How to Start Echo Weed Eater Easily with Simple Steps

Do you have a question in your mind about how to start echo weed eater? Are you going to apply a string trimmer to your land soon?

If you are planning to use an echo weed eater to mow your courtyard, it must be good. So, you have a lot of questions about the product. Mainly, how to start an echo weed eater is a common query. We are going to answer your question here.

A weed eater is also known as a string trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter, whipper-snipper, weed-whip, etc. It invented in the 1970s decade. A resident of Texas, George Ballas, was the inventor of this grass cutting product.

Mr. George collected the idea of inventing a grass cutter from an automatic car wash brush. He named it to weed eater. Electrical and gasoline weed-whip, both are available. The gas-powered strimmer is known as an echo weed eater.

How to Start Echo Weed Eater

If you are a new user of an echo weed eater, you should have the overall idea about this fantastic product besides the starting process. So, we will discuss the feature, power, performance, etc. too.

Features of echo weed eater

An echo weed eater features a pliable monofilament line, not a blade. It is the unique feature of the product. It consists of a powerhead, a long shaft, and a cutter area.

Powerhead consists of two or four-stroke engine, fuel tank, choke lever, purge bulb, and recoil starter. The part placed absolutely on the top. Drive Shaft assembled with throttle handle, on/off switch, throttle lockout, trigger, gearbox, support handle, safety decal, driveshaft.

The cutter area included with replaceable nylon cutting swath, cut-off knife, plastic shield, strimmer head. These parts are responsible for trimming the grasses and weeds.

An echo weed eater typically features a minimum of 21cc motors. With the size, it can easily cover two millimeters line. The more powerful motor mow more length of area naturally. It can cut all kinds of grasses, small size weeds to woody plants.

A trigger or a throttle located on the handle control speed of an echo strimmer. It is a little heavyweight product that a user must have the energy. Roadside grasses cut by large trimmer, which is heavy enough to operate with two hands. Smaller trimmers consist of the curved driveshaft, which is much more comfortable.

Source of energy

An echo weed eater, two or four-stroke engines, whatever it is, powered by gasoline and recycle oil. The mixture ratio is 50 to 1. Gasoline contains 10% ethanol or 15% MTBE ‘(methyl tertiary-butyl ether)’. Wood alcohol does not allow for gas.

Starting procedure Step by step

Now we come into our main topic. Here you will find the answer on how to start echo weed eater step by step.

Cold start echo weed eater

Step: 1

Push the switch button to ‘on’ position. The switch located between the grip and engine.

Step: 2

Press the choke switch in the ‘cold start’ position, which means close it. A quite horizontal position line shows the measurement—the choke lever located beside the fuel tank.

Step: 3

Pull up the purge bulb several times. Notice that the fuel is freely flowing through the tank. Continue pumping the bulb five times.

Step: 4

Lay down the trimmer on the ground. The engine should stay up, and the monofilament line touches the ground. Keep your eye out on the strimmer head that it is in a free space area.

Step: 5

Lock out the throttle trigger using your left hand, which is behind the grip’s stop switch.

Step: 6

Grab the starter rope, pull up several times till the engine starts.

Step: 7

When the engine starts running, press down to the choke lever to position it open.

Note: If five-time pulling cannot start the weed eater, repeat the starting process from the beginning.

Hot start echo weed eater

The difference of starting procedure between hot and cold start is not to close the choke lever and not to hold the throttle trigger entirely humiliated.

Stopping procedure

Once you start the strimmer, you should know the process of quitting. The procedure is-

  1. Release the throttle trigger and wait to shut off the engine.
  2. Press on/off switch towards off.

Reasons behind echo weed eater do not get started

Sometimes a trimmer would not get a start. There are seven problems behind it. These are-

  1. Spark plug defects for carbon buildup. To solve this problem, replace the new spark plug once a year.
  2. Carburetor restriction because of keeping fuel for a long time in the tank. Always use fresh fuel and clean the carburetor with cleaner.
  3. Create a clog into the fuel filter because of the old or wrong fuel.
  4. Broken recoil spring.
  5. Malfunctioning recoil spring.
  6. Spark arrestor clog.
  7. If the air filter becomes dirty.

If you cannot start your strimmer after trying several times, find out why and try to replace or repair the problem part.


Since conducting an echo weed eater have little risks, the user must take some precautions mentioned below.

  1. Need mental and physical fitness to operate the trimmer.
  2. Take eye protection with goggles.
  3. Wear heavy-duty gloves.
  4. Put on a facemask to take shelter from dust.
  5. Have on long leg pants and long sleeves shirt.
  6. Wear sturdy boot or work shoes. It should be with ‘nonskid’ soles.
  7. Keep hair with a net or cap.
  8. Smoke, flames, or sparks close to fuel is not allowable.
  9. Refueling in the running or hot engine is dangerous.


  1. Work with a weed eater needs heavy garment. So, fix a time to do the job either early in the morning or late noon.
  2. Fill the fuel tank in proper quantity. Aware about not to be over-filling. It will cause leaks.
  3. Before use, shake the fuel container altogether all time.
  4. If any attachment moving during work, stop the machine and readjust carburetor.
  5. Search for lower vibration machines during buy.


When we are planning to mow the wall side, under a tree or an area with narrow corners, we cannot do it with a three-four wheels mower. In that case, an echo weed eater is an excellent helper.

If you want to trim that type of place with a strimmer, you should know how to start echo weed eaterStarting a weed-whip is not daunting; instead, it’s important to learn thoroughly. How well you can conduct your strimmer is up to practice.

There are some disadvantages with an echo weed eater like a heavyweight, vibration responsible for muscle fatigue. But all over it has more advantages too, like mobility, clean-cut, higher power.

A user should concern about safety and follow the manual instruction provided by the manufacturer.