How to Secure Landscape Timber | Don’t Skip These Steps

If you want to install landscape timber in your garden but don’t know how to secure it, this article is for you. We will instruct you on how to secure landscape timber.

Landscape timbers come in different sizes and shapes. Landscape timber commonly used to create different structures like a raised flower bed, planter box, edging, steps, borders, and retaining walls.

Landscape timbers are cost-effective and durable. This is the reason the gardener likes it to make their garden more beautiful.

When you are creating any structure with landscape timber, you need to secure it. If you are building any structure first time with landscape timber, you should know how to secure landscape timber.

How to Secure Landscape Timber- Process In Description

When you are installing landscape timber to make any structure, the structure should be durable and robust. You should make sure that the timber structure is not moving. To secure the landscape timbers, you need to ensure the timber in the ground and the neighboring woods. The tools you are going to need to secure landscape timber are the following

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Spray paint or Chalk to make a footprint on the ground
  3. Drill to make a hole on the timber
  4. A Screwdriver
  5. Rebar or rod to secure the timber with ground
  6. Sledgehammer to insert the rod into the hole
  7. galvanized plate and deck screw

Steps To Secure Landscape Timber on the ground

Step 1:

  1. Measure 2-inch from each end and width make a mark on the center of the timber.
  2. If the timber is long then 4 feet, make another mark in the middle of the two marks.
  3. Make a hole with a drill on the marked point.

Step 2:

  1. At first, you have to make a choice where you want to make the bed.
  2. Make a footprint using spray paint or chalk.
  3. Then dig the grass of the marked area and make a trench.
  4. Cover the trench with gravel and level the gravel

Step 3:

  1. Place the first layer of timber on the gravel.
  2. Make the neighboring timber join with galvanizing plates and deck screws,
  3. Secure the timber corner with the screw designed for pressure-treated wood. Another type of screw will destroy because of the chemical on the wood.
  4. Set the screw with a screwdriver or make a dill pilot at the point you install the screw.

Step 4:

  1. Stuck the second layer of timber on the first layer of the timber
  2. Secure the corner with the screw
  3. Place the one timber layer on the top of the other layer.
  4. Repeat the process until you make the desired height.

Step 5:

  1. Make sure when you place the timber layer the hole you made set in the same line.
  2. Insert a rod or rebar into the hole you made before
  3. Use a sledgehammer to drive the rod into the hole of the timber.
  4. Insert the rod in the ground for at least 2 feet depth.

For Safety You Should Know Something

Some important facts that are very important for safety you should know them

The followings are

  1. You should always wear gloves when cutting or drilling the timber.
  2. Use the safety goggles at the time of drilling and cutting timber.
  3. You should be careful when drilling the timber.
  4. Check the label of the timber before insert rebar through them.
  5. The rebar should not be strike above the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What type of structure can I make with landscape timber?

Ans: landscape timbers are cost-efficient. It can be used in many projects like making edge, steps in the garden, flower rising bed, planter box, retaining walls, etc.

Ques: Can I make an edge in the landscape timber?

Ans: yes, the edge can make with landscape timber. Edging with landscape timber is more comfortable, cost-effective, and durable than any other edging materials.

Ques: What is the use of Reber?

Ans: Reber is used to securing the landscape timber in the ground while making any structure.

Ques: How to secure the corner of the structure made of landscape timber?

Ans: The corner of the landscape timber-made structure can secure with a galvanized plate and deck screw specially designed for pressure-treated wood.

Ques: What type of screw used to secure landscape timber?

Ans: The screw designed for pressure-treated wood has to use to secure the corner of the landscape timber structure. If you use the other type of screw to secure the timber, it may destroy because of the wood’s chemical.


It is essential to secure landscape timber. You should lay down a landscape fabric layer to avoid the growth of weeds in your flower-rising bed. It makes your bed long-lasting.

Securing the timber with the ground and the neighboring timbers are essential to make it durable and stable. This article about how to secure landscape timber will be more helpful for you while you are making structures in your garden.