322L Vs 525L | Who Wins the Battle for the Right Trimmer

Almost all the lawn owners own a string trimmer nowadays. These string trimmers or strimmers easily find and wipe out the grass that mowers cannot. They are long-lasting, lightweight, and manageable.

Husqvarna’s 322L and 525L trimmers are two fantastic string trimmers. Their characteristics and performance are the reasons that make them the most prominent among all the strimmers.

Both the 322L and 525L trimmers have many similarities and dissimilarities. And because of all the fantastic qualities, it is hard to select between 322L Vs 525L.

So, to clear your confusion, we are giving all the necessary information about both the trimmers. Read this post, and you will be able to decide which trimmer is right for you.

322L Vs 525L- Features & Differences

The features of both the 322L and the 525L are almost similar like,

  1. Auto Return Stops Switch
  2. Tap ’n Go
  3. Air Purge
  4. X-Torq® Engine
  5. Fuel Pump

So you have to look deeply to find out the differences. And these differences may be hard to find out, but they all play very important roles.

But first, let’s go and look at the details of both the trimmers.

About Husqvarna 322L

The 322L trimmer of the Husqvarna line is a valuable addition. While focusing more on domestic use, this trimmer brings you the professional experience. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can use it to trim the grass from any land area and even from walls and structures.

Also, Husqvarna 322L consists of some qualities of the trimmers of 500 range. So at a low price, you are getting a powerful performance and numerous amazing features.


  • Easy start
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Functions for a long time
  • Less noise
  • Many amazing features


  • Gets warm quickly
  • Not for professional use

About Husqvarna 525L

The Husqvarna 525L is a popular string trimmer in the Husqvarna range. It is mainly famous for its professional use. With high-quality features, it quickly detects and trims out grass. And within a suitable price, you can get a trimmer with versatile applications.

525L is a long-lasting and robust trimmer. In case of commercial use, it will help to wipe out grass from lawns, gardens, landscapes, walls, and other structures.


  • Professional trimming
  • Easy to start
  • Lightweight
  • Less vibration
  • Reliable


  • Costly
  • Not that powerful


There are very few differences between the 322L and 525L models. So you have to look carefully into them to choose the best trimmer for you.

1. Weight

Weight is a vital factor to look for in a trimmer. Both the 322L and the 525L trimmers belong to the lightweight zone, but their weight differs a little.

The 322L trimmer weights 4.2 kg, and the 525L trimmer weights 4.4 kg, so the 322L trimmer is comparatively the lighter one. So if you are focusing on the weight while choosing a trimmer, 322L is the better option for you.

2. Price

Price is an essential factor one should consider when choosing a trimmer. Since many people don’t want to spend too much on a grass trimmer, they search for cheap trimmers with sufficient features.

According to the MRSP, the Husqvarna 322L model costs $249.95, and the 525L costs $299.99. So the 525L model is the costlier one.

Now, if you want to save money on the trimmer, you should go for the 322L trimmer. But if the price is not the matter, you can also go for the 525L trimmer since both the trimmers are fantastic.

3. Vibration

We know the constant shaking of the trimmer while trimming the grass is annoying for any trimmer user. So they go for the trimmer that vibrates less.

Both the 322L and the 525L trimmers come with the anti-vibration feature. So there is less vibration while trimming. But comparatively, the 525L trimmer reduces the shaking more than the 322L model.

The equivalent vibration value of the 322L trimmer is:

  • 4 m/s2 (left hand)
  • 4 m/s2 (right hand)

The equivalent vibration value of the 525L model is:

  • 3 m/s2 (left hand)
  • 8 m/s2 (right hand)

So if the vibration of the trimmer concerns you, you should opt for the 525L.

4. Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is an essential factor since it determines the torque, acceleration, and speed for the trimmer. And there is a massive difference in the gear ratio between the 322L and the 525L trimmers.

The gear ratio of the 322L trimmer is 1.46:1, and the gear ratio of 525L is 19:1. And this indicates the output torque is higher in the 525L trimmer.

So for better torque, the 525L trimmer is the better option.

5. Fuel consumption

For a string trimmer, the usage of fuel is a vital factor. No one likes to waste too much fuel for grass trimming. So people also look for a trimmer with less fuel consumption facility.

According to the specification manual, the fuel consumption of the 322L trimmer is 540 g/kWh. And for the 525L trimmer, it is 600 g/kWh.

So we can see that the 322L trimmer reduces fuel use. And so it is best to go for the 322L for less fuel consumption.

6. Usage

The last but not the least factor you should look for in a trimmer is the way of use. First, you must determine what kind of use of the trimmer it is going to be:

  • Domestic
  • Semi-professional, or
  • Professional

For domestic and semi-professional use, the 322L trimmer is the best option. But it is better to use it occasionally.

The 525L trimmer is famous for its professional use feature. So for semi-professional and professional use, you should choose the 525L trimmer.

Key Differences- 322L Vs 525L




Cylinder displacement (cm3)



Power output (hp)



Fuel tank volume (fl oz)



Fuel consumption (g/KWh)



Torque (max.) (Nm)



The Maximum rpm output shaft



Weight (w/o cutting equipment) (lbs)



Gear Ratio



OEM Trimmer Head

T35 M10

Equivalent Vibration Level (ahv, eq)

Left handle (m/s2)



Right handle (m/s2)



Final Thoughts

String trimmers or strimmers are a great help since they easily trim out any types of grass and dirt. So these are popular among both home gardeners and professionals.

The Husqvarna range features two string strimmers, 322L and 525L, which come with excellent quality and significant performance.

The functions and features of both the string trimmers are mention-worthy. But even after being under the same brand, they have some differences.

So you may have confusion about which one is the best or suitable between 322L vs 525L. And we promise if you read this article, you will learn all the differences between both trimmers. So read our article, and pick the right trimmer for you.