How to Change Hydraulic Oil in Zero Turn Mower- Pro Way

Are you in confusion about how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn mower?

Then, no need to frown so much as we have a total guide for the hydro gear oil change. The steps are quite simple; you just need to have some basics.

In this write-up, you will get a complete guideline to change the oil in zero turn mower, including professional tips and tricks. So, stay till the end lest you should miss any crucial point.

How to Change Hydraulic Oil in Zero Turn Mower?

Best Oil for Zero Turn Mower

Best Oil Filter for Zero Turn Mower

1. Mobil 1 10W30 High Mileage Oil: Best Synthetic Oil for Zero Turn Mowers 1. John Deere Oi Filter: Best with Superior Quality
2. Shell Rotella T6 5-W40 Full Synthetic: Best Oil Brand for Small Engines with 4 Stroke 2. HooDell Air Filter: Best Oil Filter Compatible with Briggs & Stratton
3. Kawasaki SAR 10-W40 Oil: Best Oil for Commercial Mowers 3. Briggs & Stratton Oil Filter: Oil Filter with Guaranteed Fit
4. Amsoil 10-W30 Synthetic Oil: Best Lawn Mower Oil Type for Kohler Engines 4. Kawasaki Oil Filter: Genuine Kawasaki Filter for Commercial Mowers

We will show you each step, from preparing your mower to testing the oil after replacement. Have a sigh and sit with a cup of coffee to know the steps with all the necessary details in one place.

However, suppose you’re looking for the steps for the Husqvarna zero turn hydraulic fluid change or John Deere zero turn hydraulic oil change. In that case, you can do it easily by following this guide, with no hassle.

Things You Need

  • The compatible oil
  • Jack stand
  • A big pan to drain the old fluid
  • Compatible oil filter
  • ¾ inch wrench
  • Gloves
  • Paper towel

Let’s proceed with the steps.

Step-1: Make the Preparations for Oil Replacement

First, you need to make your zero-turn mower prepared for the hydro gear oil change. For that,

  • Work keeping the mower on flat level space.
  • Turn the engine key off and take out the key from the ignition.
  • If you want, you can use any parking brake to stop all the engine parts and let it cool down.
  • Check the manual guide that came with your zero-turn mower. Check if there are any precautions or specific instructions to follow for the hydraulic fluid change.

Step-2: Lift the Mower Using Jack Stand

Use 2 jack stands on the left and right of the rear wheel and lift the mower from the backside. If you’re using the Ariens z turn mower, then you can remove the wheel to access the oil filter.

Step-3: Remove the Oil Filter Guard & Then the Filter

Remove the transaxle oil filter guard if there is any. Then use any wrench and loosen the oil filter. Don’t take it out now; just loosen it.

You will find the oil filter right behind the wheel and under the seat suspension system.

Pro Tips:

Some zero-turn mowers like the Cub Cadet may not come with the oil filter. In that case, you need to find the drain plug line and drain the fluid from there.

Step-4: Drain the Old Oil

Now place a pan that is quite bigger under the fuel filter. Now, twist the oil filter using your hand and take it out. The old fluid will be draining now.

Pro Tips:

Use gloves to sidestep any mess on your hands.

Step-5: Let the Oil Drain Completely

Leave it like this at least for 10 to 15 minutes to completely drain out all the old and sluggish oil.

Step-6: Install New Oil Filter

After all the old fluid is drained out, now it’s time to install the new oil filter. Apply some new oil on the new oil filter’s gasket and then mount it on the oil filter transaxle point.

Use your hand to twist the oil filter slowly and gently until it reaches the thread to the axle point. Now, use a wrench to tighten the filter. Keep a turn once; no need to twist more than once.

Pro Tips:

Make sure not to overtighten the oil filter. It might cut out the threads.

Step-7: Fill the Tank with New Fluid

Remove the tank cap and place a funnel. Now, pour the fluid into the fluid tank gradually. Check the oil expansion tank, or some mowers come with the dipstick as other motor vehicles have.

You can check the dipstick after filling to some extent and check if the oil level is full to the brim or not.

However, the Ariens zero turn mower comes with an oil expansion tank over there. Check if the oil is at the cold fill line or not. If not, then pour some more oil into the oil tank.

Step-8: take out the Funnel & Purge the Air System

Now, take out the funnel and wipe out the exterior of the fuel tank. After that, mount the fuel tank cap.

Release the parking brake and move the steering lever forward and backward, keeping the bypass valve opened at least five to six times to purge the air.

Again, do the same with the bypass valve closed. Every time the engine should be in running position, meaning turning on the ignition key.

This purging is crucial for a zero turn mower engine. It helps clean the impurity and makes the machine ready for further use.

Step-9: Reinstall All the Things

Now, reinstall all the parts, such as the fluid filter guard, and then wheels along with the lug nuts.
Must have a test ride with your zero turn mower after you replace the oil.

What Kind of Hydraulic Fuel Does a Zero Turn Mower Use?

Monograde to multi-grade oil with an average viscosity is recommended for the hydraulic zero turn mower. Straight 30, 10 W30, 15 W30, 20 W 50, and 15 W 50 are usable according to weather and regional condition.

However, in the case of multi-grade oil, the viscosity index should not be more than the VI viscosity index. Motor oil with high viscosity index is not suitable for its additives.

Some mowers grade such as the IZ, LZ, and BZ graded mowers use 10 W30 oil. And some commercial zero turn mower graded as EZ, MZ, and ZTH takes 20-W50 oil. Well, synthetic oil is good to have.

How Often to Change Hydraulic Oil in Zero Turn Mower?

Different hydrostatic machines may come with various fluids lifeline capacity. But the standard cycle you should maintain is to replace the zero-turn fluid every 500 rides, suggested by the Ariens.

However, checking the hydrostatic fluid every 100 rides is also recommended by most of the z turn manufacturers. Your zero-turn mower runs with a machine. It needs time-to-time maintenance with proper care to assist you with keeping your lawn or home yard beautiful and enchanting.

So, check the fluid level and the fluids every 100 rides to ensure the engine condition.

Bottom Lines

Changing the fluid in a zero-turn mower is not a very tough task to do if you know your mower well, along with the steps for how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn mower.
We have covered the necessary guidance about how to change oil in a zero turn mower in this entire context. And some essential tips and recommendations are included as well.

So, get your Z turn mower to get the right fluid at the right time. Otherwise, you may face the annoyance of breaking the line in the middle of an essential ride.