 8- inch width × 17 or 32-inch Depth.

Wedge or V belt sections

  • 3V section- 3or 8- inch width × 21 or 64-inch Depth.
  • 5V section- 5 or 8-inch width × 35 or 64-inch Depth.
  • 8V section- 1-inch width × 7 or 8-inch Depth.
  • 3V × cogged section- 3 or 8- inch width × 21 or 34-inch Depth.
  • 5V × cogged section- 5 or 8 -inch width × 34 or 64-inch Depth.

Advantages of Lawnmower belt

A mower belt is a loop of flexible material used to attach one or more rotating shafts, often parallel mechanically. Mower Belts act as the birthplace of motion, to efficiently transmit skills or, to track relative movement.

The mower belts are over looped and a twist may have between the loops, and no need for the shafts to be parallel.

How to Refrain from Changing Belts Repeatedly

Follow some guidelines to avoid the hassle of changing belts year after year. Check the lubricant of the instrument.

Always Check the edge of the blade of the device. Examine the faults of the instrument. Check the mechanical defects of the discs and shafts of the mower.
Try to control the temperature of the machine. Always keep the deck of your lawnmower clean so that no tall, small grasses or shrubs get stuck in it. Always, try to keep the lubricant inside the lawnmowers decks.


In conclusion, it is possible to measure the belt of a lawnmower in many ways. However, it would help if you measured it accurately. All of the above methods are one hundred percent tested and hopefully, you will be able to easily measure the belt of your lawnmower accurately with these methods.

I Hope the information of the circumstances would help you to get the necessary information about how to measure a lawnmower belt.