How to Bid a Paver Patio- Know the Tricks

How to bid a paver patio is not an issue to be tensed. Just a few steps and simple tasks you need to accomplish.

A paver patio increases your outdoor backyard living space beautiful and eye-catchy with a paver patio. It is one type of stone brick that we have seen on the pavements, roads, parks, swimming places, and especially in the backyard where we can spend our leisure time with our family members or see close to nature.

By yourself, you can install it in a simple way. I am explaining to you my experience, which might provide you several ideas to personalize your new empty space.

How To Bid A Paver Patio

Before digging the ground, you should layout how to bid a paver patio outside the open place. The design is an essential part of the field, terrace measuring out the width and length of your surface area. This paver projects, we are going to do some whiteboard. I am going to talk about how to bid and estimate a project like this.

We had eight maybe ten inches of standing water that we had to pump out. We had to do a minor soil correction; we would do a little trick, which I want to share with you. Let’s see the several steps of how to bid a paver patio.

Follow the given directions:

Step1: Stake And Blue Paint The Layout

When you dig the ground by hand, it is general layouts that drive stakes in the field at the corners and connect string between every stake. You can also use landscaper’s spray paint to mark the area directly on the ground.

Step2: Fixed Patio Height

When finish determining the patio height, it should be a little bit above the ground. For this reason, it is not to retain rainwater.

Step3: Dig Out And Tamp

At this time, the entire basement should consider to break out and tamp the dirt surface to the accurate height. Must check out the level of the floor, and then dig.

Step4: Get Rid Of From Invasion

You can use commercial grade landscape fabric from being invaded by weeds.

Step5: Using Gravel

By using crushed gravel, fill the entire ground with a 4” layer. Make sure the consistency of the patio slop.

Step6: Putting Sand

It can be said that lay in a bed of sand. You can use small hand tamper for small places, and it will be adequate to smooth out the surface.

Step7: Screed Sand And Edging

When the sand layer is screed frame your area with landscape edging, plastic edging is better than aluminum edging. You should wear safety gloves because the corner tends to be sharp.

Step8: Place Paver With The Chalk Line And Cut The Shape

If you use the chalk line, then the edges of the patio to ensure the paver rows stay straight. Besides, if you need to break the paver, then tap down with a rubber mallet.

Easy Measurement Of How To Bid A Paver Patio

Measuring and calculating are crucial for how to bid a paver patio because it is costly rather than concrete. Let’s see how to calculate a paver patio.


Find out how many numbers pavers would need for your outside project. You’ll have to compel to measure the length and dimension that must require of your terrace/outdoor design. The sq. footage calculator will facilitate notice of the sq. Footage of a district if you would like helping.

Notice the sq. footage by multiplying the dimension by the length. For example: if we take patio Width x Length = 20’ W x 20’ L = 400sq.ft of wall Again , for retaining wall Height x length = 4’ H x 100’ L = 400sq.ft of wall


Must check the square shape that finds out the sq. footage of paver you wish to use. Assumption the paver size is 10″ x 10″, multiply 10×10 then divide one hundred by the solution, 100/(10×10) = 1.0. Meaning you would like one paver per sq ft, which is smart since a 10″ x 10″ paver is 1 sq ft.

Precisely, calculate retaining walls

7” round stone face pieces formula= Area/.78=# of pieces for example: 300sq.ft/.78= 234 pieces.

7” straight stone face pieces formula= Area/.88=# of pieces for example: 300sq.ft/.88= 264 pieces.

7” rugged stone face pieces formula= sq.ft/9=# sq.ft. for example: 300sq.ft/9= 305sq.ft.


After, when you get found the sq. footage of each of the projects and the paver, determining the number of pavers required is as easy as dividing the sq. footage of the terrace/outside by the sq. footage of the paver, for instance (patio ft1) / (paver ft1). It’s suggested to feature 5%-10% new pavers to account for broken pavers or cuts.

We can make a chart for easy to understand about the cost. It might help you to estimate the price.

Where we find out the paver patio? We have seen paver patio in different places, fiberglass pools & Spas, Firepits & seating wall, fireplaces, grill stations, pergolas, and covered structures, under cap and path lighting. Hence, why are you waiting for? You can decorate your backyard garden or open spaces by paver patio.

Has it any benefits? Yes, everything has advantages and disadvantages impacts. I would share some info about it.

Wrap Up

In summary, hopefully, you already understand the information on how to bid a paver patio, and it benefits from above; it is an excellent choice for numerous property holders, mainly living in coastal areas.

Sometimes, making any choices, or making any doubt to put it on the outdoor floor, you must talk with a master regarding any issues.