How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmer with Dremel- Easy Steps

Gardening is an essential part of our household life. We cut plants for their desired shape. so the hedge trimmer is a crucial material for a gardener.

A hedge trimmer is a tool to maintain your yard correctly. It is a perfect tool to handle landscaping and other gardening tasks. It is similar to your regular scissors. If your electric hedge trimmer leaves behind an uneven and frayed edge as it cuts, this clearly shows that you need to sharpen the hedge trimmer blades. Here you can find the instructions for how to sharpen hedge trimmer with Dremel.

How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer With Dremel

If you find that your hedge trimmer is no longer as effective as it used to be, you have to sharpen it. People have a conflict about this matter. Some people do not know how to sharpen hedge trimmer with Dremel easily at home by following proper steps.

People often ask if the blades of a hedge trimmer can shape at home. This is one of the most common questions. If you are one of them and interested to know how to sharpen hedge trimmer with Dremel, then I hope today’s article will help you the most.

Everyone is not confident about sharpening tools themselves. In this situation, you can contact with your familiar dealers who will be pleased to help you.

Sharpening ost:

The sharpening of a hedge trimmer with Dremel does not cost a lot. It will cost 35$ to 40$ dollars.

Essential Tools For How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer With Dremel

You will need the following tools and materials to sharpen your electric hedge trimmer correctly. Here is the list for you-

  • < Flat file
  • Whetstone
  • Soft cloth
  • Water
  • STIHL resin solvent
  • Safety clothing
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses on face protection


Before you begin sharpening, think about how you can protect yourself. Wear safety glasses and gloves to prevent injury. You should also ensure that your tool can not slip during sharpening.


Dremel is an American brand that manufactured power tools and machinery. It is primarily known worldwide for its rotatory tools. These tools are used mostly for metalwork.

Steps To Use Dremel To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades

Firstly, it is essential to choose a Dremel that can use to sharpen hedge trimmer tools. For an average hedge trimmer, it is essential to focus on making sure the Dremel selected is a rotatory tool.


Select the correct Dremel that suits the hedge trimmer blades.

Moreover, since sharpening a Dremel involves the use of sharp tools, it is essential to make sure that safety is ensured. Leather gloves are the most effective way to protect your hands.

In place of the leather gloves, you can also use rubber gloves.


Gear up with safety tools, clearing out the workspace.

It is best to place the hedge trimmer blades in a secure device. If there is no device such as a vice available, you can set the edges on a flat surface. This will make it easier to work and also safer.


The 3rd step will be to secure a bit. Further, one must insert the correct bit on the Dremel. It is essential to make sure that the Dremel is not plugged in and has its batteries removed. More importantly, using an incorrect bit may cause damage to the hedge trimmer blades. Also, by turning the Dremel off, safety is ensured.


The 4th step is the most important step. This involves the use of the Dremel to sharpen the blades. It is best to start with a slow speed and then move on to high speed; after getting the hang of the Dremel.


Sharpen the blades while making sure the Dremel is moving in the correct direction.


After completing the process, wipe the blade with a rag. This will eliminate any additional bits that are still stuck on your blade.


Take a rag and apply some oil on it to grease it after finishing all of the above. This creates on the blade a protective layer.


Apply oil on the sharpened blade with caution. If you secured your hedge trimmer blade on vice, the last step is to remove it from the clamp.


I probably don’t have to tell you this, but there are several benefits to keeping your hedge trimmer in top condition. Let us have a look.

Easy Trimming Process

Using a sharpened hedge trimmer will make your trimming process a lot easier. You will finish your task a lot faster, potentially saving you from sunburn during summer months.

Easy To Notice

It is quite easy to notice gardens or plants that a properly sharpened hedge trimmer was used to trim; they are usually elegant. Beyond that, trimming your shrubs with a sharp blade can help them heal faster.

They Last Longer

Sharpening the blades of your hedge trimmer will also increase its lifespan. You will not have to spend extra money on replacement parts, and your tool will likely serve you for years to come.


# Sharpening is a part of routine maintenance for your hedge trimmer.

# You should clean the blades before sharping.

# A flat file is a useful tool for sharping.

# Burns should remove using a whetstone.

We hope this guide will help anyone who needs a quick and effective way to bring new life to their electric hedge trimmers or gas hedge trimmers.


It is not a difficult task to sharpen a hedge trimmer blade with Dremel. However, for safety and efficiency reasons, it is best to get this done professionally. Making a mistake and ruining the entire machine will probably cost more than sending the device out for servicing.

There you have it my complete sharing guide for how to sharpen hedge trimmer with Dremel, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.