How to Find Lot Size Dimensions | 5 Ways You Shouldn’t Miss

Lot size dimension is an important subject to consider before you buy a property or build a house. If you know the tactics of how to find lot size dimensions, it will be quite easy for you to make proper decisions for your property dealing.

Sometimes a lot can look a lot bigger or smaller than its actual size. You can find the proper size of the lot by learning how to find it out. It can also help you to find out whether you can expand your property or not.

Lot dimensions mainly describe the measurement of the depth or the length of the lot in feet. The prices of lots can vary by their sizes or dimensions.

How to Find Lot Size Dimensions? Tactics to Follow

If you are keen to buy land or a house, first you should find out the actual size or dimensions of it. Some property dealers fake it to earn more money. So as a customer, it is your responsibility to learn how to find lot size dimensions.

This little learning can prevent you from cheating or from bad property dealing. As people buy land or houses for a lifetime, it is essential to buy the best one for themselves.

Here, we have discussed some techniques that can assist you in finding your lot size or dimensions.

Utilize Your Smartphone to Figure Out Lot Size

Lot represents the land where your property is on. Knowing your lot size is an essential thing for buying your property. It can save you from wasting a lot of money & time. If the lot size is too small, it can cause you problems with future extensions. On the other hand, a big lot can create an expensive purchase mistake.

Nowadays, smartphones are a common technology that we all use as a part of our lives. Though it is a time-consuming tactic, you can use your smartphone to find your lot size or dimension. By walking the perimeter of your lot with your smartphone, you can measure your lot size.

In this method, you need to use the Google map & utilize the GPS service while walking through the perimeter of your lot. GPS will track your movement & will give you an accurate picturization of your lot dimensions.

Another option is that you can drop markers on your phone. It is like that rather than using a GPS; you are using your finger to select these points.

Use an Online Service

You can utilize online services like ‘Find Lot Size’ & ‘Daft Logic’ to figure out your lot size. These online services use Google Maps to find the location of a lot. They can provide you with the image of your lot to find out how big it is.

These services use the same function that Google Maps does to measure the distance of your current location & your destination. You need to use the address of your lot. Then you will be able to figure out your lot dimension or size from the pictures that they provide.

Documentation of the Property

Documentation or making a deed of your property traditionally includes the lot size. It can contain the size of your lot in detail or figures. So, you can easily learn about how to find lot size dimensions of the property.

Online calculators may help you to find out the size properly. By inputting the dimension, including width & length, you can calculate your lot’s total area. This process can help you to make the calculation easy & can provide you with a single figure that you can easily remember.

This documentation can help you figure out what the building’s measurement should be if you are willing to build a house or something on your property. This deed will make the work easier for the developer or builder company.

Use Parlay Service of Google Earth

PARLAY is a paid service that works with Google Earth. The cost of the service varies from country to country. You can find your lot size or dimension by using this service before buying one. All you have to do is to pay to use this service.

Through this service, you will be able to see the maps of different countries. You just need to go to a certain country where your property is. Zoom the map & it will show you all the lot throughout the country. It also provides the information of the lot owners, sizes, dimensions, measurements & the lines of the properties.

You can also turn the image of the lot to get a full view of the property. This service will lead you to the best property dealing. If you are ready to pay, then PARLAY can be the best way to find your lot’s dimension or size.

Visit Property Survey Office or Hire a Surveyor

You can visit your local survey office to find out the size & dimensions of your lot. They usually have maps of the lots available in the area. You may find yours by going through these maps.

If you do not have any survey office or a plat, then you can hire a professional surveyor for your land inspection. The surveyor can measure your property, mark the corners & can also provide you with mapping your property.

Try to hire a surveyor that your friends or family members refer to you. The surveyor needs to have a license & his hiring cost will depend on your location or your project.


Throughout our article, we have tried to deliver you the facts related to know how to find lot size dimensions. We have taken the responsibility to introduce you to the tactics that you can use to find it out.

Lot size, dimension, measurement & lines are the most important facts that you need to consider before any property. These can easily make your property deal with the best one or the bad one. Building something also depends on these facts.

So, it is necessary to find your lot’s correct size, dimension, measurement & lines. By doing this, you may be able to decide on your future property expansions.