How to Start a Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting- Effective Way

A lawnmower is one of the essential things in our daily life during spring and, of course, after winter. But we always face problems using this essential thing after winter and after it sitting for a long time. Now, if you are one of those guys facing this sort of problem and trying to get rid of this sort of problem, this article is the right one for you.
Here, I have shown some useful and straightforward steps on How To Start A Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting. So, all that you need to do is relax and go through it, enjoying a cup of coffee.

Steps On How To Start A Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting

Here, I have shown only 21 steps, which are very easy to understand as well as follow. So, here it is –


First of all, you need to bring the lawnmower in an open space or in your yard to find available daylight and place it on a flat area. This availability of the sunlight will help you observe all the parts of the lawnmower, fix the problems, and work well with success.


Now, we should follow some initial steps before we get the carburetor off to recover to start a lawnmower that has been sitting. If your engine has a ready start system that automatically chokes the carburetor, so, there is no need for priming. Just pull the throttle at least three times to start the engine.


If the lawnmower doesn’t have the ready start system, then there must be a primer bulb. Press and release the primer bulb at least three times. Then pull the throttle for at least three times. If it doesn’t get started yet, then go for the next step.


Check the spark plug with a tester, whether the spark plug is working or not. To test it, you’ve to pull the rope or throttle three times and, at the same time, notice whether the spark plug is showing orange ignition or not. If you can see the spark, try to start the engine again.


If the engine fails again to start, remove the older spark plug from the lawnmower with a spark plug socket or ratchet. The size of the socket may vary; 5MM or 16MM. After taking out the spark plug, you will find it pretty bad. It will look dirty and blackish.


Now replace the spark plug with a new one of a good brand, which seems pretty clean and whitish. Do not tight the spark plug while fixing it. Just snug it; otherwise, you’ll break it down.


Replace the air filter. Firstly, you need to remove the screw at the top of the cover of the air filter by rotating the screw anticlockwise. Then take off the cover. Now take off the old air filter and replace it with the new one at last, after dealing with the carburetor.


Check the brass flap is closed. If it is closed, then try to start the engine again. If it fails still, then goes to the next step.


Put some of the fuel from the lawnmower tank into the carburetor’s throat, and then try starting again. If the engine fails again to start, then go for the next step.


Check the freshness of the gas by smell and by draining. Drain the gas and look for any signs of water. Gasoline with ethanol can absorb moisture from the air, which could then sink to the bottom of the tank. Take the carb off and inspect it.


There are four screws of two different sizes holding the filter based on the engine and the carburetor. Please remove them and the base. Then you will be able to deal with the carburetor.


When you get the filter base off, carefully pop off the auto choke linkage, and then disconnect the fuel line. After that, slide off the carburetor from the intake tube while working it off the governor linkage.


Once you off the engine, you can then remove the two screws holding the bowl to the carburetor. After that carefully pry off the bowl. If you find the bowl full of gasoline, check if there is any water in it.


The easiest way is to pour gasoline out and see if the water is beating up on the gas or just soaking into the wood board. If you find no water beating up on the leftover gasoline, that means, the gasoline was perfectly fine and fresh.


The other way to check the water in the gas is to put the gas into a jar and check the water at the bottom of the jar.


If you find water in the gas, then replace the gas with the fresh one.


Pry off the float pin and remove the float and the needle just to inspect it for any problems. If you find them wrong, then just replace them with the new one.


Next, remove the white sooner section very carefully. There you may find that the brass jet is clogged. You need to clean it. You will also need to disassemble the white part to help get the clog out since next, you need to push it inside. Please take the time to do that because this part is very delicate.


Next, take a thin wire to push the obstruction out of the jet. You can also use ‘GUMOUT Jet Spray’ cleaner to clean it.


Now, get back and reinstall all other things, including the first cover with the screw that you have taken off before.


At last, reconnect the choke linkage very carefully. Then put the gasoline into the tank and then try to start the engine.


Now, I can surely say that your lawnmower is going to start now and you don’t need to worry anymore about ‘how to start a lawnmower that has been sitting’. I hope the above steps are going to be very helpful for you forever.