How to Change a Tire on a Walk-Behind Mower? Easy Safe Guide

Are you looking for a solution to how to change a tire on a walk-behind mower? And want to do it by yourself? Then you come in at the right content. Here you will find the easiest way to learn it.

There are so many mowers to use but walking behind a mower is very much used nowadays and there are so many difficulties as well you will face by the time of use and one of the difficulties in changing the tire of the mower.

We need to change the tires for many reasons like low speed, broken parts of the tire, or for the layers of garbage stuck in the tires as well. So it should be necessary to know how to change a mowers tire.

But now it will take a few minutes to change the tire by this content you are going to follow up. And we will make sure this content will worth your time.

How To Change A Tire On A Walk-behind Mower- With Some Easy Steps

A mower is a satisfactory tool for those who have the desire to have a garden or lawn to spend time in their free time. So for this desire to be maintained they need to modify their desired place to feel like heaven.

So to make it go on, you need to keep its equipment to be good in time. And for this reason mowers, tires also need to be changed from time to time.

If you don’t want to visit some other place to change your mower tire instantly; you can change it on your own and without any troubles of going here and there because now you will be able to do it with the help of these easy steps.

Now we are going to read up the process of how to change a tire on a walk-behind mower.

Step 1: Get The Tools 

First, we need to get the tools that will help you to change the tire like a screwdriver or a small piece of cloth, etc. These tools will help you to work skillfully.

Step 2: Place The Mower In A Flat Surface

Then you have to place the mower on a flat surface to comfort its all wheels and give the mower a comfort position. 

Step 3: Unplug The Spark Wire

After placing the mower, you must unplug the spark wire to avoid a sudden accident. And make sure there are no children.

Step 4: Adjust The Height

Just adjust the height of the mower. Then try to take off the tire with basic tools we collected in step one.

Step 5: Take Off The Tire

Then you can take off the tire with the necessary tools and keep the broken tire to another place. 

Step 6: Smear With Oil The Mowers Tire

If you want to span the tires’ life then you can smear with oil the mower’s tires. This will help you to use the tire a few more weeks or months.

Step 7: Replace With A New Tire 

Now you can replace the mower’s old tire with a new one of its size mentioned in the operator manual. 

Step 8: Tighten The Nuts And Adjust The Height

After placing the new tire you have to tighten the tire nuts and then you can adjust the height with the other three tires.

Step 9: Reconnect The Spark Plug Wire

In the end balance the height of the tire, reconnect the spark plug wire and your mower is ready to work.

Safety Precautions for How To Change A Tire On A Walk-behind Mower

There are some safety precautions for you to be safe when you will change the tire for the first time and those people also who are experts or used to it.

The Engine Needs To Be Cool

Before doing anything with the tire you have to make sure that the mower’s engine is cool otherwise you will hurt yourself. So we suggest you wait for some hours to change the tire.

The Correct Size Of The Wheel Or Tire

To check the tire size you can take the help of the operator’s manual to avoid size problems of the tire because each model’s mower has different sizes of tires.

Remove Spark Plug Wire

You have to be careful of the spark plug too because it can cause you harm by a sudden spark so unplug it before you start to do the work.

Operators Manual For Better Information

You must have the operators manual to know the parts of your mower very well. It will help you to change the tire easily by knowing its information thoroughly.

Adjust The Height Carefully

Before restarting the engine make sure that each tire has the same height to prevent any kind of hardships.

Senior Advice And Guidance

If you are the first time doing it then you can take elderly advice and guidance too for extra care. Then, it will be easier to understand how to change a tire on a walk-behind mower.

Wrap Up

A walk-behind mowers tire is a very important and crucial part of the mower so if it gets damaged or broken or cannot be used anymore for any reason then you need not be worried. You don’t like to carry it to the repair shop or any other place to make it fixed. 

Quickly you can do it your way just follow the steps given above. It will make your pain lesser by not carrying the mower here and there. By knowing about how to change a tire on a walk-behind mower you can make it easy for yourself.

The above steps can be little changeable for some models of mowers but most of the mowers’ tires can be changed by these steps. So go ahead and do it effortlessly without any second thought and keep in mind those safety precautions as well to be safe and do it with fun.