Sta Green Vs Scotts – Which One is the Best for Your Lawn?

Toiling hard but not getting that lush and healthygrass on your gardenlawn? This is the same I have gone through just a few months ago. And then I got some highly efficient goods that helped me to bring my front yard lawn back to life.

In this case, the clash of the two available lawn care brands is unbeatable. Yes, I had to linger between Sta-Green vs Scotts. While researching,I had to go through several data sources and discussions to check out what people are experiencing and how these brands are satisfying people with their lawn caring stuff. Finally, I got the right stuff after costing much time and value.

So, I thought of the sufferers like me and came up here to share my fact-based comparison so that you can find your perfect lawn care aids.

Comparing Two Gems- Sta Green Vs Scotts



Doug Brander Orlando McLean Scott
Active Ingredient
Prodaimine Pendimethalin
Estimated Result Efficacy
Faster results Shows results in a longer time
Estimated Plant Feed Size
Smaller size with fast absorption formula Bigger size with slow Nitrogen release formula
Price Difference
Mid to high range Higher price range

Let’s have a detailed side-by-side comparison. We know well how a side-by-side comparison can help differentiate two than several data sources.

From the Origin

You see, both Sta- Green and Scotts are renowned brands offering some praiseworthy lawn care products. Sta-Green started its first journey in 2001 by its founder, Doug Brander, who committed to providing an effective but eco-friendly service.  However, LF, LLC is the current trademark owner of STa-Green lawn care service used to be the Parker Fertilized Company earlier.

And Scotts stepped onto the market in 1868 by Orlando McLean Scott. Later in 2005, it renamed its company as Scotts Miracle-Gro company and continued servicing with that later.

Best Pick for –Scotts Crab Grass & Weed Preventor with All-Season Application Process

For those who need their all-year lawn protection, this is the perfect pick. It willcover around 5000 sq ft area, and you can protect your lawn plants from crabgrass and weeds.

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Difference in Ingredients

When it’s about grass weeding and feeding, anything that impacts most is the ingredients. No matter how renowned one brand is, you can’t get precise results without the effective ingredients inside.

All the ingredients in Sta-Green are organic. This is their quality that other brands don’t beat up. Organic material, rotten organic roots, etc., are used in different Sta-Green products that work in a faster process.

Unlike Sta-Green, Scotts is the slight opposite. They use Pendimethalin as their main ingredient of herbicides. This is really useful for urban residential lawn growth and nourishment. Besides, both brands contain highly needed Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Soluble Potash, Phosphorus at different rates depending on user purpose.

Best Pick for- Scotts Turf Guard Mini Spreader: Mini  Size for Convenient Use

For small to medium-sized lawn care, this spreader works best. This is your daily lawn care friend to spread lawn maintenance stuff in a user-friendly way.

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Work Efficiency

Here comes the main part that you might be looking for still now. Aren’t you? Yes, the thing that matters most in lawn caring stuff is the efficiency of what you use.In Sta-Green, you can find treatment for root development, weed feed, cold resistance winterizing, drought resistance summer pack.

You see,Sta-Green has a wide range of products from residential lawn care to agriculture, horticulture, Argo, farm, and all.

Either you need lawn careproducts,or for your plants and vegetable farm, several packs from Sta-Green is there for you. And for its rapid working formula, the ingredients in different products work magically like the fast and furious mode.

For example, the Scott feed and weed contain small sizes feeds that prove to be useful for quick absorption, resulting in healthy growth of the plants and grasses. For your better understand, let me clarify here. Where Sta-Green fertilizers or seed weed can take weeks to show the outputs, Scotts can show that within some days only.

Wait a minute. Are you thinking a fast working formula might burn grasses? Absolutely not. You can even apply theScott weed feed on wet grasses.

On the other side, the Sta-Green comes with the name and fame. But we are not saying that name brings the quality. Instead, Scotts do not lack in quality. The difference is in their working process. Sta-Green uses a slow-releasing Nitrogen process that does not give you faster results but slowly for a longer time effectivity.

However, let’s compare Scotts Miracle Gro vs Sta-Green weed feed or fertilizers. Scotts Miracle Gro comes with a wider sq ft of application area range than that of in Sta-Green.

Best Recommended for Sta-Green Fast Acting Lime with 36%+ Calcium

This pack can cover up to 1000-sq ft. For the lawn soil moisturizing and root development, this lime brings faster results with organic PH balance.

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Best Application-Scott or Sta-Green?

Both Sta-Green and Scott offer you authentic and quality products according to your grass needs. But when it times for the user area or purpose, this might shake you a bit to know what will be perfect to use.

Scott seems to have green, nourishing stuff for professional farming, harvesting, to residential outdoor lawn use. On the contrary, the Sta-Green works for residential outdoor care programs with the primary concern.

Sta-Green lawn care packages come in different seasonal based ona guide to use. The sta-Green team commits to provide such an exclusively professional service that you won’t need to recall for the same service twice. That makes me quite interesting in Sta-Green-the Service.

Best Pick for- Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action with Faster Killing Formula

It can kill the cloves, crabgrass, dandelion and give your lawn a greenish and healthy look within 6 to 8 weeks. This pack can cover 10,000 sq ft of lawn area. And for best results, apply it in Spring.

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Comparing in Available Services

Sta-Green has available lawn care packages for small tree care, shrub care, controlling bed weed, controlling fire ant that might be for year-long, and even for preventing crab grasses and bugs.

The fertilization program is available throughout the year with different aim-basis. They have the 7 times application program for small plants care, 5 times application program for bed weed care, and bug prevention package in the summer time. One of the Sta-Green program’s top choices is the fire ant control work that lasts up to 52 weeks, and it’s 95% guaranteed.

And the Scott- it comes with some premium packages. They have different lawn care programs according to your lawn type, location, and the impression you want to have on your lawn. You can go to Scotts website for the plans or use their app to choose your plan and get the service.

Best Pick for Scotts Lawn Food  Greenish Lawn in 3 Days

These plant foods can show their effectiveness in just 3 days. And then you can get your lovely lawn greenish and healthy again. Besides, this pack can cover around 5000 sq ft of area.

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Price Variances

This is high time you chose your lawn care material. But you need to be sure of your budget match too. We value your every concern and so didn’t ignore to help you with the budget pick.

Sta-Green has the spreader, grass seed, fertilizers, lawn soil, 3xtreme, winterizer for the winter season, and many more according to your lawn condition and desiring outlook you want to see on your lawn. Similarly, in Scotts, you can find lawn food, grass seed, weed control, spreaders, diseases control, and outdoor cleaners, etc.

But in the case of pricing, Scotts seems to be a bit expensive than the Sta-Green. But for a budget value, nothing can beat the Sta-Green stuff with their quality service and user-demanded products.

Best Recommended Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard: Cold Resistance Weed & Feed

Want to get improved root during the Fall season? This pack can give you the best lawn feed. With 2 times powerful formula, you can even protect your grasses from clover and dandelion.

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What Is Your Lawn Type?

Let’s recommend you the better option before wrapping up the clash between Sta Green vs Scotts lawn care stuff.

Both are win-win options if you can try them out in the right way at the right time. Picking up the random one can’t get you the right pick. So, think about your lawn norm and type. Find out the problem first, then get the solution from any suitable brand you find your type.

Well, Both Sta-Green and Scotts Magical Gro are beating one another, but the bigger clash rises in the price range. For an affordable withthe slower working process, Sta-Green is the best option you can have. Contrarily, Scotts products are lovely for faster results,but prices might slaughter you with some products still worth it.

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