How to Replace Drive Belt on Exmark Quest| Pro Guide to Install Now

How to replace drive belt on Exmark Quest when it seems tricky to set the belt inside?

The drive belt in the lawnmower can be torn out, worn out, or cracked over time. And like every engine needs some maintenance timely so as your mower parts.

Today, we will talk about Exmark drive belt replacement. It might be easy to take out the belt. But when it times to install the new one, many experts fall into confusion about where to set it.

So, through this guide, we will let you know about the entire process for the drive belt replacement on Exmark Quest and assist you with your mower maintenance in the proper way.

How to Replace Drive Belt on Exmark Quest?

We here breakdown the entire replacement process for the Exmark mower belts. Go through each step without sidestepping a part.Andnecessary tips and tricks have been added for your safety regards.

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Things You Will Need in This Belt Replacement

  • Drive belt
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Jack stand

Let’s start.

Step-1: Prepare Your Mower for the Replacement

Now, you might be thinking about what kind of preparation does it need. Right? Well, you need to make sure the engine is off and remove the key from the ignition. Let the engine cool down and wait a few minutes until every part calms down.

You surely don’t want to burn yourself by touching the running warm engine parts. Also, keep the steering lever in a neutral position. Keep the parking brake switch on to sidestep any incident.

Step-2: Get Access to the Drive Belt

Now, one of the two most critical steps in Exmark drive belt replacement is locating the drive belt. Many take half of the time in searching the drive belt and taking it out in the correct way.

Well, don’t get your eyes wrinkled by getting tensed about finding the drive belt on Exmark Quest.

You can get access to the Exmark Quest drive belt either by taking out the cover from above or lift the engine using a jack stand.Again you can get access to the drive belt frombeneath the mower engine too.

Besides, you can also check the Exmark belt replacement manual guide that might come with the mower. Take the help of that guide and find the exact location to save your time.

Let’s make it more straightforward. The drive belt is generally under the mower seat and on the mower deck, which is neither exactly beneath the mower. So, you have to quite be tricky here to get access to the drive belt.

Step-3: Take out the Old Belt

Did you get access to the drive belt of your Exmark Quest?Wooah! Congratulation! You’ve stepped one level up in this procedure.

Now, take out the old belt that might be torn out or in no condition of pulling the tension anymore.

Wait, don’t try to take out the belt with bare hands. Wear any good and stiff gloves to avoid any burst to your fingernails. You can try the Olsa Tools Mechanic Gloves, which is quite popular, and do the job finely.

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After you wear the gloves, pull and roll on the wheels and take the belt off the tension. And slowly pull and take out the whole belt.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure you wear gloves; otherwise, the drive belt can burst your fingernails as the spring tension of the pulley is thereby.
  • If needed, remove the spring from the idler arm pulley for easy removal.

Step-4: Install the New Drive Belt

Now, another crucial step in the whole process comes here. Yes, as we mentioned about two of the most critical steps in this replacement, another one is installing the new drive belt.

If you can remember how and which side the drive belt was mounted earlier, then that’s a big thumbs up for you.

But if you don’t remember and are at a loss from where the drive belt tensioner should go, let’s show you the trick.

Now, check the Exmark drive belt diagram that you might find attached on any side of the deck. Following this drive route diagram, you can get an idea of the total drive belt routing ways.

Just make sure the belt will not wrap around the rear pulley. The rear pulley only does the work of pulling tension, not riding. The drive will simply go straight across the back of the mower and hardly touches the pulley.

Pulling the belt and rolling the clutches, wrap around and the blades, and set the belt. Start wrapping the belt from the clutch pulleyat the rear of the engine.

After wrapping around till the last, check the drive belt has tension.

Pro Tips

  • The drive belt has two sides- V and flat. Make sure the V side faces the blade pullies, and the flat side faces other idler pullies.
  • While inserting the belt inside the pulley loops, spinning and inserting formula helps much.
  • While inserting the belt in the loop, watch your fingers must.

And your Exmark drive belt replacement is done with a few steps. However, if you’re looking for how to replace deck belt on Exmark Quest, you can also do this following this method.

Moreover, for the Exmark Pioneer S series belt replacement,the process is the same and a bit easier than the Exmark Quest. You can access the drive belt from behind the lawnmower seat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: How often should I change the belt on my Exmark Quest?

Ans: When you feel that your mower drive belt is torn, cracked this is definitely the time to replace it. However, according to experts, you should change the drive belt every 40,000 to 70,000 miles of the ride. However, this can sometimes impact too.

Ques: How to tell if a mower belt needs replacement?

Ans: When you see the engine fails in pulling the ride, you must check the drive belt. Besides, if there is a crack or break in the belt sidewalls, wear, or burned, you should replace it.

Ques: How do I know which size belt does my mower needs?

Ans: Check the drive belt diagram sticker attached on any side of the mower, especially on the deck. You will get the exact belt size from there.

You can also check your mower manual guide or check from the manufacturer’s website with the mower name along and the part number as well.

Final Words

Replacing the drive belt is not easy if you don’t have any idea of your mower engine functions. However, after today’stutorial, we hope you will know well how to replace drive belt on Exmark Quest and replace it yourself.

Keep your mower upgraded with the parts to ride with your desire and maneuverability.