How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Fast Bleach to Save Your lawn

Here I described some solutions on how to get rid of poison ivy fast bleach. Poison Ivy is a tree whose leaves produce a kind of flammable oil. This irritating oily substance is responsible for causing allergic diseases in the body. We call it rash.

It is a plant that produces a persistent, itchy rash. It contains urushiol oil that causes reactions in most people. When you are in your garden, you will see this plant that climbs like a vine. If you touch it, then you can get poisons ivy rashes.

Poison ivy lasts for one to three weeks and gives a painful itchy. I am sure my article will help you to get rid of this poison.

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Fast Bleach

A little bleach on the rash that poisons ivy will dry quickly. Otherwise, these rashes will continue to spread from one part of the body to another and make an infection. I told you all the steps, how to get rid of poison ivy fast bleach so easy.

Step: 1

First, take an empty plastic spray bottle. You can buy these at affordable prices. Or if you have an old bottle, wash it and clean and antiseptic it.

Step: 2

Add half a cup of salt and two cups of bleaching to the bottle with lukewarm water

Step: 3

This time add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix the mixture well. Wait for the salt to dissolve well.

Step: 4

This time spray more on the affected area. If it is on the surface, you can apply the solution using a cotton ball.

How you Trace the Plant

You will see the poison ivy tree all over the United States. If you love gardening, you will find that this type of tree covers your field. You will get annoying allergies whenever you come in contact with the tree. So it is essential to know the tree first then to understand how to get rid of poison ivy fast bleach.

  • The poisonous ivy tree with three shiny green leaves. But in spring it is pink, and in autumn it is bright orange
  • In winter, its leaves fall off, and the ivy vine becomes hairy. It changes its color every season.
  • These leaves sometimes change their appearance. Sometimes shiny or almost lifeless. Again some leaves are attached or labelled with teeth. Not all leaves look like that.
  • Poisonous ivy can grow on steep shrubs, a twisted vine, or only across the ground.
  • This plant is more commonly seen around fences or on roadways

Symptoms of Ivy Poison

If you see some symptoms, you will know if you are infected with poison ivy. The poisonous oil will stick to your body as soon as you touch the plant. It is suitable for your body to treat the symptoms accordingly.

  • When you see something red and itchy on the body, you will realize that you are infected with ivy.
  • You will see that some parts of your body are swollen.
  • Or if you inhale the smoke from burning ivy, you will find it difficult to breathe.
  • Many large blisters will appear in most parts of the body.

So do not fall for it. Get rid of this poison from your garden and body as soon as possible because a toxic rash can not remove easily from the body. Slightly it spreads from one place to another. It can even spread to you from your pet. So I suggest you read this article carefully until the end.

How to Treat with Home Remedies

Sometimes any alcoholic ingredient of bleach can damage your skin. In this case, if you want to get rid of Ivy Poison, you can take treatment with home-made ingredients if you wish. And I think it is a natural way of how to get rid of poison ivy fast bleach.

  • The best news is that poisonous ivy cannot tolerate boiling water. So take water in your pot and let it boil. Then pour it at the base of the tree so that the roots are burnt, and they can no longer work.
  • If you sniff poisonous ivy, it will damage your breathing. So never do it. Collect samples using gloves to sure if you are infected with ivy poison and consult with a doctor
  • Take off your clothes and wash the clothes quickly in a different way
  • If you have ivy poison on your skin, apply to rub alcohol as soon as possible. But it is better to use soap and saltwater to clean the surface.
  • Keep rubbing under the nails with a brush to clean the plant oils
  • Then take a warm bath for at least an hour.
  • You can use cold, wet compresses to reduce itching. In many ways it is comfortable
  • Run a clean washcloth under cold water and apply on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Apple cider vinegar, aluminum acetate, and iced black tea can also reduce swelling and itching.
  • Take antihistamines and apply aloe Vera in your affected area.


Please don’t scratch the affected area. It causes infarction and damages your skin. Better to remove itch, you may use some lotion or can take an oatmeal bath. Some research says oatmeal baths are beneficial. Consult with a doctor if possible.


Since there are more Ivy Poison trees in the garden, it is essential to remove this tree from the garden. Otherwise, anyone from your pet is likely to be infected. I have tried in my writing to give all kinds of solutions. I show how to get rid of poison ivy fast bleach simply and try to make it easy for you.

Soap, alcohol, warm water are all able to eliminate ivy poison. You will only use the proper way. And wash whatever comes in contact with the tree immediately. Let your skin free from ivy poison.