How to Re-deck a Trailer- Best Guide to Follow

Do you experience any accident? If you have watched an accident, then you have also experienced that two or four-wheeled vehicle or wagon came to the spot and rushed the accidental car from the place. Do you know the name of that vehicle?

The vehicle is called a trailer. If you face any difficulties to re-deck your trailer. No problem, here we are to tell you how to re-deck a trailer.

This trailer has many other functions. For example, people use it for transporting boats, home appliances, business furniture, kitchen facilities, and many other things from one place to another.

How To Re-deck A Trailer? Know In Detail

Before starting the process you have to know what is a trailer, how many types of it, what you need to re-deck it, wherefrom purchase, and any other related things.

What Is A Trailer?

People make of a trailer with wheels, screws, iron angles, and woods. It is a non-motorized vehicle. A wooden trailer is also used for film shooting. By a trailer, the director of the film can take moving shots very quickly.

How Many Types Of Trailers?

There are 19 types of trailers according to their purposes and usages. Some of them are

  1. Flatbed trailer
  2. Dry vans or enclosed trailer
  3. >Step-deck trailers
  4. Stitch single drop deck trailer
  5. Refrigerated trailers
  6. Removable gooseneck trailer
  7. Extendable flatbed trailer
  8. Lowboy trailer
  9. Specialty trailer
  10. Medical trailer etc.

Why Do You Need To Re-deck A Trailer?

Since you use it many times, the wood could be rotten or eaten by counting. So tailor needs to re-deck with fresh woods. Otherwise, the ability of a trailer may be reduced for the rotten or eaten deck. It also hampers your transportation business.

So when you notice that the floor should change, don’t waste any time just replace the deck of the trailer.

What Are The Things You Need To Re-deck A Trailer?

When you think you should re-deck your trailer. Before starting your work, you have to collect some necessary things to replace them. They are

  1. Southern yellow pine wood (SYP)
  2. Woodcutter machine
  3. Hummer
  4. Chisel
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Different sizes screws
  7. Wood glue
  8. Painting color to paint the iron angle and wood
  9. Wood measuring tape

Now it’s time to exchange the trailer’s floor

If you manage all the things, then you can start your work on how to re-deck a trailer. Here is the step-by-step guidelines for your better understanding.

Step 1: Select The Trailer Deck

It is the first and prime duty to select the deck of the trailer to reinstall its deck. Try to find out the reasons why you need to reinstall its deck. Check out all its wood and finalize does it need all the wood installation or some of them.

Step 2: Cutting Down The Rotten Or Affected Wood From The Trailer

Now, cut down the rotten woods with a woodcutter. Since the woods are tied with some screws with the iron angle so you can’t lose it quickly. To lose the wood from the trailer, cut down the wood from the middle of the trailer. And then lose all the woods from the trailer’s deck.

If you face any problem losing the woods from the tailor, you will lose to use hammer and chisel. Keep the chisel into the woods and hit it with a hammer. After some hits, the wood will lose from itself. Then bring down the woods from the trailer.

Step 3: Measure The New Woods And Cut In The Shape

Measure your trailer in length and width. After measuring it, you have to measure the new wood according to the trailer length and width. Take as many pieces of southern yellow pine (SYP) wood as you need. Whenever you measure the lumber, don’t make any mistakes.
If you make an inch of mistake, then it will be challenging to put the wood on the trailer. So do it very carefully. By cutting down the wood, make ready for the next step.

Step 4: Clean The Iron Angle And Weld Where Needed

As you use it for many years. So it is very natural to be defeated. Clean the rust from the trailer. Weld the angle where necessary and make it prepare for the new deck.

Step 5: Paint The Iron Angle

As we know, iron will ruin if it gets water. To prevent the iron angle from the dust, it will be vital to paint it with any color. You can use your favorite color to paint the iron angle. After coloring the iron angle, give it some time to dry.

Step 6: Put The Wood On The Trailer One After Another

After preparing the iron angle for the new wood, put all the wood pieces on the trailer one after another. You can face some problems setting the last part of the wood on the container.

When you face this problem, you can use another cube piece of wood between the iron angle of the trailer and the wood piece. Give some pressure from both of the sides of the trailer. The small piece will fell, and the wood piece will set on the trailer.

Step 7: Make The Wood Attachment With The Iron Angle With Some Different Sizes Of Screws

With a screwdriver and a welding machine, make some holes on the wood and iron angle. Put different sizes of screws into the holes according to their depth and make them tight with the screwdriver. All the screws make a secure attachment between the woods and the iron angle of the trailer.

Step 8: Use Some Wood Glue To Make The Attachment Tighter

Since after using the screws, there are lots of places where the iron angle and the woods are not attached tightly. You can use their wood glue to make the attachment tighter. This wood glue increases the lifetime and the workability of the trailer.

It is the process of how to re-deck a trailer.If you can do it yourself it will be better. But if you don’t you can take help from a dockyard or a carpenter. Since they are professional so they can do it as well, you can use the trailer more time. But if you have any financial problems, follow the steps of the article and do it by yourself.