Kawasaki Vs Kohler | Pick The Best Engine for Your Lawn Mowing

Only looking for the mower/tractor brands does not mean you can get the best lawn mower. Selecting the right engine is also a part of your lawn mower purchase, while you want to mow your lawn with perfect stripes.  And so we see people getting confused between Kawasaki vs Kohler- the two mowing gems.

Are you also one of them? Then why delay as we have already done the research on two engines and squeezed out the differences hidden in between these two engine brands.

Kawasaki Vs Kohler Lawn Mowing Engine

Kawasaki Engine

Kohler Engine

Engine Type

V-twin & commercial carburated

Fuel-injected EFI & KDI engine

Best Series

Fs & Fx are some of the best series Command & 7000 series seems to be more reliable

Best Use

Best for both residential to long commercial haul

Best suited for residential

Engine Performance

Good but sometimes hard start in Winter

Better with a bigger deck


Robust with the metallic use in most series

Some parts come in plastic stuff.


Little pain in technical assistance as parts are challenging to find

General engine maintenance with available parts in stores

Fuel Consumption

Better fuel efficiency

Comparatively more fuel efficiency than Kawasaki engine

Price Range

Quite Expensive

Relatively cheaper

Comparing the Engine-Traditional to Innovative

Let’s start with the Kawasaki engine. Among 7 different series of Kawasaki engines. FR, FS, FT, FX, FT- these series engines are just perfect for the lawn mowers and tractors. Kawasaki mostly uses the V-twin engine and also the commercial carbureted engine.

You will find both liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines in Kawasaki. And for an overall basis, only the FX series engines come up to 38.5 HP (Horse Power) at 3600 rpm.

And the maximum torque you can gain with a Kawasaki engine up to 57.8 ft-lbs at 3200 rpm on average. Both single-cylinder and double-cylinder engines are available in Kawasaki engine models.

One more thing, the FD series of Kawasaki comes with the DFI (Digital Fuel Injected) engine with the maximum 31HP and 47.5 ft-lbs torque.

Now, move on to the Kohler engine. Kohler engine brings some regular standard to innovative engines in the lawn mowing devices. From gasoline, diesel engines to Propane and natural gas-powered engines are available.

In Kohler’s gasoline engines, you can get a minimum 3 HP to maximum 38 HP power efficiency at 3600 certified rpm. And in the diesel-powered engine, you can enjoy even more than 100 HP. That is why Kohler devices are popular for more HP gain.

The four-cylinder engine with vertical and horizontal drive shafts are found in different series of Kohler engines.

Best Recommended for Kohler Command Pro- 23.5 HP with the OEM Parts

The Command series is one of the best series from Kohler engines. With 2 quarts capacity of fuel tank helps to maintain the fuel consistency. Also, this Kohler Command is backed by 3 years of manufacturer warranty service. This Kohler engine perfectly firs Toro and Dingo mowers.

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Kohler Vs Kawasaki- Go for the Improved Fuel Efficiency

Kawasaki FX, FT, and FS series come with some commercial-grade engines with V-valve 90° V-twin technology. Zero-turn mowers to walk-on or stand behind mowers with low emissions provide excellent cutting with optimized fuel efficiency.

Conversely, Kohler offers a wide range of commercial and consumer series engines. The Kohler 7000 series feature some of the best and reliable machines for your landscape designing.

For professional or construction purposes, the Command Pro series engines are the right options with maximum fuel efficiency. You can cut your heavy lawn in any weather, hot or cold, the Smart-Choke technology helps the engine running smoothly.

More to this, Kohler 7500 series of EFI engines provide 12% fuel efficiency. So, some of the Kohler series offer more fuel efficiency than the Kawasaki engine.

Best Recommended for Kawasaki FS Series 18.5Hp Engine- Recoil Starter with Amp Alternator

This is another engine from Kawasaki, best for commercial use. It can deliver up to 18.5 Hp power but helps to provide a low-noise fuel emission system. Nothing can beat this up for those looking for a cheaper version of the FX series of Kawasaki engines.

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Kohler Engine Vs Kawasaki Engine- Durability

So, both Kawasaki and Kohler engines can stand with the up-to-mark standards for engine durability. The compact-sized engine and the best metallic parts of Kawasaki present you with a robust engine and a long lifespan.

With the compliance of the SAE J2723 grade of critical power gain, Kawasaki keeps the most durable and safest engine.

On the contrary, the Kohler engine comes with both metallic and plastic parts in some series. Well, that makes some people a bit disappointed, for example, the dipstick plastic cap in most of the Kohler series engines.

Moreover, in some series, Kohler uses the cast iron inside the chamber that provides a reliable output while mowing the grasses for hours. Kohler engines follow the Society of Automotive Standards (SAE) J1940/J1995 rating. And the tests have been done without the mufflers and air cleaner.

And the wondering fact is Kohler introduced the world’s first 4 Tier KDI engines without DPF-such a revolution in the lawn mowing devices within standard budget.

Maintenance Difference between Kohler Vs Kawasaki Engine

An engine needs time to time care and maintenance, and this is natural. It is the same for all lawn mowing machines. You don’t need a lot of maintenance. Rather, keep the air filter clean and replace the oil filter and the oil every 25 hours of running. This is the primary maintenance you have to maintain for any good branded lawnmower or tractor.

Now, let’s come to the point for Kawasaki and Kohler. The Kawasaki is a Japanese brand, comes with some premium branded engine parts. However, the challenging fact comes when you need technical assistance.

Yes, Kawasaki might bring some compact-sized engine, but it gives you the worst headache when any parts need replacement. Kawasaki parts are hard to find in every store.

On the other hand, Kohler needs low maintenance,and all the parts are available near at hand. Oh, the amazing fact is- Kohler built the XTX series with the tag-no oil change need!! It is unbelievable. But Kohler really means it.

The XTX engine comes with combustion rings and an authentic air filtration system that neither lets the oil be dirty nor wasted. Thus you get the fuel consumption reduced in a grand way up to the engine life. Yes, you can change the oil, but Kohler claims mostly you don’t need that when you have the XTX series.

Well, the XTX series can lessen the maintenance time for your lawnmower or tractor. 13,000 dealers of Kohler engine are available all around the world for better servicing when need. However, both brands come with individual authenticity.

Comparing Price Kawasaki or Kohler?

Here comes the fact where many are stuck to make their decision as both engines bring some powerful cutting blades and fuel injectors to carburetors and filtration systems. But the price varies them mostly in different series of engines.

However, being a renowned brand, Kawasaki offers some high price engines equipped with quality parts, of course. On the contrary, you can find some quality engines within reasonable to flagship price tags in Kohler.

What Is Your Choice?

The clash of Kawasaki vs Kohler lawn mower engine is not going to get the full stop as both brands are quite innovative with their production. Both have the best series of engines with different work efficiency.

For the premium brand-tagged quality, the Kawasaki engine is unbeatable. On the other side, Kohler stands as a budget-friendly option for mid-range to affordable pricing. Well, no worries, as Kohler does not compromise the quality; rather, their final creation comes only after passing thousands of tests.

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