How to Remove Clothesline Pole- 4 Best Ways

If you have a clothesline, you can dry big laundries such as futon and sheets. It is convenient. However, because of the length, it may be difficult to dispose of, such as if it breaks due to deterioration during use or you want to throw it away when moving.

This time, we will explain how to remove clothesline poles and the details of the disposal method and the costs incurred when disposing of it. We summarise the recommended people according to the disposal method of the clothesline.

How To Remove Clothesline Pole

When throwing away a clothesline, the first thing that comes to mind is oversized garbage. As for general waste, it is impossible to dispose of it because the local government sets the size.

First of all, let’s check how to remove clothesline pole, whether the material for the clothesline or whether it can be out as bulky garbage.

The Clothesline is Divide into three types, “Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum”

In the old days, there was only an iron clothesline, and it was a type that had a fixed size that did not expand and contract as it does now.

As you can see by holding a clothesline, it is cumbersome, and it is characteristic that it easily rusts under the influence of rain or snow. Today’s clothesline is making of aluminum or steel. Particular is a clothesline that emphasizes lightness and functionality that can be expanded and contract.

Since a clothesline has a hollow inside, the type of material made of aluminum or steel has weak strength, and there is a disadvantage that it tends to bend if the cloth is too dry. For this reason, there are cases where the product breaks suddenly while the laundry is draining.

Does Length Classify Oversized Garbage?

If you look at only the materials from which the clothesline is making, it will be celebrating as non-burnable garbage. However, clothesline cannot throw away as quickly as expected.

The biggest reason for this is the length of the clothesline. The range often defines general waste and bulky waste, and bulky waste is intending for items that have the longest side of 30 cm or more, or that do not fit in a garbage bag.

Although the new clothesline can be stretched and shrunk compared to the past, it is at least 1 m long. The type that cannot be expanding and contracting has a length of nearly 2 m, so the clothesline is classified as oversized garbage.

Four Clothesline Disposal Methods!

There are other ways to dispose of clothesline besides bulky garbage. It can be turning into non-burnable waste with a little effort, but depending on the disposal method, necessary tools and costs generated. We will tell you in detail the characteristics and value of four disposal methods is how to remove clothesline pole.

Method 1: Discard as oversized garbage 

Since the length and price of oversized trash vary depending on the local government, you know the details of charges and the procedure for taking out the garbage using the oversized waste from Ota-ku, Tokyo, as an example.

You can choose to take oversized garbage by bringing it to a designated location near you or transporting it to a garbage disposal facility.

Method 2: Dismantle and dispose of as non-burnable waste 

You can dispose of the clothesline as non-burnable garbage by dismantling it to the length specified. It is necessary to cut it as small as possible, but since the clothesline is hollow, it disassembled with a pipe cutter.

Unlike a saw that cuts a pipe, a pipe cutter cuts while rotating the and the cylinder, so strong forces not required. Even women can easily cut it so that you can cut it to your desired length.

Method 3: Ask a scrapper

There is a possibility that you can get the clothes-drying rod that is difficult to dispose of for free from the garbage collector. However, even if it is free of charge, it only applies to people who live in the collection area, and the cost of disposing of the clothesline charged separately.

In addition to pick-up and collection, disused item collection companies also have a carry-on collection and home delivery collection.

Method 4: Collect in exchange for a new purchase 

If you buy a new clothesline, you may be able to collect it at a hardware store or furniture store where you purchased it. However, since the original price is cheap, there are many cases where we do not accept trade-in collection.

For example, at Chainz, where the overwhelming number of products and reasonable prices are popular, we offer a free pick-up service for clothesline. Before purchasing a new clothesline and collecting the old one, it is necessary to confirm with the supplier to get how to remove clothesline pole.

Which Method is Best?

We will summarise the list in an easy-to-understand manner and tell you in detail how to dispose of the clothesline according to purposes of how to remove clothesline pole.

The disposal fee for oversized waste is less money, but it takes time to apply, receive, and dispose of garbage. It is a significant disadvantage that if you exceed the size of oversized waste, you will not be able to collect it.

Garbage collectors will be the fastest way to dispose of a drying pole if they live in a free collection area. However, disposal charges and transportation charges differ depending on the contractor, so it is necessary to confirm before using it.

How to Quickly Dispose of Clothesline

I want to quickly dispose of the clothesline that is no longer uses because of moving. If you have a problem such as no space to put a long clothesline, it is the earliest to look for a garbage collector.

How was it? Did you understand how to dispose of clothesline?

  • If you don’t want to use your clothes, or you can still use them, it’s a good idea to give them to someone or sell them to a flea market app or recycle shop.
  • If you don’t know the local waste collection company, check the purchase price and check the estimated cost.

In years past, clotheslines with laundry gently swaying on the breeze was a mainstay of every backyard. Today, busy schedules don’t allow for the time-consuming event of hanging the wash. Instead, gas or electric appliances are uses.

If you own an older home with abandoned clothesline poles and need to use that yard space, it’s impossible to identify how to remove the clothesline pole. However, many pole removal projects often result in all-day affairs.