How to Fix Front Tire on Zero Turn Mower- 2 Easy Ways

Do you have a lawn mowing company? Having trouble handling zero turn mower? If yes, then this article is definitely going to help you. Many lawn mowing businessmen face a common problem with fixing the front tire. I would not even think about it unless my friend had trouble. He started his job at a lawn mowing company.

We are best friends, so he always shares everything with me. I felt really sorry for him and decided to find out how to fix front tire on zero turn mower. Here I am going to share what I’ve learned about it.

How To Fix Front Tire On Zero Turn Mower – Easy Way

The caster wheels, which are swiveled to possess the rear-drive wheels to make an incisive turn and speedily cut lawn, are known as the front tires on a zero-turn mower.

There are two methods of fixing a flat tire on the Cub Cadet mower. They are—

  1. Fixing slow leaks/small holes
  2. Fixing larger punctures

1. Fixing Slow Leaks/Small Punctures

    • At first, you will need the help of a plier. If the hole making object is visible, pull out it using the plier.


  • Then you will need to unwind the hose of an aerosol tire inflator can.
  • To activate the ingredients of the can, shake it vigorously about 30 seconds.
  • The end of the tire inflator hose now should be pressed onto the valve stem.
  • Slowly release the end, slightly pull back the hose and make sure it is locked in place.
  • Now you need to press the button which is at the top of the can, at the same time, hold it in an upright position.
  • Do it until no longer product traveling through the hose into the tire. Then remove it by pulling the locking collar back.
  • Now you need to distribute the tire inflator. There are two ways to distribute the tire inflator; you can choose one—
  • You can slowly drive the lawn mower for a couple of minutes.
  •  Add air using an air compressor to inflate the tire in between 20-25psi. After that, drive the lawn mower to distribute the tire inflator.
  • The last thing to do is, dislocate the valve cap and secure it clockwise.


2. Fixing Large Punctures

  • At first, park the lawn mower at a driveway or any other flat hard surface.
  • Now you need to make the rear wheels standstill by placing brick behind each of the wheels.
  • Then you need to pull the flat tire off the ground for about two inches, by inserting a jack under the axle.
  • With the help of a fixed wrench, loosen, then remove the lock nut on the axle.
  • Now you need to pull out the axle outward so that the tire and spacers will drop free.
  • Make a soapy mixture on a bucket by combining a few squirts of dish detergent and water.
  • Now dip the flat tire into the bucket and turn it slowly. You will see some soap bubbles.
  • When air leaks out from the tire, it makes those bubbles, and the holes become evident.
  • Now you need to mark the area with the help of a paint marker.
  • Implant the tiny tip of a rubber tire plug. You will easily find it from a tire repair kit, which is in the eye of the needle tool.
  • Now implant the needle about two-third of its length inside the tire through the marked hole, along with the plug.
  • Pull out the needle tool straight, do not turn or twist it, then cut off the excess plug on the outside of the tire with the help of a scissor.
  • Now accumulate air into the tire from an air compressor in between 20-25psi.
  • Now fix the flat tire on the lawn mower with spacer and slide it on the axle.
  • Also, replace the locking nut and tighten it clockwise with the help of an adjustable wrench.
  • Finally, you need to release the jack to set the lawn mower. Do not forget to remove the bricks from the back of the rear tires.

Some Tips and Tricks

  1. To prevent slow leaks, you can keep the caps of the valve stem tightly on tires.>
  2. You can easily find tire plug kits at the hardware stores and automotive.
  3. Do not forget to remove loose grass and debris before mowing an area.
  4. To prevent the mower from tipping over, you should always maw across the slopes.

Advantage of Zero Turn Mower

When a lawn mower has a zero turning radius, it is called zero turn mower. It is famous for its beneficial effect. They are

  1. Reducing Mowing Time: A zero turn mower can reduce your mowing time almost in half.
  2. Reduce Fuel Consumption: It can decrease fuel consumption as it has a high speed.
  3. Perfect Cut: You can make your lawn more beautiful by giving a better cut with the help of zero turn mower.
  4. Long-Lasting: A zero turn mower usually lasts longer period than a conventional riding mower because it has a shorter mowing time.
  5. Easy Operating System: You can easily handle a zero turn mower with a lot of comforts.
  6. Maneuverability: You can enhance the maneuverability of the zero turn mower as it has dual-wheel motors.

The Disadvantage of Zero Turn Mower

  1. Sometimes a zero turn mower can develop traction problems.
  2. When you go uphill, you may feel difficulties, as it loses power.
  3. If the spark plugs are covered with dirt, carbon, or oil, it may develop ignition problems.
  4. Sometimes, the muffler of your mower becomes clogged with debris.
  5. A zero-turn mower is a source of environmental pollution.

When I told my friend that I’ve found out the solution, he was so happy and excited. Even he has gained much positive feedback from his clients.

I hope you will also become so happy after reading this article because I’ve written how to fix front tire on zero turn moweras details as possible. If you are dealing with this type of situation, this article is definitely going to help you.