How to Connect Sprinkler System to Faucet- Easy Guide with Pro Tips

Are you confused about how to connect sprinkler system to faucet? Then this writing is for you.

Many people get afraid to connect the sprinkler system to the faucet because they have no idea how to connect sprinkler system to faucet.

The Sprinkler system is active fire protection. It is made of pipes along with a ceiling that contains water with additional water for constant water flow. It can protect a building against fire by overhead pipes, which convey extinguishing moisture to head activated outdoors.

Connecting the sprinkler system to the faucet anywhere is one of the final steps of installation. For the sprinkler system, you need to connect your system to your house water supply (water comes from anywhere).

In mild climates, you can tap into an outdoor faucet. But in cold- winter climates, or if you don’t have sufficient water flow of the faucet, then you can cut into your main water line.

Methods On How To Connect Sprinkler System To Faucet

Tap Into The Main Water Supply Line

To supply a new sprinkler, you need to tap into your existing cold- water supply system. If your plan is for cutting existing pipes, you may hire a plumber. But if you decide to tackle it yourself, be sure to turn off the water supply before you start.

Cut Into The Service Line

By cutting down into your service line and slipping on a compression tee, you can connect your sprinkler system to your faucet without soldering. In some cases, you may ignore cutting the mainline by attaching your system to the outdoor faucet connection. PVC pipe may be located for copper in non-freezing areas.

Shut Off The Valves

whether a PVC is used or not, you are highly recommended for a shut-off valve between the zone valves and the service line. That will support you to turn off the water to your irrigation system easily if you need to repair or replace parts.

Check local shops for the type of valve you recommended.

Note: Pipes must be buried minimum 6inches under the ground.

To Connect The Sprinkler System To The Faucet Is an Easy Task. There Are Three Ways To Tap Into The Main Water Supply

Focus At The Outside Faucet

First, unscrew the outdoor faucet and install an inch copper tee fitting facing down. Screw the tap back, run a ceased valve and then run the pipe to the manifold and irrigation system.

Tap The Mainline

Cut apart out of your mainline and install a restraint fitting. Run the pipe some away and run a shut valve. Then run the pipe.

Tap The Water Meter

To fix the water meter, cut into the line, and drive an enclosed tee. Then drive a short-range and drive a shut valve. Now you have to pipe up to the trench level outside and make a hole through the basement wall. Run pipe out to the variant.

A variant is a group of control valves connecting the water to the sprinkler and controlling water flows. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, connect the pipes to the control valves at the variant using pipe tape(the tape u used around the treads to protect the connection from leaking).

You will be more careful when you attach the pipe, don’t do the tube so tight that the threads become damaged and cause the pipe to leak.

After the entire system is attached to the manifold and the main water line, you have to head down the stretch to the finish point

Connect The Risers

Cut off the pipe at each spot where a riser is to go and drive a tee fitting. Install the riser, make sure that the sprinkler head will be just above soil level.

If you are planting sod, the heads need to be an inch or so higher than soil level to adjust the density of the sod. Several adjustable risers make this connection easy.

Complete The System

Turn on the main water line and the irrigation system, flush out the pipes for a few minutes. Sprinkler heads can hamper very quickly, and you can remove dirt in the lines. Now turn off the water.

Put On The Sprinkler

Capture the sprinkler onto the risers, make sure that they’re adjusted accurately, and pointing in the right direction.

Install a Timing Device (If You Want)

This electrical device must be in a safe place not far from your power source. A heated garage can be useful. Make sure to run the electrical wires to connect the controller to the manifold in a waterproof pipe.

Test Your System

If all the pipes and fittings are right, you can backfill the holes.

Prevention Of Backflow

Whenever you will add a portable water system, install a backflow preventer to prevent the used water flow back into the water supply. If you use antisiphon control valves, prevention is built into each valve.

You can open a vacuum breaker into the end of the faucet, for a single-circuit system that directly off the house faucet. And the inline valves need a pressure vacuum breaker at the starting point of the system, as long as it is situated higher than the highest sprinkler head.

Or else, you have to install a reduced-pressure (RP) principle backflow preventer on the main supply line before the valves at a point minimum of 12inches above the ground.


You have to remember if you mistake your plumbing system, then it can be expensive to call a professional to fix it.

Final Words

This is the process of how to connect the sprinkler system to the faucet. By following this way, you can easily connect your sprinkler system to the faucet of your house. It is not such a hard task.

You follow the method mentioned above and attach your sprinkler system to your faucet easily without any trouble. The Sprinkler system is essential for a building indeed. It will protect your building against fire.