How to Hide Metal Fence Post- 2 Efficient Methods

Are you thinking of building a wood fence around your garden or backyard? And you want to know how to hide metal fence posts because you don’t like the ugly look of the metal fence post! Then this article is for you.

The wooden fence with a metal fence post gives you durable garden protection and long-lasting wall, which will stand up at the wind and protect from sun rot. But the metal fence post with the wooden fence will give an ugly look to your wood fence.

To provide a beautifully finished look top your wood fence, you need to hide the metal fence post. To know the easy way how to hide metal fence posts, keep reading this article.

How to Hide Metal Fence Post and Change the Fence Look

There are different methods that you can choose how to hide metal fence post of your garden. Hiding the metal fence post will give your garden wood fence a beautiful traditional look.

Method 1: Hang a Wood Fence Board In Front Of the Metal Posts

This method of hiding the metal posts is straightforward. It is also inexpensive. You can do it without getting any trouble very quickly.

Here to hide the metal post of the fence you are going need

1. Wood fence board at the size of the fence

2. Small eye screw

3. Wire

4. Pencil

5. Wire-cutter

6. Measuring tape or yardstick

Step by step: Hanging the Wood Board with the Metal Post

Step 1: Measuring Wood Board

1. At first, hold the wood board in front of the metal fence post.

2. Measure 2.5 inches below the top bracket of the metal post and mark on board.

Step 2: Inserting Eye Screw-on Wood Board

1. Mark the same on all fence boards

2. Insert two eye screws on one inch, both sides of the boards.

Step 3: Cutting Wire & Bend with Eye Screw

1. Cut a piece of wire

2. Slip through one screw hook

3. Bend the 1-inch wire and wrap the wire tightly

Step 4: Make a Loop with the Wire & hang with the Metal Post

1. Again hold the wood board in front of the metal fence post.

2. Wrap the wire around the post and insert through the other eye screw

3. Bend the wire tightly as the length of the loop you want.

Step 5: Repeat the Process for All the Wood Boards

1. Repeat the same for the lower end of the board

2. Do the same for all the boards you have.

Method 2: Build a Box around The Metal Post

If you want more stable construction to hide the metal post, you can build boxes. By using three wood boards, you can make each box around the metal fence post

The things you need to make boxes around the metal fence post are

1. Wood fence board

2. Measuring tape or yardstick

3. Construction adhesive

4. Self-tapping screw

5. Toe-nails and brad nails

6. C-shaped bracket

Step by Step: Building Boxes Around Metal Fence Post

Step 1: Measuring And Cutting the Wood Fence Board

1. Measure wood fence board at which size you want to build the box

2. Then cut three pieces of wood boards for each depending on the width of the post.

Step 2: Attaching Two Fence Board on the Left & Right Sides of the Posts

1. At first, hold the board at one side of the post and drill hole through the post and attach a wood board.

2. Then repeat the process for the other side and attach another board.

3. Use three self-tapping screws for each side to attach the two boards with the post.

Step 3: Attach the Front Wood Board

1. Attach the front board with construction adhesive with the two boards

2. Then secure the board using brad nails with the two wood boards of both sides.

3. All three fence boards were placed with the bottom of the top plate.

Step 4: Attach the Column Top

1. Added a top cap in the center of the three wood board and covered the post

2. Center the top cap as it has 2 1/2″ overhang on both sides.

3. Secure the cap with screws into the top plate of the fence

Step 5: Adding Trim and Secure the Trim

1. Add 1″ trim on each side.

2. Attached the trim with construction adhesive.

3. Then secure the trims with brad nails.

Step 6: Attach a C-shaped Bracket to the Bottom of the Boxes

1. Take a steel plat C-channel shape bracket with few screw holes.

2. Attachment the bracket to the bottom of your fence posts with screw

3. It will protect the wood boxes from being damaged by weed trimmers.

This is how to hide metal fence post by using simple wood fence boards without having so much effort and give a traditional look to your garden fence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to hide a metal fence post from a fence around the garden?

To hide the metal fence post from your fence around the garden are some wood fence board, some wire, some eye screw, pencil, and measuring tape.

How many wooden fence boards do I need to build a box around the metal fence post?

You will need three wooden fence boards for building the box around each metal fence post.

Which type of fence post is the best to build the fence?

Both wooden fence posts and the metal post are used to build a fence. The wooden fence posts are the traditional ones to build the fence. And the metal fence post makes the fence most stable and prevent from rotten.


To improve the wooden fence around your garden, hiding the metal fence post is very important. There are different methods that you can use to hide the metal fence post. This article is about how to hide metal fence posts. Here we tried to inform you how you can hide metal fence post with wood boards and give your garden a standard look.