How to Shorten a Throttle Cable on a Lawnmower- Easy DIY

Want to know how to shorten a throttle cable on a lawnmower? But do not know how to do that? Don’t worry, here you will find how to shorten a throttle cable on a lawnmower. A lawnmower is a machine utilizing revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. The design of the mower may fix the height of the grasses.
A throttle cable is a metal braided cable that serves as a mechanical link between the gas pedal and the engines throttle plate. When the gas pedal is pressed, the cable is pulled and opens the throttle.

Understanding the parts of your lawn mower can really help when something goes wrong. This guide will help you to understand what the throttle cable in a lawnmower does and how to shorten a throttle cable on a lawnmower. Let’s see them.

How To Shorten A Throttle Cable On A Lawnmower

Before knowing about how to shorten a lawnmower, you should gather knowledge about throttle cable and its work. So, let’s see them first.

What does the lawnmower throttle do?

The throttle of a lawnmower is the component that controls the engine speed. It is used to start the engine and also helps to control the speed of the blades while you are mowing the lawn.

In the engine of your lawnmower, you need to have a way of controlling the speed of the engine, and that is what a throttle does. It handles the governor and regulates all the engine parts when you are using the mower. It does this by pulling on a throttle cable, which controls the speed of the engine.

In many lawnmowers today, the throttle will mainly be automatic, but you can still find manual types – especially in older models. The engine will use it when you switch on the mower, and it will proceed to regulate the rate of consumption of fuel, as well as the blade speed of turning.

This will prevent the instances of ‘fuel-guzzling or inefficient cutting of grass when the blades rotate too quickly or too slowly.

When the engine fails to function due to inefficiencies in fuel or power supply, or the throttle handle fails to adjust the entire unit accordingly, you will need to take the mower for servicing or replace the throttle if it suffers damage.

Where is the throttle on a lawnmower?

Most modern push lawn mowers have an automatic throttle, and they are usually connected to the carburetors intake valve. When your grass becomes high in the garden, you need to cut them off. A lawnmower is a machine to cut the greens.

Shortening a Throttle Cable Step by Step

A broken cable may be shortened if all of the parts are present, and the cable itself has not been frayed inside the outer covering. Let’s see how to shorten a throttle cable in a lawnmower step by step.

Step 1: The Idea Behind It

Though this isn’t a perfect system, it gets the job done. Basically, you should use aluminum crimps to extend a new section of cable to the pull bar.In the following steps, I’ll explain and show you how to do it. This repair can be made in a matter of minutes, without any hassle of ordering parts.

Step 2: You Need Things

Here’s you need two things-

  • Aluminum crip 
  • Section of cable

The crimps and the cables are of different sizes. Try to match the new cable to your old cable. You can always take the broken segment in. You can also cut some off to take into the store. Once you have the cables matched, you need to find the right size crimps. And for the tools, you need:

  •  Hammer
  •  Pliers with a wire cutter edge

Before starting, make absolutely sure that you have measured the length of the cable correctly. Once cut, there is no going back, and you will have to start again from first.

Step 3: Play With a Hammer

Firstly connect the old cable to your segment of new cable. To do this, place both the cables in the crimp at the same time and strike the flat edge with a hammer. This is most easily done on the ground. You can always take the pull bar off. You also need a buddy help.

Step 4: Preparing the Components

Use about ¼ inch of copper tubing on the end of the cable. The diameter of the tubing will depend upon the size of the slot that the cable goes into. Drill a small hole in the side of the tubing for the cable to pass through.

Clean up the inside and outside of the tubing. Cut the cable according to size. Feed the cable through all parts of the throttle assembly before attaching the stopper.

Step 5: Get the Pull right

So, after you have your cable extended, you need to attach it to the pull bar. Firstly, put another crimp on the new cable. Feed the cable through the small hole in the side of the copper tube. Pull the cable back until all strands are inside the copper tube. Fill up the copper tube with solder.

Use acid core solder to clean off any dirt or grease. File the copper tube flat on both sides of the cable. Fit the cable. Finally, it ran the other end of the new cable in the crimp to close. There are going to be other ways to do it using this same method, so just do what works for you.

The ends of the crushed cables may be sharp, so be careful about that. Cut the excess of the remaining cables. It is always better to get too much cable than not enough.

The throttle of your engine is among the most important parts, as it regulates the long-term efficiency of the engine while you use it. For this reason, it is important to know how to increase its efficiency. These tips will hopefully help you to know about how to shorten a throttle cable on a lawnmower.