How to Sharpen McLane Reel Mower- Best 3 Ways for You

Many people asked how to sharpen McLane reel mower? That’s why we are here today. We try to remove all doubts on this topic.

McLane company started producing reel mower since 1946. Edwin Beard Budding invented the first reel mower in 1830 in England.

Budding’s mower was designed primarily to cut the grass on the sports ground and extensive gardens, which was an excellent alternative to the scythe and got a British patent on August 31, 1830. Reel mower produced by Mclane is very popular and very handy.

In the next portion of this passage, we try to give a step-by-step maintenance procedure so that one can quickly fix his Mclane reel mower. And we tell you how to sharpen McLane reel mower.

How To Sharpen Mclane Reel Mower

A reel mower is a mower in which the blades spin vertically and use a scissoring action to cut the beds of grass.

Big fields like golf courses cut with reel mowers, which usually pulled by a tractor.

But a reel mower pushed by people does not cut very high grass easily. However, once the lawn is under control, the scissor-like cut of a reel mower is good for the garden. Usually, a real mower snips the grass, cutting each blade like a pair of scissors.

It is a precise, clean cut that makes for a healthier and more attractive lawn. Now you can learn how to sharpen Mclane reel mower.

How Many  Times Reel Mower Blades Need To Sharp

Reel mower blades need to sharp very rarely. In most cases, inferior blades contact misdiagnosed as a queue to sharpen McLane mower. 90 % of the time McLane reel mower can fix by adjusting the edges so that the modules correctly place.

After several years of use, McLane blades can wear down and get dull. You can sharpen the blade with small stone pieces that snag on the McLane mowing blades. But some other causes responsible for taking the edge off are driving the McLane reel mower over the curbs or just running over rocks.

Gradually as the blades get dull. Then, it gets progressively more challenging to use. The sharp McLane reel mower blades cut more smoothly than flat blades, which are very hard to push.

Way To Sharp The Reel Mower Blades

We must have to take proper safety procedures when we want to sharp Mclane reel mower blades. The maintenance procedure should be run carefully.

There are many comfortable ways, which we may use to sharpen the reel mower blades. One of the most straightforward ways is the back lapping method. To perform this, we have to manage the back-lapping kit. This type of equipment includes a sharpening compound and a handle.

1. At the first step, it is attaching the handle to a driving gear on the reel mower.

2. Then it requires to apply a sharpening compound to all of the blades of the mower using a paintbrush.

3. The next step is cranking the mower backward so that the blades scrape each other down to a smooth edge.

The reverse direction is significant because it minimizes the wear of the blades. Turning the reel mower by hand can take a while and requires massive arm strength. So, for faster results, we should use an electric drill with the proper attachment.

Mclane reel mower can sharp with conventional blades sharpening kits. Still, this traditional sharpening of knife kit is not as effective as a back-lapping sharpening kit, and there is a possibility of over grinding the blades and ruining the mower.

If someone prefers to use a knife sharpening kit, it’s an excellent idea to com disable the machine before sharpening the blades. If the edges are not detachable, then we must have to make sure to pin place blades in place so that it cannot rotate.

In some Mclane, reel mowers have arresting gear that will lock the wheels in place. If our real mower does not have this feature, then putting wooden chock blocks between the blades to prevent them from spinning freely.

1. While sharpening the blades, we have to be careful about our finger knuckles. It is easy to cut ourselves while applying force on a tiny area. So, it will be rational thinking that to choose a blades howosharpener with finger guards.

2. There are also more precise sharpening tools that give excellent control over the blade’s angle and deliver a uniform edge.

3. This type of module sharpener also can use on loopers, secateurs, tree pruners, and other edged tools.

If someone has a power drill, a sharpening attachment may be the most convenient way to sharpen Mclane reel mower blades. Rotary sharpeners fit onto power drills just like drill bits, and they work like polishing brushes. So, let the drill do the work.

1. Another way to sharp the reel mower blades is to use metal finishing sandpaper. But using this sandpaper to sharpen the reel blades is quite severe. But there are sandpaper appliqués which do an excellent job.

2. These sharpeners attach to the back blade and brush against the cutting edges as they rotate past.

So, to sharpen the McLane reel mower, all you have to do is to attach the sandpaper and give it to push. To prevent rust and other corrosion of the lawnmower blades, it is necessary to put a light coat of oil on it.

Usually, low acidity vegetable oil is the right choice as it won’t leave any harmful residue on your lawn. And it will protect the edge of the damage.


We learn from the passage that, like any other machine, you can quickly and effectively fix Mclane reel mower by following various procedures. But safety measures must be taken seriously to all methods.

Is this article helpful? Do you have any idea about this topic? Or know any way to sharpen Mclane reel mower? Then comment on the comments section and let us know.

We try to inform you how to sharpen McLane reel mower.