How to Mow Steep Ditches| Must-Know These 5 Tactics

Mow is an up & down model with riding mowers. Mowing the lawn is tough work. Even It’s not easy on flat ground. Step by step slope is not any problem. But, if the slope is steep, It’s very risky. Some mowing methods will make a safe mowing steep ditch.

Then, you can use another tool, such as a string trimmer or a push mower. Some expensive riding mowers can make up more extensive slopes if it is important to mow steep ditches on your property. You can mow smaller ditches, but riding a mower leader must use extra care. In these situations, safety is necessary.

The risk of injury and death is not valued the manicured grass. Want to know how to mow steep ditches? Here you have the answer.

How To Mow Steep Ditches?

Mowing steep ditches is not an easy task. Even on the flat ground, it isn’t easy. There are some step on how to mow steep ditches –

  • Step 1: Examine the slope. Try to get the mower back up the slope. If you can not do that then, the slope is too steep for a riding mower or a string trimmer.
  • Step 2: Mow is an up and down model with the riding mower. If you feel satisfied on the slope and the mower can return, return the slope, then you can go ahead to the lower part of the ditch with a riding mower.
  • Step 3: Drive gradually up and down the slope at a low speed—more than coasting down the slope.
  • Step 4: If the slope is too steep for a riding mower, use a push mower
  • Step 5: Push the mower from the side along the slope. If your legs were slipping, it would not go over you.
  • Step 6: Cut side or drops in the slope with a string trimmer or riding mower.

5 Easy Tips For How To Mow Steep Ditches

In the previous paragraph, you learn how to mow steep ditches. Here you can learn some easy tips to how to mow steep ditches –

  1. When the grass is wet, It’s not a good idea to mow. It’s become harder to cut. Which will make the mower causes permanent damage. Before starting the mower, always check the grass and be sure it is dry.
  2. A self-propelled mower is easy to handle to cut steep on a slope. It does not need to push. If your mower has a variable gear, that’s even better.
  3. If you are trying to mow up and down on dry grass. Then, you will risk your own safety. Going up slop, the mower can return up rolling back down on you.
  4. Suppose you push the mower from the side along the slope. Then, if your legs are slipping, it will not go over you.
  5. It’s not a good idea to mow side by side with a riding mower because there is much more possibility to topple down the slope. This is riskier because you could be injured if you are still in the seat when the machine tap.

Mower Solutions

Observing slopes have typically covered zero turn mower—strong mower with brush cutters, attachment, and weed whackers side arm flails. New improvement in slope designed mowers, it can help to reduce the dangers that come with maintaining slopes using traditional ways.

There are more features that can provide existence include an articulating frame, which keeps enabling ground pressure on all four corners of the machine.

In the end, operators have to be trained. They are aware of the materials they are on and know what those limits are, Graber says that – “people get into danger when they are pushing the mowers past what they are capable of”.


  • Take extra care with the grass catchers. Because they affect the mower’s permanence.
  • Have an escape plan if you lose control of the riding mower.
  • If you realize the front wheels are lifting- Stop then, and turn around slowly.
  • The brakes keep properly maintained.


  • Do not shift to coast slope.
  • Using a rear-mounted bag on a slope is too dangerous because It’s too heavy.
  • Never try to control the mower by putting your foot on the land.

What Is The Need To Mow Grass-lined Ditches?

Mowing a grass-lined ditch is very important. Some of the more troublesome topics are-

  • Mowing keeps small plants from growing up and becoming larger bushes.
  • If the small plants and grass are never mowed, ditches and storm systems can become prop with the vegetation and lose capacity.
  • A regular task with balance maintenance practices is all that is wanted.

Overall Talk

Mowing a steep slope first time is similar to riding a bicycle. When you have read the entire mower manual, you can start mowing a flat lawn to a steep slope. Again mowing with the help of a riding mower along a slope with a step by step slope can provide you with a strong learning curve.

Slowly, you will get an estimate to raise the torque to the perfect rate so as to adjust the speed of the mower for a comfortable and safe mowing experience. You can have many types of property with steep slopes. The biggest reason for a standard mower is it cannot be used to mow steep ditches is the danger factor.

If you have a fenced lawn, figure out livestock that will gladly eat the grass on your slope side to keep it at a possible length. There is one more option to turn the lawn into a work of landscape architecture or a slope-side garden.

The most important thing is – read your manual to see what slopes you can safely and soundly mow steep ditches. Use a string trimmer or riding mower. This can be a perfect choice on smaller slopes if you are wanted to keep them grassy. Now, you know how to mow steep ditches properly.