How to Make Spring Lift for Trailer Tailgate- Easy & Practical Guide

If you have a car, but you cannot load any goods to transport one to another spot. So you have to need to attach a trailer tailgate for bearing products. To use trailer tailgate easily, you have to make a spring lift.

If you know how to make spring lift for trailer tailgate, that is good. But if you don’t know, you must read this article.

In this article, I describe the way of making the process of spring lift. To make spring lift is essential for using the comfort of trailer tailgate.

Without trailer tailgate, you cannot transport any goods or metal in your car. So spring lift making is essential for this vehicle.

How To Make Spring Lift For Trailer Tailgate?

A trailer is one kind of vehicle, which has no power to move one to another place. When it attaches to a powerful car, it can move, and then it can use as a loader. Trailer is a back part of a moving vehicle (track, jip, or pickup).

Materials and goods transported by a used trailer car. During traveling, man can stay and camp with limited living facilities. So for the safety of materials trailer have a tailgate that attached with spring lift.

So, now I describe in this article how to make spring lift for trailer tailgate.

Name of Accessories Which We Need

  1. Two U-bolt plates.
  2. Four heavy-duty bolts & some steel
  3. Shackle material
  4. Shackle length
  5. Hooks
  6. Springs

How To Make Spring Lift For Trailer Tailgate In 5 Steps

There have five easy steps to make spring lift for trailer tailgate. Now I describe the 5 steps of how to make spring lift for trailer tailgate.

Step 1:Buy Some Accessories

  1. At first, you have to buy some accessories. When you go to the market to buy these, you must test these and have to stainless steel.
  2. You need two U-bolt plates to attach lift with trailer tailgate.
  3. To drill them, you need four heavy-duty bolts and some iron.
  4. And buy lengthy shackle materials to swing tailgate.
  5. Buy some ironic hooks.
  6. Springs are vital material for this project, so you have to buy two lengthy springs.

Step 2: Select the Hard Portion of the Trailer Frame

Trailer is round by a two-sided wall. Those look like a stainless frame. Select the hard part of the structure at the last corner side close to tailgate.

Take Two Hooks

You need two hooks. This hook’s one side looks like the round shape. Hooks are must be made by iron.

Attach Hook With Trailer

Attach an ironic hook with the last corner of the left and right sides frames by grill machine.

Step 3:

Take Two Bold Plates

Now you need two bold plates, Which made of stainless steel. The bold plate has two parts that can move flexibility.

Attach Bold With Trailer and Tailgate

Attach the bold one part with both side trailer, and the other is with both side tailgate. It attaches with stainless nuts.

Step 4:

Take Two Springs

Springs are the vital tools of materials in the project. We need two springs. Springs are rolled on by plastic materials. This material is for protection from unnecessary iron, which makes odd access to water.

Attach Spring with Tailgate

Tailgate has four corners. The lower portion has two angles, and the upper part has two angles. Spring is making steel. But it is flexible to collapse or longer.

Spring has two sides, and every side looks around. The upper part of the spring attached to the upper portion of tailgate. Both sides of tailgate connect by each spring upper part.

Step 5:

Attach spring with Trailer Hooks

Now you have fixed the lower part of both springs with the hooks. That hooks adjusted with the trailer. It attaches to the grill machine.

Take shackle Materials

It is the optional point in this project. If you want to use the shackle, you can use it. Or if you are going to want to skip the point, you also can it. Shackle material used gives you top security for trailer tailgate. So you can take shackle materials.

Color Tailgate with Paint

If you can color tailgate with paint, this is better for your tailgate materials. The material is making of heavy iron. So if you decorate the tailgate, that becomes good for the materials.

Lift the Tailgate Easily

After finishing all attachment, you can examine the spring lift. After make spring lift of trailer tailgate, you can raise the tailgate of the vehicle quickly.

Though the tailgate made by heavy materials, you can lift very smoothly make the spring lift. Now the tailgate of the trailer acts as weightless materials.


  1. When you make the spring lift off the trailer tailgate, you must select the best quality products.
  2. When you want to make the spring lift, you have to sincere about attachment steps.
  3. If you do not attach well all materials, these are breakdown early.
  4. To finishing all steps, you must read the article on how to make spring lift for trailer tailgate proper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why you read the article?

Ans: I read the article to know, how to make spring lift for trailer tailgate?

Ques: What are the materials that select you?

Ans: I must select the best quality materials to make a spring lift.

Ques: Is this article can help you?

Ans: Yes, this article is helpful for make spring lift for trailer tailgate.

Ques: Why do you want to make spring lift for trailer tailgate?

Ans: I want to make a spring lift for trailer tailgate to use vehicles easily and transport any product by a trailer.


How to make spring lift for trailer tailgate? this content must be helpful for you. When you make spring lift, you can use your vehicle correctly. You also can use it as a loader vehicle.

If you travel a far way and stay there someday, you can use your trailer tailgate for making spring lift. After making spring lift, you can lift tailgate as weightless materials.

So I hope, you enjoy this project very much. Now enjoy your trip with your lovely family.