How to Change The Blades on a Bad Boy Mower- Safe Ways

In this article, we provide you steps and tips on how to change the blades on a bad boy mower.

Sharpen blades on a mower increase fuel efficiency and give better mowing results. The spinning edges under your lawnmower can gradually grow dull after a long time use.

When you notice missed patches in the grass, it means your mower is not cutting it anymore. Unless your blade is severely damaged, it requires occasionally changing to make your mower more efficient.

For maintaining a healthier lawn, you need to sharp, clean blades. It does not make it difficult to change blades. So follow the steps.

How To Change The Blades On A Bad Boy Mower

Wondering how to change the blades on a bad boy mower, then you came to the right place. This report will tell you how you can change it. So follow the steps below:

Check The Condition Of Mower Blade

You must check that if the blades are not significantly worn but dull, you may only sharp them. But if the airfoil built into the back of the blade is worn away, or bent or otherwise damaged, you need to change it.

Unplug The Spark Plug

You must stay on the safe side and prevent a short-out or electrical flare-up. If any oil or gas may come in contact with the spark plug, you should hold the mower properly.

Lift The Mower Deck

You must look closely at the carburetor and the oil compartment to make sure that you are not tilting the mower in such a way to spill oil all over the engine and the grass.

Generally, the safest way is to tilt the mower back, toward the handle, and prop it with some weight, or the help of a partner.

When there’s no gas in the mower, it is also the best time to do it. You use it all up to change the blade, or you may consider draining out the gas with a syphon hose. Self-syphon pumps prevent gas spillage onto the mower body.

Remove The Blade Mounting Bolt

You can use a socket wrench of the appropriate size and remove the mounting bolt. On the other hand, you can keep the blade from turning.

It would help if you were careful not to lose any washers or mounting hardware that hold the blade into place.

You should pay attention to the position of the blade when you remove it. You can mount the new one in the same orientation, usually with the sharp edge of the blade going counter-clockwise with the turning of the assembly.

Look carefully at the way this blade is installed and install the new edge accordingly.

Buy Replacement Blade

If the blades are worn out, it is good to invest in a new set. Some mowers have a bottom cap on which two shorter separate modules are attached, while some mowers have a longer blade, that looks kind of like a ruler.

You can tilt the mower back to inspect the blade or talk to someone at the hardware store about the type of blade appropriate for your mower’s brand. You can also check in the owner’s manual.

Keep the old blades and have them sharpened if they seem to be in decent condition. If they are worn out, with chips or chunks out of the metal, getting a new set is wise.

Install The New Blades

You must install the blade right side up, as they may fit upside down. If the edge has an offset in it, the center will be in a higher position than the edge’s ends. You must make sure that the blade fits onto the spline to prevent the damage when the nut secures tightening

Tighten Nuts

You must tight the nuts to ensure the new edge. Then, check the belts, pulleys, tensioner, and other parts of the mower when you have the mower parked for working.

Things Needed

  •  New Blades
  • Wrenches
  • Block To Support The Mower


  • You may sharp blades to make mowing faster and more efficient and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Always Keep your lawn clean because hitting debris shortens the life of your mower’s blades.
  • When you change the edge, keep the new one sharp; it will last much longer.
  • Market blades are often much less expensive and of equal quality to the original manufacturer’s parts.
  • The spark plugs must unplug.


  • You must block the mower up solidly so it will not fall while working underneath it.
  • You must make sure blades are correctly fitted on the mandrel, so they do not slip or come loose.
  • You should always wear gloves when you go ahead and install the tabs into the housing around the shaft.


Your mower will last you a lifetime. But You will need frequent replacements to give a professional mowing experience every time.

It is not difficult to change a sharp, sleek, ergonomic, and high-quality blade for your mower. We think the article will help you in this matter. Here, we give you the complete guidelines on how to change the blades on a bad boy mower.