Toro Vs Ariens Zero Turn: What Is Your Ideal ZT Mower & Why?

Are you in the middle of selecting an ideal mower and fall in the battle for Toro vs Ariens zero turn mower? Let’s breakdown the suspense today.

When talking about Toro and Ariens, both have introduced us to their different series with different performance capabilities. And we can’t deny that all are much top-notched indeed.

What is the difference between Toro and Ariens zero turn mower? Some of the Toro models come with excellent shock-absorbing formulas that many like, whereas the Ariens literally has been seen popular for inexpensive mowers.

This is not the only thing based on what you can decide your pick. You should explore the entire gist. Besides, you can have asigh that you happen to get this comparison pack where we have pointed out the total difference with some quality picks also.

Toro Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Toro Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Zero Turn Mower

Available Series

2 different styles- Toro Titan & Toro Timecutter

5 different styles- Ariens Apex, Ariens Ikon XD, Ariens Edge, Ariens Zenith,  Ariens Zoom

Available Cutting Width

34”, 48”, 50” 54”, 60”

34”, 42”, 53”, 48”, 60”

Available EngineBrands

Kohler 7000&Toro V-Twin& Kawasaki

Kohler 7000, Kohler 6000, Kawasaki V Twin,& Briggs & Stratton Intake T-win

Ease of Use

Excellent and comfortable to use

Better but not as comfortable as Toro Titan

Engine Power Range

22 HP to 30 HP power

19 HP to 24 HP

Riding Comfort

Excellent with shock-absorbing formula in some models

Good with side discharge mulching

Best Usability

Better for small to large size residential and commercial lawn mowing

Best for larger size lawn mowing

Comparing the Engine Power of Toro & Ariens ZT

Toro is the beast giving you a riding mower witha powerful engine.There are the robust Kawasaki, Kohler 7000 series, and the Toro commercial-grade V twin engine in most Toro zero-turn models.

We know only naming the engine brand does not reflect quality either.More precisely, most Toro Titan models come with 26 HP Kohler and 24.5 HP Toro V-Twin engines. And the Toro Time Cutter models have quality mowers with 22HP Kohler, 23 HP Kawasaki, and the 24.5 HP Toro engine until today.

And undoubtedly, the Kohler 7000 series are highly notable for its quality and power, as well as the Kawasaki engine for long-time support. And so the Toro Titan Max is the big, bad ultimately offering a robust mower, built to the last. According to Toro,

“Built Like a Bull. One pass with this machine is all it will take to know you’ll never mow with anything else.”

On the other side, the engine power of the Arien mowers is also as robust as the Toro.So it more can give you a commercial grade performance output.

Only the Ariens Edge model has the Briggs & Stratton engine that makes it a bit cost-effective but powerful for quick mowing.

Have a quick glimpse at the available engines of different series of Ariens mowers.

Ariens SeriesEngines
Ariens Ikon XD22& 24 HP Kohler 7000, 18 & 23 HP Kawasaki V Twin
New Ariens Zenith23.5 HP Kawasaki
Ariens Apex23 HP Kohler 7000, 23 HP Kawasaki V Twin
Ariens Edge19 HP Kohler 6000, 21.5 HPAriens Kawasaki V Twin,  & 20 HP Briggs & Stratton Intake Twin
Ariens Zoom19 HP Kohler 6000

Among these models, Ariens XD comes with the most effective engines- Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki, claiming to offer professional-grade performance in no time mowing. According to Ariens,

“STRENGTH WITH A SOFTER SIDE. With the choice of a premium Kawasaki V-Twin or a powerful Kohler 7000 series, you can’t go wrong.”

Comparingthe Cutting Ability: Ariens Vs Toro

The riding mower is to mow your grass with quick and great maneuverability, right? So,the cutting performance and response come at first in considering facts.

Most Ariens come with the 3 blade deck design that is perfect for large lawn mowing fast.The Ariens IKON XD is just best for all sizes of lawn mowing. And for a professional cut with minimal costing Ariens Apex comes with some pro-quality cutting features.

Since Ariens Apex is the previous model of them, it might be under no production list now. In that case, Ariens IKON XD Is on the topin serial and then the Edge for small-sized yards.

With a simple controlling feature, the Ariens Edge series of mowers can cut fast and clean with less exercise of your hands.

Besides, the Zenith can give a professional lawn mowing experience with ease that might dare to break your bank also.

Conversely, Toro mowers come with 2 blade design mowers but can cut faster than the Ariens, reviewed by several Toro users.  However, Toro Titan Max 26 HP Kohler comes with 3 spindles that run 3 blades resulting in a smooth and precise cut.

The Toro Timecutter is better at drought resistance, and so these mowers can provide perfect cutting on the rough lawns. Moreover, Toro mowers can quickly stick and much better at discharge mulching also.

