How to Install a Toro Recycler Kit with 5 Simple Steps

To make your lawn easy, you should know how to install a toro recycler kit. The Toro Recycler Kit cuts grass clippings 6 to 7 times to feed your lawn all season. The kit comes with a set of factory stock blades that are currently on your mower. They work well and seem to have a longer life span.

You can clean out all the grass from the necessary holes. It has no drilling required like other toro mulching kits. It can fix the issue and install it anyway. Many people have bad reviews because of little knowledge about toro recycler kits. Now I will tell you the whole process of how to install a toro recycler kit.

How to Install a Toro Recycler Kit-Easy Way

It is not annoying to use again. If you installed the toro recycler kit, each blade enclosed with the metal band, so the grass clippings do not blow over to the right side.

And Your mower may only have a plate that blocks the discharge and not the recycled baffles. It is more incredible than other kits. So do not miss knowing how to install a toro recycler kit easily.

Step: 1

Preparing the machine first. First, you park the device on a level surface. Then disconnect the PTO, and engage the parking brake. So that it can move the motion-control levers outward to the NEUTRAL-LOCK position. After that, shut off the engine and remove the key. Again disengage the spark- plugs wires from the plugs.

Step: 2

The next step is preparing your mower deck. The procedure is to raise the deck to the highest position and raise the front of the machine. You can access the mower deck easily. Then support the frame of the device using jack stands.

Now remove the mower deck, which you can see in the Operator’s Manual for the machine. And then remove the existing mower blade. After referring to the Operator’s Manual for the device, then do it.

Step: 3

In this step, we show how to install the baffle and discharge Cover. Remember that three parts need to complete this step. And they are discharged cover, baffle, and knob. After disconnecting the blade, now you Install the baffle and knob.

You can see the metal, now tab on the discharge cover into the slot in the bracket welded to the mower deck. If you pivot the discharge cover back and toward your deck. You will find the discharge cover aligns with the mower deck.

Adjust the hook-shaped latch around the pivot rod of the deflector assembly, On the top of the discharge cover. Hooking the flexible latch on the discharge cover into the retainer on the deck and Secure the discharge cover.

Step: 4

In this step, you needed a decal part to install. On the left side of the mower lacke install the decal part. You should adjust it very carefully.

Step: 5

To do this procedure, you need to install a blade. Take the mulching blade and Install it. Before installing again, I suggested to you to read the Operator’s Manual for the machine. Install the mower deck or lower the device as described in Operator’s Manual for the device.

Then engage the spark plug wires. And the next step is to release the hook-shaped latch on top of the discharge cover from the pivot rod. Then angel your metal tab on the discharge cover out of the slot in the bracket welded to the mower deck.

Why Do You Install Toro Recycler Kits?

It works great and can cut 75 acres quickly with no strays. The lawn looks better as well when it can chop up two inches of tall grass in the back yard in 2 passes. Installing on the Toro Recycler system, you create your natural fertilizer.

You can eliminate transportation costs and landfill use and make your environment healthy. There is no need for disposal bags but to remove clipping. This technology nutrient-rich clippings returned to the soil, and they quickly decompose and feed the roots for a healthy, lush garden.

You only Spend less time emptying grass bags with Toro recycling technology. The reason is, It chopped clippings, and they returned to the soil, leaving no bags. You can adjust to recycler mode to make quick work of mowing in any garden.

So, only for this advantage, it is essential to know how to install a toro recycler kit.

Some Tips for Operating kit

Before using the mower in the side-discharge mode, remove only the discharge cover. So Park the machine on a level surface, disconnect the blade-control switch, and engage the parking.

brake. You should leave the operation position, and shut off the engine to remove the key. Then wait for all moving parts to stop perfectly. Make free the flexible latch from the latch retainer of the discharge cover and then pivot the discharge cover to the right.

To select the proper Height-of-Cut, remove approximately 1 inch or no more than 1/3 of the grass blade when cutting. Do not set the height-of-cut too low or surround the housing because air is required to cut.


Warning to not install a blade stiffener. These blades do not require a blade stiffener.


Toro’s high-lift blades lifted up when it cut the grass. For a clean, these blades create a powerful updraft that lifts the grass. It also keeps the clippings airborne to ensure they are thoroughly processed. If you know how to install a toro recycler kit, you can take advantage of it.

Because the unique shape of the cutting chamber is optimized for each product to ensure the best recycling performance, to maximize your grass clipping circulation and recycling, you should test this equipment’s performance. It provides the clippings filter through the plants and leaves no after-cut residue.