How to Clean River Rock- Easiest but Effective Guide

River rock, also called egg rock, river pebbles, is a naturally make round or oval stone with a beautiful smooth surface. Its have different shapes and colors. But some rock’s color is off-white with tan and grey blended in which looks beautiful.

We always want our house to look beautiful by using natural materials such as wood, river rock, and natural stone.

So it is indeed important to know how to clean river rock rightly and sanitize them before use. Some rocks may not be useful for use in your requirements. It takes some days to properly clean river rocks and select the best rocks before they are ready for use.

Well, if you read the full article, you will be learning how to clean the rocks properly.

So, let’s go.

It is a not difficult task to clean river rocks. You will need to follow step by step, which below here:

How To Clean River Rocks

Step 1: Scrub with A Stiff-Brush

Takes some river rocks to scrub with a stiff brush. First takes some warm water added 1tbsp. Of antibacterial soap which deep clean the rocks’ nooks.

Step 2: Soak Overnight in Non-Iodized Saltwater

Rinse the rocks with normal water and soak overnight in non-iodized saltwater. While doing this step, you should remember.

  • 1 cup of sea salt to every gallon of water.

Step 3: Next Day rinses The Rocks

Take off the rocks from the saltwater the next day wash.

Step 4: Prepare A Bleach Solution

Take 1 part of bleach to 10 parts of water to make a bleach solution. Then scrub the rock’s surface and allow the rocks to sit in the solution for 30 minutes. Rinse with normal water.

Step 5: The Rocks in An Aluminum Pot Filled with Water

Take the rocks in an aluminum pot and fill them with water.

Step 6: Boiled The Rocks to Sanitize & Remove Remaining Bleach Residue

Bring some boiled water and boil the rocks for 30 minutes to sanitize and remove any remaining bleach residue. While doing this step, you should remember it.

  • If you boiled the rocks on the stove, then you have to extreme caution as there may be gas packets prone to explosion.
  • So we always prefer to pour boiling water directly over the rocks. If the rocks are jagged, instead, it’s will be smooth.

Step 7: Wash The Rocks & Soak For One Day in Tap Water

Wash the rocks with clean water and soak for 24 hours in ordinary tap water.

The rocks are ready to use for your requirements.

How to Polish The River Rocks

After clean the river rocks, you can also polish them to increase their beauty. You can easily polish your river rocks. Not need many things to polish rocks; need few things like a scrub brush, one soap, rough grade sandpaper, a piece of leather, and tube polish. If you want to shape your rocks for more attractiveness, you need a small hammer or a chisel. Just follow the few steps below here :

Step: 1

Take a rock and check it carefully, where you need to shape it.

Step: 2

Rinse the rock with water and soap if it dirty. You can use a scrub brush to remove any stubborn dirt’s After that, wash the rock with normal water and allow it to dry.

Step: 3

Take a small hammer or a chisel to chip away at the rock according to your need. For your safety, you can wear glasses and also safety gloves if you wish.

Step: 4

Take rough-grade sandpaper and rub it for smoothness. After that, wash the rock with water and allow it to dry.

Step: 5

Take a piece of leather and tube polish. Put a little dab of polish on the leather and rub the rock for polishing and shining.

After doing all the steps, then you can see your rocks looks so beautiful and shining.

Frequently Asking Questions

Ques: Where the river rocks we will found?

River rocks are found on beaches, near rivers, hills, and in-stream beds and might are available a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.

Ques: Is it very expensive river rocks?

The river rocks cost depending on their size and where you live. Usually, Mexican beach river rocks are an expensive choice.

Ques: How to look if I use river rocks to decorate our house?

Rocks and stones are naturally beautiful. It’s a perfect choice for interior design. If you want to spice up and unique the look of your home, you should think about adding river rocks.

Ques: Is it very important to clean river rocks before their use?

Yes, it is very important to clean properly before use. Because sometimes river rocks have debris and bacteria.


River rocks are a natural beauty. River rocks can use many ways. If we use river rocks for our aquarium, it increased that’s beauty. We can use river rocks to decorate our backyard landscape.

We can also be used river rocks to our indoor interior decorate. It would look so beautiful and eye-catching if we use river rocks to decor the entry partway. We can also use river rocks to decorate our indoor house plants.

That’s why it is important to clean and sanitize them before use. Because sometimes river rocks have bacteria and germs that may be harmful to our family and our aquarium fish. So it is important to clean properly and sanitize them before use. That’s why you need to know how to clean river rocks.