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Mower Deck Difference in Ariens Vs Toro Zero Turn

The mower deck impacts the cutting performance as well as ensures longevity. In today’s age, the mower brands use the steel-made deck hiking the mower prize a cost-effective fabricated deck that lowers the price but with the same cutting efficiency. AndBoth Toro and Ariens zero turn mowers come with a highly constructed mower deck.

Toro Titans and Timecutter series mowers come with the 10 gauge fabricated steel deck with which is from Ironforged®. But the Toro Titans mower deck has bullnose edging, which makes the deck robust enough.

You will be amazed after knowing the user experience after using a Toro Titan mower for 11 years without much troubleshooting.Recently in the Blogheads forum, he said,

“I bought a Toro Titan…48” in 2011 to take care of an acre. It’s still doing the job now in its 11th cutting season.

The hydros are the important part. I had one that leaked and had to have it rebuilt for around $400. The other is leaking slowly now; I plan to have it rebuilt after this mowing season. I’ve had zero problems with the Kawasaki engine.”

On the contrary, the Ariens also no less in giving you a long-lasting performance. But these are the machine that really depends on the user sometimes for how long they go up to.

If you check the Ariens deck type, Ariens Zenith and the Apex come with the commercial graded deck made from 10-gauge steel.

The Ariens IKON XD. and Edge have the fabricated 11-gauge steel-made mower deck that also offers professional-grade cutting and mowing.

Only the Ariens Zoom model comes with the tough and rugged 12-gauge deck made from one-piece stamped steel. This can provide an exceptional style of cutting with faster airflow.

But sadlyZoom model is no longer in production from Ariens manufacturers. However, you may find if you can contact your local dealer if they have any in stock.

Both Ariens and Toro have the available size of the deck for maximum cutting within minutes that you can select according to your yard size. Below is the table showing their available deck width from different models.

Mower BrandsToro Ariens
SeriesTitanTime Cutter ZenithApexIkon XDEdgeZoom(Previous Model)
Available Cutting Width48”, 54” 60”34”, 42”, 50”, 54”, 60” 60”48”, 52” 60”42”, 52”, 60”34”, 42”, 52”34” & 42”

Toro Zero Turn Vs Ariens in Terms of Maneuverability

From Toro and Ariens, people prefer Torto for the best maneuverability with an auto adjustable lever control system. And the special MyRIDE® suspension system in the Toro mowers offers comfortable riding that does not let your body bump when going over some ups & downs; in a word,smootheliminates shock.

The Toro riding mowers are built with Toro special ProDNA that they claim to be the best commercial-grade performance featuring comfortable lawn mowing.

What is more?The rubber chute, the canister-style air filter, and the shear pin deck offer a safe cutting that most notice while mowing in their home yard.

Contrarily, the Ariens Zenith series comes with utmost comfort while mowing with the plush seats and isolators. And when you need a mower with professionalstrength, but comfort added, the Ariens APEX is the best way to go.

On top, the complete tubular frame-designed mower frame and the Ariens special self-belt technology makes the Ariens Apex and MAX mowers more preferable.

Ease of Use: Ariens Vs Toro Zero Turn

Ariens and Toro both make such a top-performing well-built riding mower built to the last. The compact-sized Toro is just a right fit for small to more extensive lawns, primarily residential lawns. However, here thecost can be pretty higher than the Ariens.

On the other side, Ariens can provide you with some quality mower at reasonable prices. For example, Arien Edge 42” with Briggs & Stratton engine can containhigh cutting capability with an inexpensive price tag.

Then again, the Ariens IKON XF 42” is an ideal rising mower for the larger commercial lawn mowing, though for a 3 acres yard mowing purpose, Toro Titan Max 60’’ can do its best job.

Toro mower is easy to operate with its gauge and the power meter where you can check the voltage, power, or any other troubleshoot fixing alerts. And the safety switches provide a better and safe riding experience.

The impressively larger tire gets your grass cut perfectly in no time. And the hydro gear makes it a bit costlier but effective too.

What Ariens Feature for a comfortable ride? Indeed, the Ariens come with some same features for riding perfectly, but not all Ariens models are perfect for all types of lawns if you’re not expert enough with riding.

Maintenance Gaps in Toro and Ariens

Toro riding mowers are pretty easy to ride and also easy to store and maintain. The spin-on oil filter easy to change and replace the fuel without hassle. It does not take that much size tostore, so your garage gets enough space to store other kits with it.

In some models, the gas cap is huge and easy to check or clean.

Who Is the Winner?

It’s great to have you till the end in finding the right pick from Toro vs Ariens zero turn mower. Now, let’s make one suitable mower winner for your ideal purpose.

If we consider the price range that you don’t want to break your bank and wishing to have one super performing mower within reasonable cost, then Ariens Edge or Ariens IKON XD are the best-suited option for you. Just get a measure of your yard and choose which size you need.

But suppose you’re looking for something premium quality and don’t bother the price as many don’t when it’s about quality. In that case, Toro Titan Max 26p Kohler zero turn can be the ideal pick ever for residential to commercial grade yard.

So, take time to consider your lawn needs and after that, make your move to pick one inside the cart.