Exmark Vs Scag- Choose The Best Lawn Mower With Commercial-Grade Cutting Decks

Deciding while choosing the top-notch lawn mower between Exmark vs Scag is a little bit confusing. As both are the best commercial lawn mower leaders having almost the same quality!

So, what is the difference between these mowers that make them different from each other?

Well, when it comes to having an eco-friendly commercial lawn mower with super-wide cutting decks, the Exmark should be the first choice for you. While, if you want more reliable and durable quality lawn mowers with incredible cutting performance, choose no other than the Scag.

Although both of them carry out the same type of work, there are some features that have made a subtle difference between them.

And, in this article, we are going to find out that by discussing those features. So, without wasting time, let’s take a tour of our article!

A Quick Comparison On Exmark Vs Scag Mowers

Exmark MowerScag Mower
The Engine of the Mower
Ultra-efficient Propane-powered Electronic Fuel Injected enginesGasoline, Diesel, and even Propane-powered Electronic Fuel Injected engines
Cutting Deck
Ultra-Cut DecksVelocity Plus™ as well as Advantage Cutter Decks
Deck Size
Much widerLess wide than Exmark
Fuel efficiency
Less fuel-efficient but more eco-friendlyMore fuel-efficient
Provides less comfort than ScagProvides utmost comfort
ExpensiveLess expensive compared to Exmark
Top 3 Picks
Exmark Lazer Z-Series Lawn Mower – Excellent cut quality and with superior OEM quality parts. Exmark Quest-Series Lawn Mower – Professional-grade cutting performance. Exmark Radius-Series Lawn Mower – Super durable commercial lawnmower.Scag Cheetah Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – Amazing cutting quality with a wider cut deck size. Scag TURF TIGER Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – Super ultra-tough with cast-iron spindles Scag V-RIDE Stand-On Lawn Mower – Excellent quality of cut.  

Lawn Mower Models Differences Between Exmark and Scag

First thing first, we should look over both of the mowers model’s differences. The Exmark and Scag both offer 3 different mower models including Zero-turn mowers, Stand-on mowers, and Walk-behind mowers.

However, each mower model has variations according to their cutting deck size and thus the number of mower models also varies.

The brand Exmark provides 8 Zero-turn mowers models where the deck sizes vary from 42-96 inches. In the case of Stand-on mower models, it is only one model where the cut deck widths are 32, 36, 48, and 60-inches.

And, for the Walk-behind mower models, the model numbers are 7 with deck sizes of about 21-60 inches.

Well, in the case of the brand Scag, it provides 5 Zero-turn mowers models with cutting deck sizes from 36-72 inches. Yet, like the brand Exmark, the Scag also makes only one Stand-on mower model with the cut deck widths of 48, 52, and 61-inches.

Besides, the Scag also has 3 Walk-behind mower models where the width of the cutting deck cover is 32 to 61-inches.

So, from the above information, it is clear that the cutting deck size of the Exmark mowers is much wider than that of the Scag mowers. Therefore, their models’ numbers are also different as the size varies.

All right, for your better understanding let’s have a look at the following table:

Comparison Table On Exmark Vs Scag Mowers

Scag Mower Vs Exmark- Cutting Deck Quality Comparison

The Scag lawn mowers feature several types of Cutting decks. Yet, the Cutting deck types depend on their models.

However, whatever the model is, the quality of the cutting deck is excellent and also with professional commercial grade. Besides, it also offers superb cutting performance.

The mower brand Scag usually provides two types of cutting decks. They are Advantage Cutting Decks and Velocity Plus™ Cutting Decks.

Well, in terms of the Advantage cutting decks, you will find that the depth of the deck is 5-inches that also comes with three cutting edge blades. Therefore, cutting the weeds and grass will be more convenient for you no matter if it is the first time.

The advantage cutting decks are made with a Tri-plot design as well. Thus, it is super durable and sturdy and the side-wear pads of the deck protect your mower from any kind of damage. However, this type of deck is available on the Walk-behinds as well as the Stand-on types of Scag lawn mowers with a width of 36-inches.

And, in the case of Velocity Plus™ Cutting Decks, these decks are more durable and also equally well-built with a large opening. So, you can discharge the clippings more evenly.

Besides, these deck features help you to provide a smooth ride, and also while mowing, you will find an excellent and faster ground cutting speed. Well, this type of cutting deck will be available on the Zero-Turn, Stand-On, and Walk-Behinds types of Scag lawn mowers with the width of 48, 52, 61, and 72-inches.

On the other hand, the Exmark lawn mowers come with completely different Ultra-Cut cutting decks. It is kind of a tightly baffled flat deck. And, these incredible flat-cutting decks make the cut more productive than you ever thought.

Moreover, with this cutting deck, you can chop up the clippings very finely, and overall, it will help you to provide a clean and well-manicured cut. And, you will get this kind of deck available with a width of 60-72-inches according to the mower model.

However, the only issue you will find is if the turf is thick and wet. In this case, the Scag lawn mower performs best with the wet turf.

Engine Differences Of The Scag And Exmark Lawn Mowers

The brand Scag manufactures their lawnmowers using different types of engines such as Kawasaki, Kohler, Kubota, and Briggs Vanguard engines.

Yet, for the gasoline lawn mower models, they use Kawasaki engines, Kohler engines, and Briggs Vanguard engines and for some diesel mowers, they offer Kubota Diesel engines. Besides, they even use Kohler propane engines for some lawn mower models to increase fuel efficiency.

