How to Get Dirt Under a House? Are You Doing It Right?

Do you know how to get dirt under a house?

Home is the safest place for people. People construct their houses according to their taste & comfort. Most of the houses have crawling space underneath. People left some space under the house for basement pillars, pipes, electrical wires, etc. that relate to the house.

People keep space so that they can fix plumbing problems or any other problems related to house construction. This small space needs to clean more often. But most people don’t know how to get dirt under a house. Since it is a small place & has less ventilation system, so it gets dirtier.

More dirt means more unhealthy & more pollution. Its dirt can pollute the environment of your house. So, you need to keep it clean & make sure that dust can’t damage your home. Cleaning crawling space is a tough job. We hope this topic will help you to gather some ideas for cleaning the basement of your house.

How to Get Dirt Under a House- Instructions & Techniques

Dirt underneath your house is a cause for damaging the house. It also pollutes the environment of your home. We have provided you with some techniques below to keep it clean.

How to get dirt under a house? We hope you will find the answer by reading our writing.

Dry Up Water in the Basement

Sometimes you need to examine your basement. You have to look if there is any water in your crawling area. You can’t ignore this problem.

You should crawl around the basement to find the source of the water. If you find any leakage in your pipes or a crack in the wall, you have to repair it immediately.

 Soak the water with a dry- vacuum machine or use a mob to dry it up. If the water quantity is more, then you can pump it out.

 The basement area is already moist. Because it is already under the ground & it has less air circulation. Standing water makes it more humid. The damp area contains more bacteria. It also damages the structure of your house floor.

 If there is any small dack or window, you have to seal it so that the outdoor water can’t enter the basement. You need to keep your drainage system clean. Otherwise, it will overflow & enter into your crawling space.

Remove Bugs From Crawling Space

Bugs & creepy- crawlies like dark & moisture areas. Since the basement is a moisture area, it attracts them more.

You will find lots of spiders or bugs underneath your house. Some spiders are helpful because they eat insects.

More bugs can damage your home structure. It is also not right for your healthy lifestyle. 

They create nasty smells that can affect your house environment. 50% of the air that we breathe comes from our basement. So, it is necessary to keep the crawling space clean.

You can get rid of bugs by using a killing spray. Try to keep root trees or vegetable gardens a little far from the house because vegetables & trees attract the insects more.

Keep your space less moisture to get rid of bugs. A Moist place helps them to grow more. And more bugs means a more unhealthy environment at home.

Prevent Molds From the Basement

Crawling space is mainly the space under your house. It is on top of dirt & soil. Dirt & soil make a place moister, which is a perfect place for growth for molds.

Molds weaken the structure of the house. More moisture & more humidity levels help it to grow fast.

So, you have to examine your crawling space more often. Try to check if there is any leakage or any crack on the basement walls. If you find any discolored place, you can be sure about the leakage.

You can keep a meter in the basement to check its humidity level. More humidity welcomes molds to grow & less moisture can dry up the floor of your house. As a result, it can crack. So, a meter will help you to control its humidity.

Since the crawling area is closed, the air entering into the place can’t go outside so quickly. More sealed air makes more moisture. So, you have to keep its ventilation system minimal but sufficient to prevent molds from growing.

You can cover the whole ground & walls to prevent the dirt underneath your house. Separate the central drainage system from the underground drainage system. It will help to prevent leakage & extra moisture in the crawling space. As a result, molds will find no excuse to grow & damage the house.

Remove Odors From Crawling Space

When the dirt increases underneath your house, it creates a bad smell in the air. It can suffocate your breathing & also pollute your house environment.

First, you have to find the source of the smell. Look around carefully to see if there is any trash under your house. Make sure that there are no snakes or vermin in the crawling space.

Drainage leakage, big cracks in the wall, molds, high humidity, decomposed soil, etc. can also create the crawl space odors. It can even escape into your home.

So if it is vermin or snake, call animal control or professionals to remove it. In the case of molds, molds remediation specialists can help you.

For humidity problems, you can buy a dehumidifier to control it. To prevent soil dirt, you can invest in a crawl space barrier. 


Crawling space cleaning under a house is not easy. Most of the house owners want to know how to get dirt under a house? It’s the most common question of them. We hope they will find their answer from our writing.

To keep the house underneath clean, you have to check it more often. You need to examine if any damage happens in the crawling space. Maybe there is a leakage problem or extra moisture or molds or humidity problem.

Try to find the exact problem & take the proper initiative to solve it. This initiative will help you to keep your house dirt & pollution-free. Your home will be a perfect place to live with your loving family members.