How to Bypass All Safety Switches on Lawn Mower to Ride As You Desire

Are the safety switches on your lawn mower making it more annoying to ride with your desire? But do you know bypassing the safety switches can solve your problem too far?

Yes, you can get rid of these safety switch issues once and for all if you know how to bypass safety switches on lawn mower. And today, we’ll talk about this in a detailed guideline to help you bypass the safety switches.

And don’t worry. The entire guide will be friendly enough to guide you well and help you sidestep irritating safety switch programs.

How to Bypass All Safety Switches on Lawn Mower?

Bypassing the safety switches is not an arduous task to do. If you know your lawn mower well, then it’s a task of a couple of minutes.

But before jumping into the bypassing process, let’s have some gist on the lawnmower safety switches. Basically, there can be 3 to 4 types of safety switches in a lawnmower for our safety regards. Some of these are-

  1. Seat safety switch
  2. Mower deck safety switch
  3. PTO (Power Take-Off) Switch

Now, let’s move on to the main point- bypassing method. But let’s figure out what tools you might need here. We repeat you might need them, so it depends on the user and the lawnmower whether you need all the tools or no tools. So, check out the complete guide to be sure of the method and your lawnmower.

Tools You Might Need

  • Plier
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire connector
  • Tape

Be Sure Before You Bypass!

The safety switches are to avoid any injuries or accidents at the time of riding. So, if you bypass all the safety switches, there won’t be any supporting switch left on your lawnmower to help you in case of any vulnerable ride.

That is why, if you are confident enough with your riding and can ensure that you can ride well without causing injuries, then go for it. Otherwise, it is strongly suggested not to bypass all the safety switches unless you are sure enough about your riding style.

How to Bypass Seat Safety Switch on Lawn Mower?

Now, let’s start with the bypassing process of each safety switch one by one. The first one is the safety switch that you will find right under the lawnmower seat.

The seat safety switch becomes annoying when you find it does not let you start the mower without sitting on the mower seat. And so bypassing it can be the only solution to get rid of this unwanted hassle.
Check out the steps for this.

Step 1: Set the Mower on Flat Ground

In any kind of repairing or electrical task of the riding mower, the first task you must do is set the mower on flat level ground to make the mower not either slip or move.

After that, make sure the engine is off, and the steering lever is on parking mode. Now, your mower is ready for further steps.

Step 2: Disconnect the Battery Terminal

The second step you must do before any electrical works on your lawnmower is disconnecting the battery terminal. If you are not aware of the battery terminals, check there are 2 terminals, red and black. Unplug them to avoid any electrical shocks.

Step 3: Get Access to the Seat Safety Switch

In most lawnmowers, the seat safety switch is underneath the seat. So, take off the lawnmower seat. If there are any screws, loosen that and then flip the seat off.

Right under the mower seat, you will find a socket switch attached to the seat. This is the seat safety switch socket that you need to bypass.

You may find 2 types of switch sockets- 3 wire seat safety switch or 4 wire seat safety switch. The process is the same for both.

Step 4: Take off the Safety Switch Wires

Take off the safety switch socket from beneath the seat. Pull the wire off from the socket. If you can’t make it with your hands, take a plier and pull it in the outer side.

You can use the IRWIN Vise Grip 6″ Nose Plier. Or if you’re a person working with these every now and then, grab this 7 pcs Plier Set from Workpro.

Things We Like

  • 6 different sizes & types of pliers for different purposes
  • Perfect set for DIY home projects
  • Alloy steel material & handy to use

Step 5: Cut the Wire & Tape Them

Now, cut the wires of the socket switch and tape them well to avoid any further shocks. Here, you can tape the wire ends individually or tape them together. To be sure of what your mower needs, first tape them individually and test them. If this does not disable the safety switch, then connect them and then wrap a tape.

In this step, You can use any electrical tape here. However, Amazon Commercial black tape is very hyped in use also.

Things We Like

  • Flexible & stretchable vinyl stuff
  • Abrasion-resistant & Resists any liquid damage or corrosion
  • Holds well to the wires

Alternative to Step #5

Don’t you want to void the warranty by cutting the wires? There is a solution for this too. Use any wire crimp connectors to connect the wire without cutting them. You can make this wiring harness by taking a wire, crimp it using any wire crimping tools, and after that connect that to the wire terminal.

Some quick disconnect wire connectors connect the wires, but in actual it disconnects the wires keeping them connected.

Step 6: Take the Seat Back to Its Position

Now, put the seatback to its position. After that, check the seat safety switch now if it is making any more obstacles or not. We bet it won’t.

These steps above will be effective for the Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Exmark lawnmowers. Bypassing the safety switches basically makes the seat safety switch disabled, and you can start the engine without sitting on the mower seat.

Now, you can get up from the seat while the engine power is turned on and ride your mower as you wish without getting annoyed at sudden stoppage by the seat safety switch.

How to Bypass PTO Safety Switch/Mower Deck Safety Switch on Lawn Mower?

When the brake switch or the mower deck safety switch is on, you can’t start the engine. That sometimes becomes a big annoyance. Then again, when mowing a hilly track, the mower suddenly turns off. So, to get rid of these issues, bypass the safety switch.

However, bypassing method for the mower deck safety switch and the PTO switch is the same. So, here we are showing the technique for the PTO safety switch, and similarly, you can also bypass the mower deck switch.

The first 2 steps are the same in any kind of electrical bypassing process. You can follow them discussed above. We’re directly getting into the switch.

Step 1: Locate the PTO Safety Switch

Go on the front of the mower machine. You will find a wiring harness behind the engine, find out the PTO safety switch, and the mower deck switch socket.

If you can’t find it, take a multimeter and test the socket. The switch socket will give a reading of around 12 V of voltage.

Step 2: Cut the Wire

When you find the safety switch socket, check there may be a purple color wire connecting the power with the mower blade. Cut that wire off the socket.

Step 3: Connect the Wire Ends

After that, connect the two terminals and wrap them with an electrical tape well.

** Sometimes, there can be a wire plastic bar inside the switch socket. Pull that out of the switch socket.

Now, reassemble all the wires and sockets inside the engine deck, so it does not cause further issues while riding.

After finishing all the steps, have a test ride with your mower machine. Now, you can ride your mower without getting any frequent warning lights or frequent stopping when you stand.

Pro Tips for Bypassing the Safety Switches on Lawn Mower

No matter how expert you are, you should maintain some cautions before and in between the entire procedure.

  • Turn off the engine must before starting the steps.
  • Make sure the engine is cool enough, or you may burn your hands while working.
  • If you need, use wire-cutting tools lest you should hurt your hands while cutting the wire.
  • Have a test ride with the mower after bypassing to ensure all the safety switches have been disabled.
  • Don’t bypass safety switches if there is any chance that any novices at your home ride your mower in your absence.

Concluding Words

Bypassing the safety switch is only for those who can ride the mower with enough carefulness and no need for any safety switch alerts. Unless you are expert enough, we suggest not bypassing safety switches.

However, in this guide, we have shown a step-by-step guide, so if you don’t know how to bypass all safety switches on lawn mower, you can rely on this guide. You will get a guide here with essential recommendations and tips as well.

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