However, the engine types entirely depend on which type of mower you will require for your cutting projects. Furthermore, as we mentioned before the Scag mower engines are gasoline, diesel, and even propane-powered Electronic Fuel Injected engines.

Therefore, this type of EFI engine delivers the precise amount of fuel that your mower engine requires. Moreover, it also helps to enhance fuel efficiency as well as improve the engine starting and responses.

On the other hand, the Exmark features Ultra-efficient and Gas Carbureted, and Propane-powered Electronic Fuel Injected engines. And, they also use Exmark, Kohler, Kawasaki engines to power their lawnmowers.

This type of engine is more eco-friendly and helps to decrease the environmental impact while also increasing the fuel efficiency of the engines.

Their prototype engines come with an overhead valve design to reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions. Besides, this type of engine decreases the operating temperature, and thus it enhances the lifespan of the engine making it a long-lasting and durable one.

So, if you want to increase your mower’s engine reliability with an ease-of-maintenance feature, the Exmark mower is the perfect choice for you.

Both Scag and Exmark Have Built Quality Differences

So, if you want to compare their built quality, you need to look at their built equipment, power components, and other factors such as blade spindles, deck idler arms, frame supports, pulleys, deck lifts, dampeners, wiring harness, engine positionings, etc.

Most consumers claim that the built quality of the Scag lawn mower is great and unbeatable compared to Exmark. However, in this section we will cover up the reasons behind it.

Blade Spindles

Coming with blade spindles, the spindle blade bolt of the Scag lawn mower is longer and goes through entirely on the spindles. Besides, it features tapered roller bearings having cast-iron housing.

But in terms of the Exmark lawnmower, the spindle blade bolt is not threaded all the way through spindles. And, they almost provide aluminum housing with ball bearings, caged roller bearings, and some with tapered roller bearings.

Deck Idler Arm

When you look at their deck idler arm, you will find that the idler arm of the Scag lawn mower is manufactured with steel and a large spring is used to maintain tension. Besides, their Velocity Plus™ cutting decks have two belts that help to run shorter while they also stay cool and last for a long time.

On the other hand, the deck idler arm of the Exmark mower is thin compared to the Scag mower and in most cases, they are made of aluminum and in some cases, it is steeled.

However, one belt of the deck runs from the mower clutch around all spindles and also at the back of the machine. Thus, it makes the belt difficult to keep proper tension with that distance.

The Frame Supports

The Scag mowers are made of tubular steel so they can provide maximum strength as well as support. Their heavy-duty rear struts decks are welded and attached to the steel frame.

Their Tri-plate-designed cutter deck is well-built with 3 steel plates having the adjustable via spacers deck lifts providing one link for each deskside. So, it can support the lift equally.

Yet, in the case of Exmark lawnmowers, the frame is made of different materials including gauge steel, welded and heavy-duty tubular steel, aluminum, etc. according to types and models of the mowers. However, the rear struts with aluminum frame support are not much stronger than the steel frame support.

And the deck lifts of the mower are not equally supported as only one link is there on the discharge side of the deck like Exmark Lazer Z E Series. The link is not provided on both sides. Therefore, there is more stress on the mower’s closed side.


The steering dampener and cylinder of the Scag lawn mower come with a large diameter. This dampener is also locked up with metal ends on both sides. Besides, the steering control is also adjustable into 3 positions for the cutting height adjustment. So, the operator of the mower can get the utmost comfort.

Whereas, the Exmark lawnmower has a small diameter steering dampener and cylinder that is secured with usually plastic ends. And also, its steering control has 2 positions for the cutting height adjustment.

With this height adjustment, it bents the deck around the blade spindles. Therefore, this mower can’t cut straight as the Scag mower cuts.

Engine Positioning

The engine of the Scag mower is mounted. So, both cylinders of the mower have maximum access to air. Besides, the cylinder heads are placed at the rear of the mower engine and it comes with an adjustable air gap feature for maximum cooling.

On the other hand, the engine of the Exmark lawnmower is transversely mounted in its sideways. Moreover, in terms of carbureted engine, its inboard cylinder operates with an 80-degrees temperature that is hotter than the outboard cylinder which leads to reducing the engine lifespan. However, the case is different in the case of propane-powered engines.

The Price Point Comparison of Both Lawn Mowers

Well, although both mowers are of high quality, when you compare their prices, you will find that the price of the Scag mower is much cheaper than the Exmark. Besides, with this affordable and unbeatable price, you will get faster speed, incredible cutting performance, superb fuel economy, etc.

On the other hand, the Exmark lawnmower is slightly expensive compared to the Scag mowers. However, if your intention is to get an eco-friendlier mower with an attractive-looking commercial-grade machine, this mower is a totally money-worth investment overall.

Final Verdict

So, now, we would like to sum up the battle by throwing you a question- Exmark vs Scag, which one would you like to choose as of your go-to-lawn mowers?

Well, both are the best quality commercial-grade mowers. However, the Scag mowers offer you the highest build quality, outstanding cutting at a very affordable price.

By the way, the Exmark lawn mower is also unparalleled if you are more conscious of having an eco-friendly mower.

Besides, this mower leaves a more uniform, cleaned, and attractive cut with its fantastic cutting performance. So, even if you spend a lot of money to buy it, we can assure you that you will never regret it.

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