How to Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height | Expert’s Guide

Looking for the best method to determine – how to measure lawn mower cutting height? Don’t worry. You are in the right direction.

Well, if you have a large lawn and cut the grass yourself, you need to bear some fundamental knowledge about the height of cutting the grass of lawnmower. The most important thing about mowing is deciding the right height for lawn mowing for the lawn type you have.

You may think that mowing very short will reduce the frequency of mowing. Then you are making a mistake. The clippings will not decompose properly and timely. Thereby the lawn will become an unsightly area. So, read the article and get some ideas about how to measure lawn mower cutting height.

How to Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height

You need to know all the features of the lawnmower. The power of the engine, size of wheels and the style of blades are essential parts you should consider.

Another thing you should consider is the type of grass. Different grass grows well in different seasons. Based on grass type lawn mower cutting height varies. Follow the information here regarding the height of cutting warm-season and cool-season grass:

Warm-season Grass

When the temperatures are not more than 80- 95 degree F. some particular grass grow well. Usually, during Summer and Spring, such temperature prevails. The grass grows in this time, and the mowing height for those grass are:
Zoysia                    0.5 to 1.5 inches
St. Augustine         2 to 4 inches
Centipedegrass    1.5 to 2.5 inches
Bermudagrass      0.5 to 1.5 inches
Bahiagrass             2 to 3 inches

Cool-Season Grass

Temperatures in 65- 75 degrees F. during the cold season are best suited for some other grass. Cool-season grass and their mowing height are:
Fine fescue            1.5 to 2.5 inches
Tall fescue             2 to 4 inches
Ray grass                1.5 to 2.5 inches
Buffalograss          2 to 3 inches

Way of Setting Height of Mower Blade

Here is a step-by-step process of setting the height of your mower blade. Apply these steps while measuring grass cutting height:

Step 1: On a Flat Surface Put Your Mower

Choose a flat surface and place the mower. With a ruler and hold it to the blade housing. Measure the grass height and determine how much to cut.

Step 2: Mark the Measurement on Your Ruler

According to the grass type of the lawn, you have decided the height of the grass cutting. Mark the measurement you have taken to be appropriate for the grass on the ruler. You must use the instructions as mentioned above for different herbs.

Step 3: Take a Sample Mowing

In any area other than your lawn, make a trial of mowing according to the measurement you took. You can use the backside of your yard.

Step 4: Cut the grass

The most important thing here you should keep in mind that you should not mow more than one-third of the total grass blade height at the same time. You should let the grass grow enough to maintain the right cutting height.

Otherwise, the grass will be too small to cut according to the appropriate measurement. Until you have the right grass size, you can adjust the height.

Some Considerations When Measuring Lawn Mower Cutting Height

You got all instructions about how to measure lawn mower cutting height. Here are some recommendations for you that you need to consider while calculating lawn mower cutting height:

1. Use a sharp blade which will ensure proper grass cutting. Dull blades give an uneven cutting to your lawn, which makes your yard ugly.

2. Let the grass grow to a proper height. Do not allow the grass to grow too much. Large grass will not facilitate the right measurement of the cutting height. Moreover, it will require more watering and various diseases, and insects will attack the lawn quickly.

3. During the period of drought, grass becomes lifeless. Measurement of grass cutting height during that season will not be right. Mowing that time stresses turf.

4. Do not cut too much grass at a time. It will not keep the grass-root stronger and healthier. Moreover, the grass clippings will create problems in decomposition.

5. Always leave the clippings on the lawn. It will later convert into natural fertilizer. The nutrition to the soil back and keep the grass healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Does grass become thicken due to frequent mowing?

Frequent mowing lets your grass become thicker. It leads to growing grass horizontally and spread quickly.

Ques: Which month is suitable for cutting grass?

March and April is the best time for grass cutting.

Ques: What time of the day is good for cutting grass?

The right time for lawn mowing is from 8 a.m to 10 a.m. That means when the weather is not too hot or cold.

Ques: How often should you cut the grass?

You need to cut the grass three times per week.

Ques: Should you mow wet grass?

No, you should not mow wet grass. The finishing of mowing will not be clean, and the clippings will hang up with the mower. As a result, the mower will not run well.

Wrapping Words

New lawnmower users sometimes face great difficulties in deciding the right height to cut grass in their lawns. Without the knowledge of grass cutting height suitable for different grass, one cannot maintain an attractive lawn.
We tried to represent all information you will require to calculate the height of cutting lawn grass easily.

Now, you have got an idea from this article about how to measure lawn mower cutting height. So, you can remain tension free about mowing the lawn and taking care of your garden.