Toro Vs Exmark- Who Wins the Place to Mow Your Land?

Toro vs Exmark, two premium brands of lawnmowers, is our today’s discussion topic. Well, whether you are a professional field worker or home gardener, a perfect lawnmower is an absolute necessity for both cases. Numerous brands have crowded the marketplace of the lawnmowers.

That is why; we will talk about Toro vs Exmark lawnmowers. When the question is about picking up the best instruments for gardening and farming, you need to think of your specified needs. However, sometimes, most of the lawnmower users often become puzzled about brand choice.

Nevertheless, to relieve you from the stress of being stuck among the brands, we are here to represent the overall specifications of Toro and Exmark lawnmowers in our Toro vs. Exmark: A Comparative Analysis on Top Two Lawn Mower Brands article.

Toro Vs Exmark – Variation of features

Toro lawn mowers have a wide diversity in their models. Traditional users always choose Toro for their fabulous service and foolproof performances. Besides, most lawn owners want Toro because it stands out in cutting a huge bunch of grasses.

Moreover, it allows you to slice the significant portion of grasses without creating a chunk in the machine deck.

Conversely, Exmark provides well-organized and smooth-riding facilities for the customers. Moreover, from design to specification, it can easily compete with the other top-branded lawnmowers.

Also, its heavy-duty engine and functionality of other parts are quite commendable. As for the grass cutting technique, most of the Exmark models make an outstanding cut and leave a better layer on the grasses.

Now, to initiate the comparison battle of Toro vs Exmark, let us compare some basic technical features from two top-trending models from them. However, we have selected Toro Timemaster30 and Exmark Aerator S-Series Kaw FJ180V.

Table Comparison of Toro vs Exmark



Cutting deck width

Steel Aluminum
30 inch (762 mm)

21 inch( 533.4 mm)

Engine Brand

Briggs & Stratton Kawasaki

Engine Type

OHV (Overhead Valve) Hydro-Gear

Engine Displacement

223 cc 179 cc


140 lbs 350 lbs

Other Mechanical Facts – Toro vs Exmark

We have just compared two models of our related brands. Nevertheless, it is not enough for the buyers to decide their preferences and priorities. In this section, we are about to explain some other crucial characteristics – Toro vs Exmark.

Toro lawn mower

Here we have uncovered some exclusive Toro features. Functionality and performance may vary in some models. However, this is an overview for the buyers so that they can get ideas about the brands’ unique features.

Speed adjustment

The driving style of most of the Toro lawn mower is maintained by self-driving force.  Moreover, the vehicle speed is changeable.

Also, the Toro models can regulate the mower speed automatically according to the user’s walking pace. In some models, the adjustment speed in an hour is up to 4.8 miles. Moreover, the Spin Stop feature allows you to step back from the machine without initiating the restart process for further use.

Its featherweight activity and prompt performance make your movement trouble-free in stiff positions.

Wheel functions

You can apply the Toro mower in the rough and bumpy ground pretty efficiently. The back wheels have a wide dimension that helps to trim the lawn grasses with a brilliant cut.

To create and manage a small territory with the leveled surface, you may choose the Toro High Wheel Push Mower

Cleaning system

The Toro lawn mowers include an easily accessible Wash-out Port. In some models, there is the Quick Wash feature, which formulates unproblematic cleaning of the mower decks. Moreover, the servicing method of the mower blades is simple to handle.

GTS warranty

GTS for lawn mowers means the Guaranteed-to-Start function. This warranty ensures a straightforward and smooth starting of the engine from the first or second attempt.

Along with many models, Toro 21 inch 53cm High Wheel Push Mower 21320 and Toro 22 inch Smartstow Variable Speed High Wheel Mower 20339 both have a three-year warranty of GTS. However, if the GTS support does not work, the dealers repair the mower or replace it.

Exmark lawnmower

Now, let us explore some of the fundamental features of the Exmark lawnmowers. The addition of up-to-date technology and boosted functionality are the uniqueness of the Exmark brand.

Deck pattern

Exmark has been working for years to construct a perfect shape for their decks. However, the experience of the user or the time consumed in the field rarely matters if the grass trimming tool provides poor performance. To execute a visibly thin cut, Exmark uses top-quality equipment for the deck construction.

Its flow control baffles speed up the air passing system underneath the deck. And, thus, they ensure the smooth release of the components.

Exmark has recently elevated the speed and sharpness of the blade-tip. Thus, in the recent models, the discharge facility and evenness has been gone to the next level. Moreover, Exmarks’s latest Lazer Z Diesel, as well as the Lazer Z X-Series, contains a 96-inch flex wing pattern for the mower deck.

Enhanced control system (ECS)

ECS or Enhanced Control System is a specific patented feature of the Exmark manufacturers.  The ECS walk-behinds set the machine handles according to the natural position of the rider’s hands.

However, the driving lever and adjustable distance of the grip alleviate the pressure on hands. Moreover, foamy and comfortable handles decrease the amount of shaking. Thus, the handles suit best on the hands.

RED Technology

The use of RED technology has transformed the overall functions of the Exmark mowers. Additionally, this feature has promoted the advanced power-control facilities and distinct activities of the Exmark models.

Usually, the expert –category X- Series lawn mowers possess this built-in feature. With this RED system, you can uphold the effectiveness of fuel usage. An LCD screen is included in the machine, through which the RED feature maintenance is possible.

In addition, RED technology keeps track of the fuel pressure, engine heat, and overall technical schemes. Thus, it enables the mower to shift into the Safe Transport Mode automatically to initiate troubleshooting.

Additional tools

The Exmark lawn mowers offer some bonus accessories to raise the machine compatibility. These include a user-friendly jack for maintenance activities. Moreover, it has a small lighting kit for nighttime use.  The hitch kit helps the user to join supplementary tools and vehicles. Besides, a vehicle protection cover and the micro mulch system ensure improved services from the machine suppliers.

Comparative Pros and Cons Of Toro Vs Exmark

Toro Brand



Reasonable price Uncomfortable height adjusters
The exceptional quality of cutting and bagging
Long-term functional stability Less upgraded specs
Top-notch types of machinery
Standard engine

 Exmark brand



Excellent razor-sharp cutting instrument  

Costly in comparison to other contemporary brands

Aesthetic deck quality
Elegant design
Suitable for commercial use
Trend-related technology
Easy to handle

Best Brand Between Toro And Exmark

After seeing the comparison of Toro vs Exmark lawnmowers, we can observe that Toro is a superb combination of traditional tools and user reliability. This brand is maintaining its year-old reputation by keeping the promise of sustainability and quality product. People who love their lawn activities, a well-built Toro lawn mower is worth their money and time.

Alternatively, for stylish design and hi-tech features, you can choose the Exmark series without much hesitation. Moreover, this brand is renowned for long-lasting products.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that Toro Vs Exmark is a never-ending topic. Because we can compare countless models from both brands.

Furthermore, features of field tools, especially the lawnmowers, vary from brand to brand. Consequently, each brand contains its signature feature and technology, which makes them exceptional from different users’ viewpoint.

However, lastly, your choice matters. Hopefully, you can settle on the proper lawnmower brand after going through Toro vs Exmark: A Comparative Analysis on Top Two Lawn Mower Brands article.