How to Remove Pavers- Quick & Safe Ways

Human beings are fond of beauty. They are always inventing different types of things to decorate their homes, offices, pathways, driveways, patios, and streets. They use pavers to decorate their surroundings.

The pavers are large pieces of stones, concrete, or brick blocks. People also use different sizes, shapes, and color pavers as per their choices.

Terracotta is one of the best pavers in the pavers world. But as time goes on, some pavers lose their attraction, become dirty, or break down. When you need to remove those particular pavers from your desired place, we will tell you how to remove pavers with some easy steps in this article.

Some Useful Steps To Know How To Remove Pavers

If you do not remove affected pavers from your place, It will destroy the beauty of that place. It can also affect the good one. So when you notice that some pavers should remove from this place, do not waste any time. Start work immediately.

Step 1: Replace The Furniture And Plants From The Place.

When you want to remove some pavers from the surface of the place. The first thing you should remove the furniture and plants from the site to make the area free to work. When you do this, be careful. Otherwise, it will make hamper to your good pavers, furniture, or potted plants.

Step 2: Clean All The Moss And Weeds Growing From The Edge Of The Pavers

To remove the pavers efficiently, you should clean all the moss and weeds from the edge of the pavers. Maybe many days have gone where furniture or potted plants are placed. So it is very natural to grow there weeds and moss.

Step 3: Wet The Surface Of The Selected Pavers With A Hosepipe

When the pavers were sealed, maybe they were sealed very tightly for using these many days. As a result, when you want to remove some pavers, you need to wet the surface to isolate the edges from the other pavers.

To get the highest achievement, you must soak the pavers at least 24 hours if you observe that they are not isolated yet. Then you give it more time to make your work easy.

Step 4: Clean The Pavers With A Small Broom

After wetting the pavers adequately; clean the pavers dust with a small broom; otherwise, the dust will go to your nose and make your health hamper. To protect yourself from this dust, you should wear hand gloves and a mask.

Step 5: Use Trowel And Plain Screwdriver To Loosen The Pavers

From one side of the pavers, insert the trowel and plain screwdriver to isolate the affected pavers. When you observe that is getting separated from the surface, grasp the pavers, and remove it.

Step 6: Remove The Other Affected Pavers

When you can get success to remove one affected pavers, there have already made a space. You can easily remove all the affected pavers from the surface of the pave way, garden space, or home space by using the area.

What Are The Things You Need To Remove From Destroyed Pavers

Without any component, you can not complete the work of removing the pavers. Additionally, it kills your effort and time. It also makes you irritated and impatient. To get a better result, you should collect some components to make your work efficient. The components are-

  1. Hand gloves to protect your hand from the dust.
  2. Mask to protect yourself from the COVID-19 and any other viruses.
  3. Trowel to isolate the pavers from the surface.
  4. Plain screwdrivers to isolate the edges of the pavers.

From Where Do You Purchase These Components?

You can purchase all these things from your local hardware shops. During buying the items, make sure that you are buying the right things because there are different kinds of the same things.

Some components are small, some are medium, and some are big. All size elements are not suitable for all types of work. So when you purchase, you should buy the right sizes of components.

Some Precautions To Make Yourself Free From Any Injury

During work, if you are not aware of your safety, you maybe get injured. To avoid any injury, you should take some precautions. For Example-

  1. Spray some vegetation killer to kill any insects like bugs, spiders, earthworms, etc.
  2. Be alert while isolating the pavers from the surface. Because you do not know are there any insects beneath the surface or not.
  3. Due to the carelessness of some times, bugs, spiders, or earthworms can bite you.

Some Useful Tips To Make Your Work Easy

Now there is going a proverb that “do not work hard, work smart.” This proverb is accurate for any task. When you make an addition to hard work with smart work, that will be efficient work. These tips will help you to make your job easier. Some tips are

  1. First, observe the surface of the pavers. Is it too much dry or not.
  2. If the surface is not too much dry, then that is OK if the surface is too much dry wet it with some detergent to make the edges of the pavers soft.
  3. If you face any difficulties to do the work yourself, take some suggestions from the experts.
  4. You can also take help from your family members if it is in your home.

Now you know how to remove pavers. Remove all the affected pavers from the surface very carefully. Do not make any hart your right one pavers. When you finish removing the pavers, replace them with good pavers. And most importantly, try to do the work at a time.

If you leave it in this situation, the soil of the surface will lose from the place. It will not be easy for you to replace the new pavers in that particular space. After removing and sealing, new pavers return the potted plants and furniture to the place. Now you get the previous attractive place to pass the time.